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Secret Enchantment

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Whispers Academy, A school of Magic. An Elite boarding school that is hidden in the outskirts of Board Campden, England. There are four kind of magic; Peace, Storm, Wave and Heat. And anyone who doesn't have that is called a Neutral. A person who possesses either of these is called Maga (feminine), Mago (Masculine). And there is the whole system called the Magos mas altos. Which is the council of Magic, and there are six ruling families in that, they are the people who take the final decision. And the people below that are called Magos Plebeyons, Well, Sarina is one of them too. Coming from a normal family, but a well to do family. Sarina Quinn, The name sounds sweet so you expect the girl to be sweet too right? Like a goody two shoes? Well, you are wrong. She is a fierce girl of 17 and also a Maga. And Sarina possesses none of it even though her parents are enchantador too. And no one knows the reason why. But I think everyone will find the answer to that pretty soon. An all-new epic story with romance, drama and more. Start your journey with Sarina, with thrilling adventures and Ecstatic cliff hangers that will make you ask for more.

Fantasy / Romance
Amina Hazim
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Whispers Academy


The rain thumps on my window with so much force it is a wonder that my window is still intact. Usually, December will be the festive season where people share gifts and celebrate Christmas, but for me, it is a month where the days are short, and the sky is always gloomy, with me stuck at home doing nothing.

I was lying down on my queen-sized bed, reading a book, and when I was about to get to the crucial part of the story, my phone rang, interrupting me. Why can’t people leave me alone for once? I sighed before rolling over my bed to retrieve the phone from my nightstand.

”Hey, how are you today on this glorious Sunday morning?” I heard an overly cheerful voice scream from the other end of the line.

”I am murky as the day.” I replied with a lugubrious tone to my best friend Celine. Celine and I were friends from fourth grade, she is this boisterous, talkative type while I only talk if it is necessary.

”Cheer up Scar, you should be more excited that school will begin in one week. And we are going to be in upper sixth form this year! How cool is that?” Celine asked me gleefully. I am also anticipating the start of school, I am not lying about that, but I also know what I will have to confront this last year too. I think Celine must have sensed my discomfort.

”Scar, you will find what magic you possess when the right time comes. So stop thinking about that, and if someone dares to tease you, I think June will teach them a lesson.” Celine said and I know she must be smirking thinking about how June once smacked a guy during lunch because he didn’t say sorry for pushing her.

”I know Cee, you and June will be by my side, and I do trust you guys. But I don’t know why, but I have this weird feeling for the past week that something is going to happen. And I can’t decipher what it is.” I said.

”Maybe you are going to get your powers, I did feel that way before, I got mine.” Celine said. That is exactly what my mum said too. I think they are right, and maybe I am overreacting.

”Maybe you are right. So when will you be coming to school?” I asked her.

You see we are not ordinary humans, we are called Enchantador, which means magicians in Spanish. I can’t recall how we got here, but we are originally from Spain. Everyone who is an Enchantador possesses either one of four kinds of magic heat, peace, storm, and wave, and a person with none of it is called a neutral. Well, I go under the neutral category because usually everyone gets their powers at the age of sixteen, and I am seventeen now. I think you must be wondering how did we come to England from Spain? I think it was in the early seventies that our ancestors expanded our kind.

No humans know that we exist even though we live among them. The school I go to is called Whispers Academy which is situated in the village Board Campden. And there are similar academies like ours around the globe. Well, enough of the history but I hope now you know more about me and my kind.

”I will be coming there on Saturday. What about you?” she asked me.

”Dad wants to come to drop me off before he flies back to Italy for work, so I will only arrive on Sunday.” I said.

”Okay, great, we will wait for you then. Bye Scar I will call you later.” Celine said.

”Sure bye Cee.” I said before the line went dead. I threw my phone on the bed and went towards the bathroom to take a shower before dinner.

”Hello darling, are you ready to go back to school?” my mum asked me while I took a seat at the table.

”I have a few more things to pack before I am done.” I told her sweetly.

”Great, do you want anything before going back?” My dad asked me.

”No dad, I think I am good. When will you be leaving?” I asked him.

”We can leave after lunch if that is okay with you?” he asked me.

”Yeah, that is fine.” I replied before starting to eat my dinner again.


I had been inside this car for three hours now and I am starting to feel catastrophic. The anxiety of the start of senior year and the excitement of meeting my friends again is taking a toll on me.

”We are here.” my dad let out overjoyed. And I looked outside through my window. I can see the mansion coming to a view that is made with stone and wood with our school crest at the front of the building. When we entered the school there were students randomly scattered in the garden talking and walking around.

”Sarina do you want me to accompany you inside?” My dad asked me once he had parked the car in front of the school entrance.

”No, dad, I can manage. Love you so much.” I told him hugging him and he wrapped his arms around me returning the gesture.

”See you in the next break darling.” he said before I got down from the car with my bags and made my way inside the school.

The place has not changed much, the wooden floor looked polished, and the entrance to the foyer had a welcome back sign. The huge floor-to-ceiling glasses were frosted with ice, but the inside of the school was warm. While I was busy looking around all the changes, someone came and crashed on to me from both sides, sandwiching me between them.

”Oh, Scar, you look more vibrant. I missed you so much.” Celine said hugging the life out of me.

”You have gone thin Scar, I think I can make you get back in shape.” June said.

”Thank you for your compliments girls, but if you two don’t let go of me in the next ten seconds, then I don’t think you can bring me back in shape.” I huffed, barely breathing and the two girls immediately let me go with a guilty smile on their faces.

”So anything new this semester?” I asked both of them while I picked one of my bags and June picked the other.

”Oh yes, two new students are coming here this year.” Celine replied mirthfully. And I raised my eyebrow in confusion.

”Where are they coming from?” I asked.

”According to my sources, I think they are from England.” June said. With a thoughtful face.

”So are they also in the upper sixth form with us?” I asked.

”Yes! And the best part is that they are both boys. How lucky are we, I am so exhausted from seeing the same jerk faces every day? ” Celine said and both June and I laughed at her comment. When we reached our room that is on the third floor, Celine pushed the door open for us to enter. The room was how it was last semester three queen-sized beds on three corners of the room with three study desks near the window. I saw the first two closets were already arranged.

While I dropped my bags near my bed, I searched around for my school bag. ”What are you searching for Scar?” June asked.

”I think I left my school back in the foyer. I will go get that and come. ” I told them both before rushing out to the ground floor.

When I came to the foyer my school bag was left where it was, so I bend down and took it and sling it over my shoulder. When I was about to get up, I banged my head on someone’s elbow. And it hurt like hell. I straighten myself, ready to scold the person, but then I was frozen in place, and a strange feeling started in the pit of my stomach when I saw who it was.

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