Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Hunter glared at the forest sitting on the porch while Haven cleaned the back yard. Hunter had been with the Moore family for nearly a month and he still couldn’t work up the courage or resolve to leave.

Normally Hunter wouldn’t leave Haven’s side while he was in the yard though his mother was also there over by her flowers, ranting about how ‘Fido’ ruined her petunias. Hunter wasn’t thrilled about the name though Haven seemed fond of it. Fido was a stupid name for a dog, but Hunter wasn’t about to go argue about names with Haven’s pouty face, he wasn’t going to win any fight.

Haven was so weird; he was so familiar yet so foreign. Hunter just couldn’t place it. Sure his wolf, Night, howled but hell if he knew if that meant what he feared it meant. He would be damned if he had a male and human mate.

Besides his parents always told him it didn’t happen that fast. Not if you’ve just met them, it takes time and getting intimate with the person you’re destined to be mated with. That’s the simple reason Werewolves are known as whores, more so then mermaids. Wolves like to get physical with a wide range of people to find their mate.

However Night wouldn’t freak out for just any reason right? Hunter had no idea he’d been on his own since he was ten maybe eleven. He wasn’t too sure about his age; he wasn’t sure about anything but his name. His birth pack was even a mystery, of sorts. Hunter is a lone wolf and he liked it that way.

Haven walked over, covered in a thin layer of sweat and a bright smile on his face. “Are you just going to sit there all day? I bought a Frisbee.” He said as he mounted the stairs. Hunter just watched him quietly as Haven stepped inside and quickly returned with a bright yellow Frisbee. Hunter frowned, you’ve got to be joking he was not going to chase some disk for the amusement of-

Haven tossed the Frisbee and Hunter took off after it without a second thought. Catching it in midair and dropping right down into Haven’s mother’s flowers. Hunter hadn’t realized until his ears were nearly blown out by the shriek that woman produced. Hunter growled at her, however in response Haven’s mother took the Frisbee and smacked him right on the nose.

Hunter growled at her again but let Haven lead him away. Haven patted him on the back, “It’s okay; we’ll go into the forest.” Haven said and moved to go there Hunter stopped dead in his tracks and sat down. Haven looked back when he noticed Hunter wasn’t following. “Come on buddy.” He waved the Frisbee in the air, “You know you want to.” He flashed that cheeky grin but Hunter wasn’t moving.

Haven sighed and walked over to Hunter and kneeled down next to him. Hunter’s ears flipped back as Night basically turned into a whimpering puppy as soon as Haven touched him. Haven ran his fingers through Hunter’s fur following the muscle of his shoulder. Haven smiled happily, dropped the Frisbee and started to scratch behind Hunter’s ear while still petting his shoulder.

“There’s a good boy.” Haven said snapping Hunter out of his trance as he realized his tail was wagging. Hunter shook him off and returned to his spot on the porch. Haven sighed in defeat and joined him. Hunter shifted and rested his head on Haven’s leg. If Haven was his mate, it might not be such a bad thing. His entire race turned their back on him Haven has been the only one to take him in; hesitantly but he figured that was because Hunter had sharp teeth.

Hunter still couldn’t explain it but Haven fit his name well. Hunter felt safe with him, which was confusing and a little bruising to a Werewolf’s pride.

What wolf would ever feel safe with an ape?

Hunter couldn’t explain it and it annoyed him but for some reason he didn’t want to poke at it. Something bad always happened when someone poked at things, always.

Hunter let Haven pet him ideally as Haven’s mother mumbled more insults like ‘Stupid dog’ and something about neuter, though Hunter has no idea what that word meant. With the way Haven’s mother was putting it didn’t sound so bad.

She kept saying it would relax him out. Haven shifted and jostled him awake and Hunter let out a rumbling warning growl. Haven patted Hunter’s head and pushed him off before standing up and going into the bathroom without saying a word.

Karen decided in the time Haven was gone to take his spot but didn’t touch Hunter, in fact she kept her distance. Good, fear him it’s a perfectly natural reaction. Karen said nothing she just stared off into the forest thoughtfully. Hunter had all but forgotten about her, until she sighed her brother’s name. Hunter looked over to her curiously she just kept staring into the forest but had a slight frown now.

The wind picked up and her perfume for some reason it didn’t have that chemical over lay all perfumes have. It was off like it was her natural scent and not a perfume. Karen shook her head and glanced to Hunter, something in her eyes set him on edge.

“What are we going to do, hmm?” She asked. Hunter just stared at her and after a moment of silence Karen scoffed and looked back to the forest. “I bet you went feral and don’t even remember your human form.” Hunter’s heart almost stopped and he was about to change right there and then just to prove this bitch wrong when the back door opened and Haven walked out.

Karen and Hunter both looked up to him. Karen stood up and smiled lightly but said nothing to Haven as she brushed past him. Haven watched her leave before he reclaimed his spot next to Hunter who laid his head back in Haven lap still huffy that Karen would say something like that to him.

It wasn’t until Hunter was dozing and the sun was reaching the horizon that it dawned on Hunter that Karen had no idea he was a Werewolf, ergo she would have had no idea that he could be feral or that he had a human form.

Hunter lifted his head as Haven’s mother walked up the stairs and nudged her son who had fallen asleep. “Come on sweetie it’s getting late and you have school tomorrow.” Haven stretched and nodded as he got up and followed his mother while Hunter paused to scan the forest before he followed as well.

Inside Karen was in the living room playing some sc-fi shooter game with Haven’s dad and from the looks of it she was losing. Hunter eyed her up good. She looked human and smelled human, maybe she was just a smart girl and figured it out.

“Come on Fido, let’s go to bed.” Haven called half way up the stairs and so Hunter followed. Once in Haven’s room he hopped up on the bed and lay down as Haven got changed and brushed his teeth. After he was finished he climbed into bed with Hunter and curled up close.

“Night buddy,” Haven patted his neck before going quiet. Hunter watched him silently, having this ape as a mate might not be such a bad thing after all.
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