Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven stared at the bored and started nodding off Fido had kept him up most of the night with the mutt’s stupid nightmares. Haven’s been getting less and less sleep these days. All the paranoia and weird dreams and now he’s babysitting a dog with nightmares. Haven’s had a weird few months ever since that dog showed up. Karen kicked the bottom of his seat jolting him awake, “Forty two.” she whispered urgently.

“Forty two,” Haven echoed quickly to cover up her voice and the teacher gave him a perplexed look. “I don’t need my eyes to pay attention.” Haven added realizing the teacher had asked him a question to catch him in the act of spacing out. Haven hated that but thanked god Karen sat behind him.

The teacher returned to explaining the equation on the board. Haven dropped his hand down beside him so Karen could give him a low five. He heard her giggle and shuffle some papers around before passing him a note. Haven looked down at it. The note said nothing all it had on the paper was a hand giving thumbs up with a ring. Haven was confused for a moment before Karen leaned in again and whispered the number again.

“Forty two,” It all clicked then and Haven burst into laughter. The teacher spun around.

“Mister Moore, do you mind telling me what’s so funny?”

“Forty two,” Haven answered. Karen joined into the laughter this time.

“And what’s so funny about forty two?”

“Forty two,” Haven responded again this time other students were catching on and stifled their own laughter.

Long story short Haven was sent to the principal’s office for disrupting class. He sat outside of the principal’s while his parents talked to her. Haven could hear some heated words like, “He’s not that kind of kid.” and, “Up yours.” Most of the insults were in his mother’s voice, she always had a problem with authority; Haven laid his head back against the wall only to jump when the principal’s office door swung open and his parents walked out.

“We’re leaving now Sweetie, let’s go.” His mother said calmly. Haven jumped up and followed his parents to the car. Nobody said anything for the entire ride home. Haven stared out the window watching as the world passed by in the colorful blur. He was nervous for what his parents had to say. It wasn’t his fault the answer was forty two, but he’d still be scolded once they got home.

They pulled up to the Moore house Haven glanced up when he caught sight of his curtains blowing in the wind. He could have sworn he’d closed the window before he went to school.

“Here we are kiddo.” His father spoke up and Haven quickly got out. His parents still had work, so the car pulled out of the drive way again and sped down the street. Haven watched as they turned the corner before he headed up the front porch steps as he fished out his keys from his jacket’s pocket.

Stepping inside the quiet house wondering if he’d been suspended or demoted, he doubted he’d be expelled or anything bad like that but he still worried he’d be put in Beta classes, or worse the Omegas. Haven’s parents wouldn’t stand for it and he’d never hear the end of it with Karen.

Haven grabbed a soda from the fridge and headed yup to his room. Looking around there was no sign of Fido. Usually he’s in the living room or in the kitchen when Haven gets home though that might be because his mother lets him in when she gets home. Haven looked out the kitchen window finding no sign of Fido.

With a sigh Haven headed up to his room. He pushed open the door and tossed his bag over by his desk which was usually covered in papers from school but was now actually clean. Haven stares at it for a moment wondering if his mother had come in to clean up. He turned to go shut his window as he took a drink of his root beer, only to nearly choke on it.

A man was sleeping in his bed, tanned skin covering powerful looking muscles. The man was familiar, of course he was familiar he was the same man whom had dragged Haven, Karen and Eli back to Haven’s house and warned them of some approaching danger. Hunter, Haven thinks that what he called himself.

It was weird, he knew he should be freaking out and calling the cops or something. But Haven just stood there watching the sleeping man. He wasn’t scared like he thought he should be. A frown formed on Haven’s face as he just stared.

However the calm didn’t last long.

Not when Hunter stretched and his body snapped. Haven jumped back flailing around until he hit the wall and slumped down. Hunter let out a slight whimper as his body snapped and popped as very quickly a Fido looking dog took his place. Haven scrambled to hit feet dropping his can and bolting out the door.

That didn’t last long either.

In what Haven figures was perhaps a split second Hunter was on him and shoved him against the hallway wall, breathing so heavily it was ruffling Haven’s hair.

“Oh my god,” Haven whimpered out, mostly because he was scared out of his mind but also because of the simple fact the man pressing up against him was completely naked.

“Don’t move.” Hunter said almost growling. Haven’s body complied even if his mind was telling him to run for his life. Hunter’s breathing calmed though he still didn’t step away. Haven chanced a better look at him, tilting his head up some.

Hunter’s hazel eyes were on the stairs staring so intently. He looked so threatening but something told Haven it wasn’t a menacing look that made Haven’s heart pick up a few beats, it was the fear he saw mixed in the formability.

That was when Haven noticed it too. The creaking and shifting down stairs, someone else was in the house. This time Haven’s stillness was on his own accord. It took a long time before Hunter moved he looked at Haven and placed a finger to his lips. With a quick nod Haven agreed. This time Hunter’s body didn’t pop or snap with the change, it was fluid and painless.

Hunter slipped down stairs soundlessly, keeping his ears tuned into the movement of the intruder and making damn sure Haven didn’t move. Hunter knew his cover had been blown wide open months ago when Mara found him and he was itching to bite someone’s throat out. Taking in his surroundings Hunter was able to pinpoint the intruders were mucking about in the kitchen. Hunter lowered his head and bared his teeth as he rounded the corner only to be woefully disappointed.

“Holy shit!” Eli yelped dropping the bag of chips scattering the contents all over the light blue tiled floor. Hunter huffed out an annoyed growl while Karen, whom was sitting at the dining table, rolled her eyes and went back to her Vogue magazine, “H-Haven!?” Eli called and the sound of Haven bounding down the stairs and almost falling to get to the kitchen followed.

“Eli, Karen what are you doing here?” Haven asked touching Hunter’s shoulder almost cautiously. The touch made Night whimper, he didn’t like that Haven was freaked out. Hunter ignored it; it was his own damn fault for not hearing Haven come in.

“We ditched after we heard mom and dad came to pick you up.” Karen explained.

“Have you heard anything else?” Haven asked.

“You’re still an Alpha if that’s what you wondering.” Hunter’s ears perked up at the word alpha.

Since when did humans follow pack dynamics?

Also, how in the world was Haven an Alpha?

Haven huffed out a sigh of relief and slumped down in the chair next to Karen, seeming then to remember Hunter was there and shifted nervously eyeing him up with curious eyes. Hunter knew he’d need to explain sooner or later, Hunter preferred the later considering his sister and groupie were around. It was clear when Karen noticed the weirdness in Haven because she dropped the magazine down dramatically and stared at him.

“So…Is Fido going to like, eat the chips or…” Eli drifted off eyeing Hunter cautiously.

“He doesn’t eat stuff from the floor.” Haven answered simply looking at Karen with a questioning look. She simply narrowed her eyes but said nothing.

“So I’m going to have to sweep this up?” Eli pouted as he headed over to the pantry where Hunter was defiantly sitting in front of. “Dude, your dog creeps me out.” Karen looked over to Hunter, the memory sitting on the porch with her came to mind and Hunter instantly dredged up that mistrust of her.

“Get over it you pussy.” Karen said. Haven looked over to Hunter and offered a hand. Hunter got up and walked over to him nudging his hand letting Haven run it down his back as he took a spot by the kid’s chair.

Hunter liked being close to him, he still wasn’t a hundred present certain they were mates; he’s always been fuzzy on wolf terminology. Though anyone who grew up on the streets by themselves and without adult guidance would be more than fuzzy about his or hers heritage. Hunter only knows what he knows from hearsay of other wolves he’s come into contact with over the years.

Eli opened the pantry and collected the broom and dust pan before going to work mumbling complaints under his breath. Hunter wasn’t interested in listening in his attention was on the way Haven’s heart skipped a few beats every time he accidently brushes up against him.

“So, what did mom and dad have to say?” Karen asked curiously tilting her head to the side; Haven didn’t answer right away he thought about his answer for a good few seconds. A smirk cracked along his lip as he said, “Forty two,” Karen smiled at that and batted his arm with the magazine.

“I’m serious Haven what’s going on?”

“They didn’t say anything, we drove in complete silence there wasn’t even music.” Hunter tilted his head, no wonder he hadn’t noticed them. They own one of those annoyingly quiet hybrid cars; Hunter was beginning to hate that powder blue hunk of scrap metal.

“So…Nothing at all?” Karen asked and Haven nodded. Karen leaned back in her chair and ran her fingers through her wavy blonde hair. “But…Mom is never quiet.” Haven nodded again looking down to Hunter who placed his head on Haven’s knee purely out of boredom.

Haven tensed at the contact but didn’t shy away, Night was happy about that; hell Hunter was happy about that. He was sure it wasn’t everyday a dog turns into a man and then back again. Karen stood up and stretched.

“I’m going for a run.” Karen said as she stood up. “Eli, after you finished with this out mom doesn’t need to know we ditched.” Hunter looked over to the boy with the broom.

“How would that tip her off that we…Oh right, never mind.” Eli nodded in agreement. Hunter was getting the feeling he was missing something but at the moment he really didn’t care. He was still listening to Haven’s heart beat slow to a steady pace, he was relaxing. Karen left the room then stomping up the stairs loudly. Eli waited until the sound of a door closing before he took up the seat Karen had been sitting at and turned to Haven.

“So, the transfer asked about you during passing period and we told her you were at home ’cause we really didn’t see a reason to lie to her. I think she has a thing for you dude.” Haven rolled his eyes. The news did nothing to Haven’s scent or heartbeat, obviously this transfer held no interest to Haven. “Anyway she said to tell you that she wanted to meet up with you.”

“I’m not getting back into a car with that girl Eli, she’s nuts.” Haven told him.

“Come on so she’s a little reckless behind the wheel.” Haven cut Eli off, “No, no, no not just a little reckless, she ran four red lights and took the turns at sixty miles an hour, who the fuck does that?” Haven questioned and Eli simply shrugged and offered, “Drag racers?”

“Yeah, well we weren’t racing anyone. I’m not interested in ever talking to her again.” Haven told his friend sternly.

“Whatever dude, you know crazy chicks are said to be great in bed.” Eli smirked. Hunter let out a throaty growl. Both boys’ hearts sped up at the sound though Haven dropped a hand down to the back of Hunter’s neck almost as if to try and calm him. Eli stood up quickly, “Well I’m leaving, and your dog is crazy.” Haven didn’t defend Hunter or even reply as Eli grabbed his bag and left.

Haven didn’t move his hand that was still resting on the back of Hunter’s neck lightly scratching at his scruff, which felt amazing. Hunter enjoyed the quiet moments between them, fuck he might be falling for this kid. Granted Hunter had no idea what age he really was but he most definitely was older than Haven.

Moments later Karen trotted down the stairs calling out a time, basically telling Haven when she’d be back and slipped out the door. As soon as the front door shut Haven stood up kicking the chair back and turned an accusing stare at Hunter.

“Alright start talking, I know you can I wasn’t just imagining all that happened upstairs.” Haven said to him.

So much for quiet,

Hunter huffed but just sat there staring at Haven. Maybe if he stayed in wolf form Haven would write it off as exhaustion. He had been complaining about not getting enough sleep.

“I’ll make you sleep outside, no more cozy bed for you.” Haven’s voice was determined though his body language told a different story. Hunter narrowed his eyes at him and shifted forms. Haven took in a shaky breath and looked away. “So, you’re a…A um…”

“Werewolf,” Hunter filled in for him. Haven nodded quickly.

“I was going to say a man but that too.” Haven motioned wildly, “How is that possible, I mean how exactly does a Werewolf really happen?”

“It happens when a mommy Werewolf and a daddy Werewolf love each other very much.” Hunter spoke slowly.

“A sarcastic Werewolf, wonderful,” Haven huffed out nervous laughter. “Just freaking dandy, Wait, why are you here? I mean living here posing as a dog?”

“I was hurt.” Hunter answered.

“An-and…the arrows, are you being hunted?” Haven asked looking over to him and quickly looking away again.

“Yes,” Hunter answered, “But they’ve been quiet recently.”

“The…um…The arrow through the kitchen window would suggest otherwise.” Haven mentioned.

“They’re usually more aggressive than that, like barge in and shoot up the place looking for me. They’re going stealth for some reason and I can’t figure out why.” Hunter told him. Haven took a moment to consider that.

“So…Is that why you said that time you dragged me, Karen and Eli from the strip mall was because they’re hunting me too?”

“They’re everywhere.” Hunter replied vaguely, he didn’t want to give Haven a definitive answer about that. It was too much in such a short time. Haven was quiet; oddly enough he looked calm and considering. Hunter would have guessed Haven would have freaked out.

“That explains why you weren’t filled with holes when I pulled the…arrows,” Haven glanced at him again. “So were you just going to disappear one day?”

“Maybe,” Hunter answered, though he wasn’t sure, he was finding it hard to even think about ever going back to wondering around alone with no home to come back to. Haven bit his lip but said nothing in return. “I’ll stay as long as the hunters are still targeting you.”

“…So your name is Hunter?” Haven asked still examining the wall by him like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Hunter couldn’t figure out why though. “Yes.” Hunter answered.

“Your name is Hunter and you being hunted by hunters…Talk about ironic.”
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