Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Hunter watched Haven make breakfast. Both his parents were off on some business trip, in truth Haven’s father was on a business trip and his mother had told them she was going to the next city over to help at a shelter. Hunter knew better, she was off with her lover; nobody gets that excited about helping sick animals. Karen had spent the night at her friend’s house leaving Haven alone for the weekend.

Sitting at the table in Haven’s father’s clothes, which fit Hunter better than Haven’s was a new experience for Hunter. For about half a year he’s laid on the floor by Haven while the family ate begrudgingly eating dog kibble.

It was an embarrassment Haven laughed for about half an hour straight when it came up in conversation. Hunter couldn’t find it in him to be mad; it’d been the first time Haven laughed since finding out ‘Fido’ was a Werewolf with a price on his head.

“Here.” Haven set a plate down in front of Hunter and sat down across from him. “So I’ll keep your promise under a few conditions.” He added. They hadn’t much time to talk over the past week.

Haven is popular kid.

It was the first time they could actually sit down and talk about some more important issues, such as Haven saying nothing about the Werewolf living with them.

“Okay.” Hunter agreed.

“You stay in wolf…dog form at all times when others are around; you stop being mean to Eli, he’s too afraid of you to come over anymore.”

“That’s his problem.” Hunter argued even though he knew fully well he growled at Eli on purpose. He didn’t like Eli hanging on Haven all the time. Hunter wasn’t going to pretend he wasn’t bothered by it. Haven rolled his eyes at Hunter’s comment.

“That kind of attitude isn’t going to fly around here Buddy.” He said.



“My name is Hunter, not Fido or Buddy.” Hunter told him definitely.

“Yea well my name isn’t kid.” Haven countered.

“I’ve never called you that.” Hunter argued looking over to Haven with a challenging glare. Haven shifted and leaned forward.

“Then it’s settled, you’ll call me Haven and I’ll call you Hunter.”

“Why are you called that?” Hunter asked, so far everyone called Haven by that name except when his mother is mad at him.

“Because,” He shrugged and looked away. Hunter guessed it was a touchy subject and dropped it. They sat in that comfortable silence that seemed to come naturally with them. It was a little weird how comfortable Hunter was around Haven. He felt more relaxed than he’s ever been, Hunter’s narrowed it down to either Haven was his mate or witchcraft.

Hunter ate quietly while Haven busied himself with his phone. Hunter watched him; he kept biting his bottom lip and shifting in his chair. At one point he stretched and his shirt rode up, a blackish brown mark just below Haven’s rib cage caught Hunter’s attention. Hunter stood up quickly and pushed Haven’s shirt up farther. The yelp of surprise bought Hunter back to himself. Hunter pulled away, “Sorry.” He said quickly. Haven’s heart was beat far faster than it had moments ago.

“What the hell was that?!” Haven demanded his face a deep red.

“Where did you get that mark?” Hunter asked ignoring the question. Haven was quiet for a moment looking genuinely confused.

“What, my birthmark?” He asked, “I got it at birth, that’s the point of the name.” Hunter looked him over, taking in his flustered face with surprise.

“Really?” Hunter asked.

“Yes.” Haven answered simply, “It’s not a tattoo like everyone thinks.” Hunter rolled his eyes at that.

“I know it’s not a tattoo you don’t smell like ink.” Haven was quiet for a moment before asking,

“What do I smell like?”

“Cherries and nature,” After a pause Hunter added, “You smell sweet.” Haven watched him quietly and Hunter just stared back.

“Okay.” He said finally. Hunter frowned.


“I really don’t know what to say to that.” Haven told him with a shrug and thoughtful look. Hunter just watched him quietly. “You know I use green apple shampoo.” Haven said.

“Doesn’t matter I was talking about your scent not the artificial crap you use to cover it.” He said with a frown. Haven looked at him curiously, “Anyway, I think that may be more than a birthmark.”

“Well it can’t be I got it while I was in my mother’s stomach I doubt anyone could’ve put it there in that time.”

“The moon goddess could.” Hunter corrected him. Haven’s brow furrowed in thought.


“Well she’s not really a god more like a guardian of her children. She lives on the moon which is why we call her the moon goddess.”

“What?” Haven repeated and Hunter sighed in mild annoyance.

“It’s a child’s story like God and Buddha.” Hunter explained.

“Those aren’t children stories.” Haven argued.

“Then what are they?” Hunter asked casually as he continued to eat his mind still on Haven’s birthmark.

“They’re religion.” Hunter looked at him then and frowned which was met with surprised skepticism.

“You cannot tell me you don’t know what religion is. Ya know angels and demons, karma.” Haven explained only to be met with a blank stare. “Where have you been living for the past thousand or so years, under a rock?”

“Up until now I’ve been living in the forest, like a real wolf.” Haven’s mouth dropped open in shock. Hunter couldn’t help the nasty thoughts the crossed his mind about the things he wanted to do to that mouth. Haven stood up quickly, “So you’re telling me you’ve no idea about religion, are you also going to tell me you’ve no idea about computers or phones.”

“I’m not stupid.” Hunter said he’s heard of them but never used one. Haven dropped back down into his seat.

“Wow,” Haven slumped back and ran his fingers through his hair. “So you’re like a cave man.” Hunter frowned but said nothing in response. “Don’t you have family?” Haven paused, “Like a pack?” Hunter still said nothing. Haven shifted scooting his chair closer; obviously he’d lost any fear or nervousness around the resident Werewolf.

“We’ll you’ve got family now.” Hunter looked over to Haven’s smiling face. “By the way do you have a last name?”

“Hunter is my last name.” Hunter told him.

“Then what’s your first name?” Haven asked.

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” Hunter said bitterly and Haven nudged him.

“Come on you know my name Jace Moore but I’m not allowed to know yours?” Hunter looked at him, that name suddenly seemed familiar when spoken by Haven but he couldn’t place it.

“Derek.” Hunter said with a sigh of defeat. Haven’s face faulted between a confused frown and back to the light smile.

“I like it, Derek Hunter, it fits you. It reminds me of someone I used to know.” Hunter looked at him as Haven rested his head on the table.

“And who is that?”

“I don’t remember…I think we were close.” Haven commented thoughtfully staring up at him. Hunter stared back just as he heard the familiar music pulling into the drive way. Haven seemed to have noticed Hunter’s distraction because he stood up and looked out the window.

“It’s Eli.” Haven said and looked over to Hunter who’d already started making his way upstairs. He didn’t want to leave Haven alone with that kid but he’d agreed to stay out of sight. Going to Haven’s room to strip down and shift forms he listened carefully as the doorbell rang.

“Hey Eli, I didn’t think you’d be coming over. Aren’t you canoodling with the transfer?” Haven’s voice drifted up to Hunter.

“She had something to do with her father,” Came Eli’s answer, as the door shut and footsteps moving to the living room as Eli kept talking, “She’s pretty cool even if she is a crazy driver with scary road rage. You should really give her another shot. After all I see a wedding in the future.”

“I see a restraining order.” Haven answered back. Hunter frowned having no idea what Haven meant.

“Come on dude, it’s not like that we’re taking it slow,” After a pause of silence, “Honest to God!” Eli said loudly.

“You’ve been casually dating her for two days and you already hear wedding bells; how is that, ‘taking it slow’?” Haven questioned as the springs on the couch protested to weight.

“I’m not saying any time soon or that I plan on abducting her and going to Vegas to get hitched. I’m just saying I think I’m in love.” There was another pause of silence. “Stop giving me that look!” Eli protested. Hunter shifted forms feeling his body contort and change was always a freeing feeling. Once fully changed he trotted down stairs.

“It scares me that you could even come up with a kidnapping scenario, but I’m pretty sure if you showed up on her door step with a hessian bag and duct tape you’d end up being the one bound and gagged.” Haven said glancing over to Hunter as he walked over casually paying Eli no mind other than a quick glance. Hunter took up his spot next to Haven on the couch and laid his head in his lap. Eli was sitting in the arm chair watching Hunter carefully.

“How did you get Fido to obey you so easily?” Eli asked the subject of that crazy transfer girl forgotten.

“I’ve got the magic touch,” Haven’s hand ran down Hunter’s back before he rested it on the back of his neck and scratched. His touch was so calming; maybe he did have the magic touch. “And his name is Hunter now.”

“You named a large black dangerous looking dog Hunter; very original.” Eli said his voice full of sarcasm.

“Hey I can command him to bite off your face with one word.” Haven threatened as Hunter got the feeling Haven was showing off. Hunter might just bite Eli’s face off if Haven asked, but he wasn’t going to move while Haven kept petting him.

“I believe you.” Eli said the scent of fear trickled off the kid. Hunter managed to lazily open is eyes. Eli was watching him nervously. “Anyway, Bellerose wants a double date with you. I keep telling her you don’t have a girlfriend but she insists, saying she’ll hook you up with one of her friends.”

“I’m not going.” Haven said without a second thought.

“Come on Haven I could get some major brownie points with her.” Eli begged in a whinny voice but refrained from getting down on his knees and actually begging.

“Why does she even want to double up?” Haven asked sounding like he was starting to cave. Hunter didn’t like the hold Eli had over Haven; Hunter really wanted to bite off this kids face now though the promise he made to Haven kept him in place.

“I don’t know maybe she’s hoping for a foursome or something.” Hunter really couldn’t believe the kid just said that.

“I’m not going.” Haven said defiantly. “I’m not getting naked in front of you gym is bad enough.”

“Pussy,” Eli huffed in defeat.

Eli stayed long after the sun set; he played video games with Haven as he kept trying to get Haven to agree to go on the double date. Haven stayed firm with his decision against going and even punched Eli in the arm for continuing to beg. Hunter was starting to like Haven more and more, it was getting hard to ignore his urges.

Hunter woke up the next morning with Haven lying next to him on the floor of the living room. Hunter was content just lying there with him until he noticed the arm that as draped across him wasn’t Haven’s Hunter sat up quickly, thankfully still in wolf form because Eli was lying on the other side of him. Hunter bared his teeth but stopped himself from growling.

Looking over to Haven and then around the messy room, littered with red bull cans and left overs of a pizza, they’d made a nest of blankets on the floor that Hunter doesn’t remember. It was astonishing that he’d slept through that kind of thing, not to mention he was lying on a large quilt.

When had they moved him from the couch?

Shaking his head and still annoyed Eli had touched him he leaned down close to Eli’s face and growled. Eli groaned then jolted away scrambling away from Hunter.

Better yet away from Haven.

The smell of urine filled the air, gross. Haven sighed and glared at Eli. “Shut up I’m trying to sleep.”

“Y-Your dog was trying to eat me!” Hunter snorted the only person he wanted to eat was Haven. Hunter glanced at Haven; his perverted thoughts were getting out of hand.

“Relax, he’s harmless.” Haven patted Hunter’s shoulder and turned his back to them. Hunter looked back over to Eli and growled again. “Hunter.” Haven said in a warning voice which shut him up. Hunter huffed in annoyance and flopped back down still staring at Eli daring him to lie back down. The kid was smart and stood up instead while a dark spot formed on his pants.

“I’m gonna go, I’ll talk to you later.” Eli said and left before Haven answered.

“You’re a jerk and a liar.” Haven said once the front door shut. Hunter huffed and scooted closer to him. Haven rolled away in response.

“No, I’m mad at you.” Hunter looked at him and narrowed his eyes. He moved closer again and Haven rolled away.

“Hunter I mean it, no.” Hunter ignored him pressing up against him. Haven laughed, “Bad boy.” He kept scooting away from Hunter until he was backed up against the couch Hunter took that moment and laid on top of him.

Haven looked up at him both realizing then that Hunter was in human form. Both panting a bit, maybe for different reasons; regardless Hunter couldn’t explain why he kissed Haven other than he was horny.
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