Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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The alarm blared in his ear jerking him out of his dream, tumbling to the floor dragging the blankets with him. That was a terrifying dream, or at least he thinks so.

What was going on again?

Damn he couldn’t remember. He’s pretty sure there was running involved, pretty sure. His heart was still pounding in his chest like he’d just ran a marathon and, damn, he soaked in sweat. He could remember gun shots and a lot of pain, a lot. He felt like something important was being forgotten. Though he couldn’t remember what was going on.

Whatever it wasn’t that important.

He reached up and grabbed his phone off the night stand and turned off the alarm. 6:30 am was displayed on the screen along with a cloudy forecast and his zodiac sign daily reading. ‘The stars are aligned; new things will come to you.’ Great, he’d probably get chummy with the transfer student everyone was so hyped up to meet. He, or she, was supposed to have their first day today.

He yawned and tossed his blankets back onto his bed just as his sister, Karen, poked her head into his room. Her bright eyes peering over the mess he’d made of his bed. Her blond hair was woven into French braids along her head and coming together in a bun. She was adorable and had the brightest smile.

“Haven, breakfast is ready.” She told him in her sweet tone of voice with her gorgeous smile before turning on her heel and disappearing down the hall. Haven heard her stomp down the stairs and listened to the clinking around from down stairs. She was only half a year younger than Haven.

Her parents died in a car crash when she was five and Haven’s parents had been her godparents. She didn’t’ look like anyone in his family, she was small and had blond hair blue eyes with pale skin to match. Haven and his parents had black hair and darkish skin. His parents both had brown eyes while Haven ‘inherited’ his grandfather’s bright blue ones.

Haven doesn’t remember a lot of the incident and even if she wasn’t his real sister she was still the most important person to him. No matter what he’d make sure to be there for her for anything she could ever need. She was his little sister and he was going to protect her.

Haven sighed and stretched his arms over his head hearing and feeling the satisfying pop in his back; sometimes he hated being a morning person. It would be so much easier to sleep until noon, though he did have school and it would suck to get detention. He hated the teacher that over sees detention, Mrs. Wells. It was like it was her job to make everyone miserable. Even her co-workers hated her, Haven wasn’t even joking about that. The other teachers avoided her like the plague, no joke that woman was not to be messed with.

Haven took a quick shower to take care of some delicate morning issues before he tugged on his favorite pair of jeans and black wife beater and a bright red plaid button down over that. He did a once over in the mirror to make sure he didn’t have any fly-a-ways and tromped down stairs, knowing his mother would smooth down his hair even if he did bother to style it. Sure enough as soon as he entered the kitchen his mother handed him a plate of bacon and eggs and ran her fingers though his longish hair ruffling it up a bit and planted a quick kiss to his forehead.

“Thanks mom.” He said and in response she said, “You’re welcome sweetie.” Her smile was tender and sweet. “Harold! Get your ass down here or no breakfast for you!” His mom shouted loosing that sweetness to her voice and as if on command his father stumbled down the stairs slipping his glasses on.

“Sorry dear, I got a little carried away.” The smile returned to her face and she kissed her husband’s cheek and handed him his plate. Haven had taken his seat next to Karen and gave her a sheepish grin when she ruffled his hair fixing his mother’s work. He’s not sure what it is with the women of the household being so infatuated with his hair but they are.

“How are you feeling kiddo?” His father asked taking his seat at the head of the table while his mother sat across from her children.

“What do you mean?” Haven questioned as he sipped at his milk.

“You were thrashing around in your bed like you were…were…”

“Running a marathon?” Haven provided helpfully as he munched on his bacon while Karen stole some of his toast, she ate like a fat person but didn’t gain a pound.

“Yes, exactly,” His father nodded his hair in complete disarray his mother peered at him like she wanted to attack him with a comb. Haven wouldn’t mind watching that.

“It was just a weird dream.” Haven reassured sliding his plate over to Karen who smiled in return.

“Sweetie, stop spoiling your sister.” His mother lectured but knew once Karen got a hold of food nobody was getting it back.

“Its fine, I’ll pick something up on my way to school.” He assured them when something caught his eye. He stood up quickly craning his neck to get a better look of the back yard through the kitchen window behind his mother and frowned. “Is that dog?” Everyone turned to look out the window. Haven slipped around the table and moved to the back door.

“Haven,” Karen said the worry in her voice made him hesitate for a brief moment before he opened the door. A loud growl erupted from the black mass hanging in the back of the yard ducked in his mother’s flower garden. Bright hazel eyes stared daggers at him. Haven stepped out onto the porch inching over to the railing to get a better look. He was a good thirty feet away, a deep green patch of lawn and a swing set separated them but it was clear the dog didn’t have a collar on.

“Where do you think he came from?” Haven questioned as his father stepped out with him.

“I don’t know. He’s not from around here.” Karen responded from behind him.

“No kidding the only dogs in the neighborhood, are Ms. Kilmer’s tea cup Chihuahuas.” Haven pointed out staring at the huge dog trying to look menacing with bright colorful flowers all around him. The dog looked a little ridiculous if Haven was honest.

“He could have come from the forest.” Karen offered. She had a point the only thing separating the forest from their back yard was a small one foot fence that was mainly to mark out the property lines then to keep anything in or out. His father didn’t like fences or cages, he didn’t even like locks. He was a hippie like that but Haven loved him just the same.

Haven pushed past his family to slip back inside to snatch up his plate from the table and dumped the contents into a bowl and walked back outside. His mother promptly grabbed the back of his shirt when he tried descending the stairs.

“What do you think you’re doing mister?” She questioned in a warning tone.

“I’m going to feed him. He looks hungry.” Haven said which Karen in turn asked, “How do you know it’s a he?” The low continuous rumble suddenly picked up in volume.

“That’s how.” Haven smiled though the rest of his family stared at him in confusion as if they hadn’t noticed the dogs change in mood to the question. Haven huffed out a sigh and twisted out of his mother’s grip and walked up to the swings now only about ten feet from the dog, who was a lot bigger than Haven had originally thought.

He let out another warning growl staring at Haven. Something was sticking out of his back and the dream popped back into his mind. The running and the moon over head, the faint tug it had like it was calling him. Haven quickly looked away remembering something about eye contact being a direct challenge to K9s and most other predators that Haven could think of.

“Okay buddy,” Haven crouched down next to one of the swings supports and set the bowl down nice and slow. He kept his gaze down to the dog’s paws which were covered in mud; his whole body was covered in mud. He was filthy in fact and even from this distance stunk. Well that’s not true, Haven couldn’t smell him but something was off about this dog.

“I’m going to leave this here for you, okay? I’ve got to go to school and my parents need to go to work so this is all you get for the day until one of us gets back, which won’t be for a few hours.” Haven chanced a look up to the dog’s gaze when the growling stopped.

The dog held his gaze, he hadn’t moved an inch. “Okay, I’m going to back up now and go back into the house.” He said and stood up slowly. He kept from turning his back to the dog since he was pretty sure that was another way to unintentionally challenge a dog.

Once his heel hit the stairs Haven chanced to turn around and return to his family still on the porch. His mother smacked the back of his head and then touched his shoulder. “Don’t do that again.”

“He’s harmless.” Haven said and noted the growl in response. “Mostly,” He added with a smile.
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