Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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The Light Court was white.

The inhabitants wore white, and their skin was white.

Everything was white like a blank canvas, there could be so much going on but there just isn’t.

There was so much white Haven sometimes got a head ache. The only relief he ever got from it was when it was time to go to bed and the lights would dim down. Haven remembers something about heaven supposed to be white; he thinks maybe it’d be hell if that were the case.

There was too much white and he stuck out like a sore thumb. The Light Queen had him where red; to show he was the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ they’d been searching for. It was to keep the horny bastards away from him.

Because they’d tried,

The first day Haven was there he’d almost been raped twice!

The Queen now keeps a close eye on him, though he still has complete and total free roam of the Court. He could go anywhere he damn well pleases.

Except into the Queen’s Quarters and actually leave.

Not that Haven has found a door that remotely looked like it was going to lead anywhere other than to more of this white hell Haven’s found himself in.

The room he’s been given to stay in is huge and he gets all sorts of foods to eat. The Queen had explained to him that they won’t give him anything that will take his free will away. After that simple comment Haven’s even reluctant to eat anything, even if it does come in a fast food joint bag.

Haven is sitting in the throne room next to the queen because he’s being treated like some kind of prince. He’s watching the ‘noble’ fairies converse about random things today they’re discussing the weather.

The fucking weather!

What weather were they talking about?!

Haven hasn’t seen the light of day in…How many days has it been?

Haven’s lost track of time here. Even with the day and night cycle’s time just ceases to exist. A shiver of horror runs up Haven’s spine.

The queen was watching the nobles as well with that creepy blank expression of hers. Every so often she’d tilt her head as if pondering the vastness of the universe. Haven was pretty sure every single fairy was just nuts, like senile old people.


They were older than dirt maybe they were nuts.

Great, Haven was being held captive by crazy old people with very powerful magic.

Haven narrowed his eyes as one noble who was dressed in lavish WHITE robes went on about an approaching storm in a place called the Bright Forest,

Hell if Haven knew where that was. For all he knew they could be talking about something completely different, their accents were so hard to understand some time.

“Red.” The queen spoke then. Haven didn’t even look at her when he replied with.

“Haven,” He corrected her. She paid no attention to the correction; it’s how they usually start their conversations.

“Are you hungry? You haven’t eaten in four hours.”

“Has it been that long?” Haven asked still not giving her the effort to turn his head and actually look at her. Like a defiant child Haven stare dead ahead.

“Three hours and fifty two minutes to be exact.” The Queen answered seriously as if Haven had cared for the exact freaking time.

“Fascinating,” Haven mumbled with a roll of his eyes. He then noticed a few slaves,

Yes slaves,

Being escorted past the large open doors through the hall; all of the slaves stared ahead and were completely silent. Haven learned on the first day that he was the only human with any free will here.

All the other humans, whom wore plains cloths and a black band around their necks, had no free will. It wasn’t a matter of them being too afraid to act on their own accord. Something had been done to them for them to become like living dolls. It was the scariest thing Haven had seen in his life. Like living mannequins they moved when told without objection or emotion.

“Those are the slaves we no longer have a use for; they are going to be sent to the Dark Court to be sold.” The queen told him once she noticed his distraction. Haven ignored her and watched as each person passed by, as the line progressed the people got younger and younger until Haven was watching little children being led away.

Haven knew the queen was still speaking to him when he abruptly stood up. The throne room went silent at his movements. A single word tumbled from his mouth at the sight he beheld.

“K-Karen…?” At the end of the line of slaves a small girl with blond hair was looking up to one of the fairy knights leading the way. She looked over when Haven spoke but there was no recognition. Even if it was a little girl Haven recognized her as Karen, he knew her to well not to. He queen stood up and motioned with a quick flick of her hand and a knight had ahold of his arm.

“It’s bed time.” He said. Haven jerked from his grip and stepped away.

“That was Karen!” He shouted pointing over to the door now empty. The queen took a step towards him and Haven backed up farther. “That was Karen wasn’t it? What the hell are you doing with Karen!? Why was she so young? What have you done to her!?”

“It’s bed time.” The queen repeated the knight’s sentence.

“No! I want to know what the hell is going on here!” Haven turned and chased after the slaves only to be grabbed roughly by one of the nobles standing around and forced to the floor.

“Do not hurt him!” The queen shouted. It was the first time Haven had ever heard her raise her voice above a calm hush. It brought all the fairies to silence and basically froze them all in place.

After a moment of nothing but silence the queen looked to one of her knights who stepped over and grabbed Haven who jerked around trying to get out of his grip.

“Stop it! Let me go!” Haven shouted as he was practically dragged from the throne room and all the way back to his room before being forcibly shoved in. Haven hit the ground hard as he heard the double doors slam shut behind him.

Letting out a groan of pain and frustration Haven sat up and rubbed his arm. Glaring at the doors and then glancing around.

Nothing but white,

With a sigh of defeat Haven dropped back down and just laid there on the floor silently hoping someone would come back and assume he’d been hurt so that stupid knight could be beaten. Haven remembers the first time one of the knights were too rough with him. The blood was the first splash of color in the whiteness of this stupid place besides the stupid red pajamas Havens’ been given to wear.

With another sigh and slight groan Haven gave up just lying there and got up. He went over to the bed and grabbed one of the pillows then walked into what he guessed was the bathroom.

It had a huge tube or small pool; however you wanted to look at it. Haven hadn’t needed to go to the bathroom since he arrived, which was really weird. Haven took the pillow and tossed it into the water then went back into the bedroom for the rest of the blankets and did the same.

In a matter of moments the doors opened and fea hurried in to clean. Haven stood by the door and waited until they were in the bathroom to slip out of the doors and head down the hall quickly. He was pretty sure the slaves had been lead to that huge room with absolutely nothing in it.

Haven made it to the room just in time to see a large arch way in the middle with nothing but black on the other side. The salves were being lead into the arch way and to where ever that dark place was. The Light knights were monitoring everything on this side of the arch way as the black counterparts did the same on the other side. Slaves wearing black were being led in as the slaves wearing white were being led out.

That’s when Haven’s arm is grabbed again and is dragged from the room. The knight who’d grabbed him said nothing as he forcibly escorted Haven back to his room, which had been cleaned up. No more pillows and blankets in the murky and always warm water while fresh blankets had been replaced onto the bed and Mc Donald’s left on the table in the middle of the room.

Haven let out another sigh and slid down the door and just stared at the fast food bag in disgust.

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