Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Déjà vu

The queen was staring; she’d been staring for hours, or at least it seems like it. Haven tried his best to ignore her as he mentally counted off about how many years he’d have until he died of old age; which led to slight depression considering he wasn’t even of drinking age yet.

Haven thinks that even if he were they wouldn’t let him drink, he’d most likely die a virgin and it was that mutts fault, all of it. Haven has to blame someone, so he’s blaming Hunter for squatting in his mother’s flower garden.

It doesn’t matter if Haven was born with a mark everyone has looked for since the beginning of time or something like that. He was still a bit fuzzy on all of the facts and details. Haven hasn’t even bothered to ask the queen any questions. The first time he did he ended up in a bath again with a bunch of fairies trying to wash him.

He’ll never make that mistake again.

Haven’s train of thought suddenly changed when he saw black among the white. The huge double doors leading to the throne room opened and what Haven learned were Dark Knights strolled in almost as if they owned the place. Haven slumped down and glared, he’d seen the Dark Knights a handful of times and they were always dicks to everyone, even each other.

They stopped in front of the queen and bowed. That’s when Haven noticed one of them wasn’t a Dark Knight and was wounded. His face had huge gashes across his face but had been cleaned up and blue stuff had been put on them. But that’s not what drew Haven’s attention. Haven just sort of stared, not sure what to do or say as he stared at Eli, who stared back with those creepy black eyes and a blank face.

He was a fairy too,

But then again who wasn’t a super natural creature in his life now and days?

“We demand compensation.” A Dark knight spoke getting right down to business. No one here really liked small talk, besides the royal fea who talk nonstop.

“Compensation for what?” The Queen demanded in a threatening tone. Haven frowned at the smirk that slipped across Eli’s face then.

“A fea of our court was attacked-” The Dark knight started.

“Not by one of mine I can assure you.” The queen scoffed.

“No,” The knight started, “Not by the hands of a Light Fea but of a wolf-” The queen cut him off again.

“Then take your demands for payment to the wolf children.” Haven stood up then and just walked away, he didn’t care if it looked rude.

Curtsey rules were different here and apparently walking away in the middle of a conversation wasn’t considered rude. Hell, Haven was a prisoner the Fea were determined to keep alive so he guesses if he walked around naked nobody would bat an eye.

Haven wasn’t interested in hearing about what the dispute the Dark and Light Court were having now; and he sure as hell was done staring at a fairy that looked like his best friend. He’d had enough sleepless nights wondering about the little Karen sent to be sold to the Dark Court.

Heading to his room Haven ignored the people he passed. He didn’t even notice he’d been followed until he was grabbed and shoved into the closest room; which happened to be the huge bath house he’d been in when he first woke but that wasn’t the point. Haven flailed and fell into the water as the person manhandled him and lost his grip when Haven slipped on the wet floor.

Haven surfaced coughing and hacking out insults. “You fucking moron! What the hell is wrong with you! Are you trying to kill me because you’ll be the next?!” Haven shook his head and wiped away the water from his eyes and glared up at the Eli look alike. Eli sort of just stared for a moment then shut the door, Haven slunk away from him.

The Queen told him the Dark Court just wanted to kill him they wanted to keep the wolf population alive just to piss off the Light Court. Haven figured it was some kind of turf war until the Queen went on to say the Dark Court did whatever they could to piss off the Light Court.

Sometimes they wouldn’t buy any slaves just because they could, sometimes they set fire to things just on the border of the Light Court’s territory and other times they just right out interfered with Light Court business. Though the Light Court did the same, it’s been thousands of years of guerrilla warfare. Haven thought of it as two siblings squabbling and Haven was just a toy they were fighting over.

But that wasn’t the point.

The Eli look alike had come with the Dark Court, the people help bent on killing him and now he was alone with him. Eli turned back to Haven. Closer up the blue stuff on his wounds could be distinguished as blue blood that was just caked onto his face. Haven narrowed his eyes and backed up into the opposite wall of the bath.

“We need to get you out of here.” Eli told him. Haven chuckled and shook his head.

“I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t care if you look like my best friend.” Haven spat out, trying to convey ferocity.

“I don’t look like him Haven I am him.” Eli said with a hint of annoyance.

“At least you guys got the age right.” Haven gave a shrug, thinking back to the little Karen looking lost and alone. Haven narrowed his eyes and glared at Eli. “Go away.” Eli shifted and dropped down to his knees.

“You’ve been here for little over a few days so you should know by now fairies can’t lie right?” He questioned with a tilt of his head. Haven just stared at him; that was not true he’d been there for months. He’d spent endless hours just staring at the wall.

“So?” Haven asked hesitantly.

“Come with me and I will get you back to your wolf, if he’s not dead.” Haven just sort of stared at him. Fairies couldn’t lie so he had to ask the right questions.

“Alive?” Haven asked. Eli nodded, “Say it.” Haven said knowing full well a fairy could nod or shake their heads, that’s not lying it’s a motion of the body that people have learned to interpret as an answer, it meant nothing.

“Alive.” Haven narrowed his eyes and Eli sighed. “I’ll get you there alive.”

“What about after that?” Haven shifted moving closer to him. He was alright now; Eli wasn’t going to kill him now. He couldn’t ever he, was now bound by his words to keep Haven alive until he was back with Hunter. Haven wasn’t sure if going back to Hunter was the best idea, but anything was better than this hell hole.

“Then nothing, I get you back to your wolf and that’s it.” Eli said with a roll of his eyes. “Are you coming or not, the longer we stay here the more likely will be caught.”

“How do I know you won’t kill me after we get back to Hunter?”

“You don’t.” Eli answered without skipping a beat as if he knew that question was going to come. Haven narrowed his eyes at Eli.

“Right,” Haven said simply.

“I’m leaving.” Eli said standing. “Come if you want.” He then turned and left the room leaving the door wide open. Haven knew he just knew he was going to regret his decisions but he climbed out of the water and chased after the Eli look alike. He was waiting in the hall with that smug know it all smirk; even if he wasn’t Eli he sure as hell pulled off his expressions like a damn pro.

Haven isn’t too sure how to exactly explain their escape from the Light Court. It involved being caught in a matter of seconds Eli changing into a weird bird thing and then there was a lot of screaming like a little girl.

But regardless, they were out and running down the street like hell was right on their heels, Eli laughing up a storm and nearly stopping to gasp out for air and Haven just chasing after wide eyed and thoroughly freaked out.

Eli led them to a close by gas station and hurried into the well-lit convenient store. Haven was still wearing those stupid red pajamas and half dry while Eli wore what looked like black armor as well as still having that blue crap on his face.

“Cosplaying,” Eli said to the people staring at them. Haven rolled his eyes and shook his head as he hunched over to catch his breath. “That was fun, let’s do it again some time.”

“No, you’re just some freak who stole my friend’s appearance.” Haven huffed out.

“No,” Eli said seriously, “I am Eli, always have always will.” Haven looked at him but said nothing, fairies couldn’t lie. Eli offered a quick smile just as the convenient store doors opened and Hunter rushed in.

The worry and relief on his face sort of froze Haven in place. He walked over to Haven and pulled him into a hug. Haven hugged him back, it just felt right as he nuzzled his face into Hunter’s shoulder and letting Hunter take in deep breaths.

“You smell weird.” Hunter mumbled his mouth right by Haven’s ear and sent a shiver up Haven’s spine.

“I know.” Haven answered.

“See, promise kept.” Eli spoke up and a growl erupted from Hunter’s chest. He shoved Haven behind him, Haven grabbed his arm.

“Don’t, he saved me.” He said quickly, Haven wasn’t stupid he could put the pieces together. The marks on Eli’s face were claw marks and there was only one wolf around that wanted to hurt Eli. Hunter calmed a bit but continued to glare.

“Yeah, mutt I saved him kind of the opposite that you did for Karen.”

“Karen, what happened to Karen?” Haven asked hesitantly.

“She was kidnapped by hunters while Hunter napped.” Eli said in a sing song voice. A snarl broke out from Hunter.

“I wasn’t napping you broke my ribs, I couldn’t move!” Hunter snapped and on the verge of shifting forms. Haven isn’t sure how he knew Hunter was restraining himself from letting the change happen. He just knew that if he let go of Hunter it’d likely result in him shifting forms and ripping out Eli’s throat.

They didn’t have much time after that to continue arguing as all hell broke loose. There was a loud pop from outside and then glass shattering. Someone screamed about a gun and the bystanders scattered. Eli’s smile disappeared as he looked out the window looking over to the gas pumps then down to the blue mark on his chest slowly growing bigger.

“Damn iron,” He mumbled and fell over. Haven moved to go to him but Hunter grabbed him shoving him behind a shelf and pressing a gun into his hands.

“Stay here.” He said sternly. There was more gun fire and screams as Eli gurgled something from where he was bleeding out on the ground.

“Like hell!” Haven shouted, “Where are you going?” He demanded.

“I need to create a distraction so you can get away.” Hunter explained in a calm voice, like he wasn’t about to go out and face the trigger happy hunters with powerful guns.

“No.” Haven said stubbornly.

“Stay.” Hunter squeezed his shoulder and kissed him. It was quick and barely a kiss but it happened and then Hunter was gone. The reaction his body had to that barely even a kiss was scary and confusing. His chest clenched as his face grew hot.

Haven was so not in the mood for this. He really wasn’t. Here he was crouching behind a store shelf clutching a hand gun. Not far off he could hear gunshots and very, VERY anger howls and growls and snarling in general. To his right his best friend in the whole world was bleeding out and oh yeah his sister was being held captive by Werewolf hunters. Where in the hell did his life go wrong? Oh yeah, it started around the time that damn mutt decided to squat in his mother’s flower garden.

Not to mention Haven thinks he’s falling in love with someone he hardly knows. Today was just not his day; he should have just stayed in the Light Court to die of old age.
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