Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven skids through the forest, yet again running from Hunter, but this time on command and not out of fear for his life. Well that’s not true the hunters are most likely going to try to kill him if they get anywhere close enough to get the chance.

So there he is rushing through the woods with a gun clutched in his hand as he stumbles around in the dark. His only hope is to get back home and prays that he doesn’t run into more freaking bat shit crazy fairies.

The night air was cool against Haven’s skin and the fact that he could very well die any second now pushed him forward. His heart pounded while he thought about the stupid life choices he’s made in the past year Hunter has been with him.

The many close calls with his life, he thinks the first one was when the arrow shot through his window but who knows. Maybe there had been others he wasn’t aware of. Haven slows to catch his breath and glance back over his shoulder.

His house is in view by now, or at least the neighborhood lights can be made out through the thick forest. Taking a deep calming breath Haven continues on,

He limps,

Having slipped a few times and scraped up his knees hand and arms Haven is pretty sure any Werewolf can smell him and he’s leaving a trail of blood for hunters to follow straight to his door step. But he’s too tired to give a fuck right now as he slips through the back door. Carefully closing it he leans up against it and slides to the floor.

He lost the gun somewhere in his mad dash to get away. He knows Hunter told him to stay and he fully intended staying until Hunter came back. But things didn’t work out like that. Haven was crouched behind the store shelf and out of curiosity he peeked around the corner just as a man with a huge rifle looked in his direction.

That’s when Haven’s hiding spot was ruined and the man tried killing him. That’s when Haven bolted, tripping over Eli’s body in the process.

Haven stared ahead as he remembers the way Eli’s body morphed into a huge green bird and the guy shooting at Haven again. Haven completely forgot about the gun he’s holding and runs. Even if he had remembered the gun he doubts he would have shot anything living.

His dad had tried taking him hunting once, boy was that an adventure. His dad shot a deer and Haven cried for two hours insisting they burry it. Haven’s not a vegetarian or anything he just doesn’t like killing his own food.

It’s scary,

He knows it’s childish to think that way but something about it just feels wrong. Haven was just sitting there when he hears something outside scrap across the wood of the back porch and he freezes. He knows that’s not the best survival tactic but he can’t bring himself to move.

He hears the thing get closer and can hear the heavy breathing right up against the door. There’s a groan and then a heavy thud. Haven remains completely still, he even stopped breathing.

“Haven…” Hunter’s voice gruffed out and Haven couldn’t believe how relieved he was to hear Hunter’s voice. He scrambled to unlock the door, failing a few times before he got his shaky hands to grasp the stupid lock and turn the door knob.

Hunter stood there on shaky legs looking up at Haven with pitiful eyes. He was covered in blood which Haven wasn’t sure if it was Hunter’s or someone else’s. But that didn’t matter Hunter was clearly hurt so Haven helped him up to the bathroom and rushed down to the closet under the stairs for the first aid kit and rushed back up to him.

Hunter was yet again naked, Haven was used to it. Totally use to the piece of man candy being naked in front of him,



Haven focused on the pressing matter at hand, the Werewolf bleeding out on his bathroom floor. His skin was sizzling in some places and turning black. Haven carefully kneeled next to him and reached out a shaky hand. Hunter didn’t look like he was breathing as he lay slumped up against the edge of the tub with an arm lying across his stomach.

“H-Hunter?” As soon as Haven’s fingers brushed across Hunter’s collar bone Hunter’s eyes snapped open glaring a bright yellow just like a wolves.

That was new.

Then he was shoved back and Hunter was on top of him. A deep and threatening growl rumbled from his chest as his sharp claw like nails closed around Haven’s throat. Haven did the only thing he could think of slam a knee right to Hunter’s stomach. It wasn’t the best plan honestly, the yelp of utter pain the escaped from Hunter crushed Haven as Hunter collapsed to Haven’s side. Haven scrambled back panted out breathes waiting for another attack,

But none came. Hunter laid whimpering and twitching in pain.

Fuck, he did that.

Haven crept closer, “Please, don’t try to eat me again.” He warned carefully. Hunter made no movement to answer but it didn’t look like he was in any position to attack again. So Haven set to work, putting his vague and shot-y first aid knowledge to work.

He did his best but he’d never treated bullet wounds that sizzled and turned skin black. From what he could tell there weren’t any bullets still inside of him most were just grazes two went all the way through and one was an arrow. Haven knew how to take care of the arrow, yank it out and let it heal.

It didn’t heal, it stopped sizzling but it didn’t heal.

“Fuck,” Haven huffed out on a shaky breath and tossed the arrow aside. He grabbed some rubbing alcohol and tried that. Hunter hissed in pain and growled threatening at the same time. Haven jumped back and paused for a moment just to make sure Hunter wasn’t going to attack again.

Haven was about to continue when Hunter started coughing up black goo that could very well be blood. In fact the stuff his wounds were slowly leaking out was black too.

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