Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven ran through the back yard chasing the Phantom Menace who was played by Karen while he played Lighting, the brave hero who saves the day. Their mother glanced up every so often to make sure they didn’t go into the forest.

Haven and Karen stayed away from the forest, Haven kept his distance because of the fairies and Karen just followed her big brother’s lead. Haven hopped onto a swing lying on his belly as he kicked the ground to push himself.

“Whoosh!” He shouted out as Karen laughed nearly tripping on the towel she had tied around her neck that trailed behind her. “I’ll catch you Phantom!” He shouted out.

“Nu uh!” Karen said as she hurried over to their mom. “I’m protected by the…Mom Force!” She called over to him as he slipped off the swing and ran over. Haven moved to attack when he saw something in the woods, stopping short and looking over curiously.

Maybe his friends were back, Haven missed River a lot. Forgetting all about the game Haven went to go investigate.

“Martha, phone!” Haven looked back to his father standing in the door way holding up the phone. His mom stood up and whipped her hands off on her pants before going to her husband and grabbing the phone. Karen was at Haven’s side once their mother had left the flower garden.

“You’re not chasing me anymore? Did you give up? I can be Lighting now.” She offered.

“I saw something.” Haven said pointing into the forest.

“You’re woof friends?” Haven shrugged at Karen’s question and stepped over the small fence. Karen followed quickly stopping for a moment to untie the towel and pull up the Halloween mask.

“It’s a light.” Karen pointed out the bobbing pink light dancing in the trees. Haven nodded and went to go check it out climbing over a fallen tree and slipping on the damn dead leaves a few times.

Karen was right behind him, their sense of adventure quelling any childish fears. But no matter how much they walked the light seemed to be the same distance away. Karen slipped then and fell down scrapping up her knee and crying out. The light suddenly stopped moving at the sound. Haven dropped down next to Karen.

“Are you okay?” Karen nodded as she pulled up her pant leg to look at her knee. It was bleeding but didn’t look to bad.

“It hurts Jace.” She whimpered and bit her lip.

“Caw,” Haven and Karen both looked up at the sound. The pink light was right in front of them, a huge bird stood there staring at them with one unblinking eye situated atop its head. But that wasn’t the weirdest part. Its chest was hallow and looked like a cage with the pink light sitting on a swing inside. The pink light was a little person with butterfly wings, “Caw?” The little person asked again.

“Uh…” Haven stammered out. The bird thing suddenly sat up right jolting the small person a little as the bird turned its head all the way around to look behind it, “CAW!” It cried and flew up in the air vanishing into the leaves.

“What was that?” Karen asked and Haven shrugged.

“I don’t know.” He answered. Karen looked up for a moment before looking back down at her knee.

“It hurts Jace.” Haven nodded and stood up.

“Come on lets go back.” He offered his hand. Karen sighed and right after that in the brief moment of silence is when they heard it, stomping and the rush of hooves against the ground. Haven recognized it instantly and tugged on Karen’s hand.

“We need to go Karen come on!” He said urgently.

“Slow down Jace, my leg hurts!” Karen whined.

“But we have to go!” Haven urged tugging her hand as she stumbled a bit.

“But Jace,” Karen whined. Jace turned to look at her as the stamping got louder and suddenly the white steads were in view and Karen gasped out, “Ponies!” Jace stumbled back as the riders dismounted. A man strolled towards them with a superior ease. Karen backed up with Haven when he tugged on her arm.

“Hello,” He man bowed, “You haven’t seen a Snare around here have you?” He questioned. Haven frowned and tugged Karen behind him.

“No.” He said sternly. The man watched him for a moment then glanced back at the other two still on their horses and back to him and then back to Haven and Karen. The man leaned forward.

“You know, a Snare is a vile creature from the Dark Fairy Court, snatches up poor unsuspecting human children and eats them.” He said in a quiet haunting voice. Karen’s grip on Haven’s arm tightened making him flinch.

“We haven’t seen it or we’d be snatched away right?” Haven supplied. The man blinked before bursting into laughter. Haven frowned and glanced back to Karen.

“Yes, I suppose you are right about that.” He agreed with a quick nod.

“We’re going home now.” Haven said stepping away with Karen keeping close. The man looked at them and nodded again,

“You know there is no rush.” He said following step for step. Haven watched the man.

“Mom will be worried.” Haven insisted ignoring a soft buzz in his head. It sounded a bit like a lot of people talking all at once.

“Jace, don’t be mean.” Karen said nudging him. Haven looked back to Karen and she looked mesmerized. Haven frowned at her.

“We have to go home.” Haven urged.

“I want to stay here.” Karen said stepping away from Haven towards the man who smirked and reached out to her. Karen took his hand and smiled.

“Karen, don’t.” Haven whimpered fidgeting in place.

“Come with us Jace.” Karen answered in a calm voice as she stared up at the man like he was the most beautiful thing in the whole world.

“No, Karen lets go home.” Haven reached for her but the man pulled her closer.

“No, I don’t think she will.” He said looking up at Haven. “But you can come with us.” For a moment Haven considered going with them when one vice cut through the rest with a sharp “No!” Haven suddenly snapped out of it and shook his head glaring at them man.

“No, I won’t. I want to go home.” The man suddenly looked surprised and glanced back to the others who were looking on in confused surprise; watching from their horses like they were seeing the most unusual thing ever. The man looked back to Haven.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us child?” Haven nodded his head and glared at him at the voices encouraged Haven’s defiance towards these people,

“Yes.” Haven said. The man raised an eye brow and half smirked.

“Well aren’t you a strange one? We’ll have to keep a close eye on you.” He said and glanced down at Karen, “And I think I know exactly what to do.” He nodded and turned ushering Karen towards the other two.

“I’ll need you to go to sleep now little boy.” The voices in his head told him to run then and Haven listened, scrambling back and then bolting. He rushed through the forest forgetting all about Karen as he made his own escape. He had no idea where home was, but he kept running. He didn’t want to end up where ever they planned on taking him.

He didn’t get very far,

The angry stamping of horses descended on him and soon a hand grasped the back of his shirt and he was yanked up and off the ground. Haven let out a loud shout of surprise and kicked wildly.

“Easy there boy, I’m not going to hurt you. I just need you to forget.” The man said but Haven didn’t believe him, he had Karen under some spell and now he wanted Haven to go to sleep. He knew what that meant his mom told him their dog was going to go to sleep after he’d been hit by a car, He never came back. Haven didn’t want to die; there was nothing wrong with him.

“Help!” Haven screamed remember what his father told him to do when someone was trying to take him. He opened his mouth to scream again when the man shoved something into his mouth and forced him to swallow. Haven coughed and squirmed but his limbs were suddenly heavy.

“…Help…” He panted out and blinked trying to keep his eyes open. But he couldn’t, His eyes slid shut and his body went limp
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