Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven paced the room running his fingers through his hair a bunch of times until it was basically sticking up all over the place. After Hunter gave him a mini heart attack when he stopped breathing Haven practically went nuts with worry and grief.

Then Hunter terrified him again by coming back to life out of now where, suddenly jerking back to life and gasping of air. Haven’s pretty sure he hit Hunter then just out of pure shock, if he had Hunter hadn’t made any comment on it. Haven was at his wits end with all of this.

Hunter just watched as he lay on Haven’s bed in his wolf form, saying he heals faster in that form. Haven didn’t question it; at this point he wasn’t really questioning anything bizarre or strange. Anything out of the ordinary was completely okay and Haven wasn’t sure how to deal with that.

Haven was just going to roll with it because apparently all wolf kind, the dark fairy court and a group of hunters all wanted to kill him for different reasons and the light court was interested in keeping him prisoner in their court until he dies of old age.

So however he looked at it he was either going to die really soon for some twisted prophecy or he was going to be kept as a pet. No matter how Haven looked at it he was basically screwed, he was going to live a horrible life and it was going to be short.

His arm was seized then and Hunter pulled him down onto the bed. He was in human form now but still naked, at this point it didn’t faze him.

That’s not true,

Haven was willfully forcing himself to look Hunter in the eye and not elsewhere.

“Calm down,” Hunter said sternly. “Your heart is thumping like a jack rabbit.” Haven frowned at that and shook his head.

“So?” He asked.

“So, calm down.” Hunter said squeezing his arm. Haven stared at him for a moment before looking down, which was a bad idea. Haven stood up again and continued pacing.

“I don’t know what to do. Is my house even safe? Everyone knows where I live!” Hunter had so helpfully pointed that out earlier and seemed to be regretting it now.

“We’re surrounded on all sides and I’m out of ideas. I’m going to die all because of my stupid birthmark.” Haven rambled on completely ignoring Hunter who was trying to get his attention. Haven shook his head, “I’m fucked completely and totally screwed. I-” Haven’s rant was cut short with his own yelp as Hunter slammed him into the wall.

“I said…Calm…down…” He grounded out with a throaty growl.

“O-okay…” Haven stammered.

“You’re starting to smell a lot like prey.” Hunter explained as his grip tightened as he pressed closer. Haven nodded and took a gulp of air and tried to calm himself.

“Okay…okay…” Haven patted Hunter’s shoulder which in return Hunter let out a low growl. Haven froze and Hunter stopped growling, which was good sort of.

They stood there for a very long time Haven said nothing, didn’t even move. After a while Haven realized Hunter was scenting him. Haven didn’t know what to do with that, was he supposed to sniff back or what? Hunter shifted then ducking his head down.

Haven took in a quick breath as Hunter’s tongue licked up his neck, running it across the puncture wounds his nails had left. “You don’t smell like prey anymore.” Hunter said finally. Haven gulped and licked his lips.

“…What do I smell like?” He asked hesitantly. Hunter didn’t answer he pulled away and looked at Haven.

“I won’t let them kill you.” He said. “I don’t care what some prophecy said. I’ll protect you.” Haven looked away from him and blinked back sudden tears.

“Isn’t that what the prophecy said the Protector would do?” Haven asked Hunter rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Who cares, I’ll be you’re Protector.” Hunter said grabbing Haven’s chin and forcing him to look at him. “I’ve been protecting you haven’t I?”

“…Yeah…I guess…” Haven shrugged. “How are you feeling?” He asked changing the subject.

“Better, it doesn’t take long to heal.” Hunter said letting Haven go finally who stepped away from the wall and Hunter.

“Well, what about the…um…the sizzling black goo…? And would you put some cloths on?” Haven mumbled under his breath still a bit haunted by the images of Hunter coughing up that gunk. Hunter rolled his eyes and shrugged as he went to get dressed.

“I’m better now and so are you.” Hunter said. Haven looked at him and narrowed his eyes.


“A wolf’s saliva heals.” Hunter explained gesturing to Haven’s neck. Haven reached up and touched where Hunter licked him and found the scratches were gone as if they’d never been there.

“Then why didn’t you heal yourself?”

“It doesn’t work that way, it’s one of the reasons werewolves travel in packs.” Hunter explained to which Haven nodded and asked,

“Where’s your pack?”

“I don’t have one, hunters wiped out my whole family when I was young.” Hunter said as if it were nothing. Haven stared at him and opened his mouth a few times to say something, anything but no words came out.

“Don’t worry about it Haven, I know.” He said simply, “Now, about your sister.”

“She’s not my sister.” Haven said sourly and shook his head, “That thing is a fairy prancing around and pretending to be my sister.” Hunter shifted and crossed his arms. “When I was being held at the Light Fairy court or whatever the hell it’s called I saw Karen there she was a little girl.” Haven explained as he continued to pace but soon remember where that got him and flopped down onto his bed.

“If she was a little girl then you’ve been living with the fairy imposter a long time.” Hunter pointed out.

“But it’s a fairy! That Karen isn’t the real Karen.” Haven argued.

“She’s the Karen you grew up with.” Hunter persisted.

“She’s not human!” Haven snapped at Hunter and regretted the words as soon as they were out of his mouth. Hunter just stared at him quietly. “Hunter I- I didn’t mean it like that.”

“How did you mean?” Hunter’s voice was dangerously calm. Haven shifted nervously.

“I just meant that…you know… that fairies are bad.” Haven tried fidgeting nervously; he’d screwed up big time.

“Because they’re not human,” Hunter said his eyes never leaving Haven.

“No! That’s not what I meant. They stole away Karen and replaced her who knows if they did that with Eli too.” Haven desperately tried to quell Hunter’s anger. He had no idea how he knew Hunter was pissed, he was holding himself so calmly it was impossible to tell, but Haven knew, he doesn’t know how but he does.

“That Karen was protecting you; she might have been from the Light Court but our agendas match up and having a fairy on our side would be a blessing and I think we should save her.” Hunter said with a sigh as he walked over and flopped down next to him. Haven looked at him and nodded then the silence descended on them like a thick suffocating fog.

“Hunter.” Haven spoke up finally his voice cracking with nerves.

“Yeah…?” Hunter answered sounding tired. It took Haven a moment longer to gather the nerve to say the words but he said them,

“You can kill me…If you want… It’s was I was born for right, to be a blood sacrifice to appease some god.”

“But that’s just it,” Hunter said without moving, “Having a blood sacrifice doesn’t sound like something the Moon Goddess would want.”

“…But what if you’re wrong, what if you do have to kill me or all werewolves fall to some plague?” Haven asked biting his lip and looking down.

“You do realize the whole prophecy says you need to die of some other cause then old age and the chances of you dying of something other than old age is greatly in your favor.” Hunter pointed out, “Especially with so many people after you.” Haven was quiet for a moment before saying,

“You’re only saying that because you don’t want to do it, but… I’d feel better if it were you and not some stranger…” Haven told him, he knew he was giving Hunter a huge burden, an unthinkably horrible responsibility.

“…Okay…” Hunter agrees in such a quiet voice Haven almost didn’t hear it.
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