Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven stared at his phone like it was some foreign object that fell from the sky one night. Hunter is next to him sleeping as soundly as a wolf does. With his face buried in the pillow, Hunter’s breathing was even and peaceful. Out of simple curiosity Haven looked up Hunter’s name on Google and came up with missing posters and references to some land development company called Electric Rain.

Staring at the years old missing child files Haven knows he knows the kid in the photos but can’t place it. He figures it’s just because the kid looks a lot like Hunter but that can’t be it the feeling is off. Haven’s sure he’d met this kid before, somewhere in his past but he just can’t place the time or place.

He finally stirs up the courage to nudge Hunter’s shoulder, “Hey Hunter.” He said trying to rouse the sleeping werewolf who simply mumbled a few illegible words Haven takes as, “What” or just a slurred “Yeah.”

“What was your packs name?” Haven questioned running through the many articles of the land development company. Hunter turned his head and looked at Haven blankly as he asked,


“Was it Electric Rain?” Haven inquired only to get a threatening growl and his face shoved down to the pillow as Hunter straddled him.

“How do you know that name?” Hunter rasped out into Haven’s ear. Haven squirmed and showed him the phone.

“Phone,” Haven grunted. Hunter took the phone from Haven moving his hand from Haven’s head so he could breathe, even if it was half breaths since Hunter was still sitting on his back.

“…They were looking for me…” Hunter breathes out, Haven is quiet but not because he had nothing to say but because he really couldn’t breathe. “We need to go.” Hunter said suddenly getting up in a flash of motion liberating Haven’s lungs. He sat up and looked over to the werewolf stumbling around the room to get dressed. Haven’s still not used to seeing Hunter naked, so he just sort of stares until Hunter looked back impatiently. “Are you coming?”

“Huh?” Haven replies dumbly.

“To my pack, they’re still alive we can get help from them.” Hunter said. “They’ll know what to do.”

“Uh…Sure,” Haven said glancing over to the clock that read, 3:56 AM. “But, you know it’s a school night right and my parents are home now… and…” He drifted off when he noticed the look of irritation on Hunter’s face. Haven sighed in defeat. “Fine, we’ll trek out to god knows where at ass o-clock in the freezing cold.” He mumbles as he gets changed.

“I’m glad you understand and I’m going to ignore the sarcasm.” Hunter responded.

“Sure.” Haven nodded as he pulled on his jacket.

Haven stared at the huge house at the end of a long driveway, they’d been driving for hours and the sun was rising above the horizon. Haven couldn’t stop yawning as he sipped on his coffee like a life line.

The house was huge, it couldn’t be considered a house or even a mansion it was an outright classy hotel out in the middle of nowhere. With a renewed Victorian style, with vines growing up the walls reaching towards the sky and covering the light blue paint of the walls the hotel house building thing was beautiful.

“You know, the chances of them recognizing you right are very slim.” Haven told him.

“They’ll recognize my scent.” Hunter told him with certainty. Haven nodded though he didn’t point out the fact they were still sitting in the car just staring at the house. They’d been sitting and just sitting for a good half hour now.

Haven didn’t push; he’d seen the way Hunter reacted when his pack was mentioned. Haven had no clue what had happened to Hunter’s pack but it couldn’t have been anything happy or healthy.

Haven opened his mouth to speak when the huge dark wood doors opened and a few people stepped out onto the porch eyeing up Haven’s parents car suspiciously. Hunter and Haven just sat there silently waiting for something, maybe for the people to make a move or something.

Two maybe three minutes pass until Hunter finally moved; he opened his door and stepped out. Haven followed suit because Hunter hadn’t told him to stay put and he was curious.

They walk up the drive cautiously until a tall woman puts out a hand and says, “That’s far enough stranger,” She eyed them up and down. She sported an ugly scar across half her face marring half her forehead and down across her left eye and cheek. “What do you want?” Hunter gave a formal bow.

“I’m Derek… Derek Hunter.” He said. Haven watched as shock passed over the five wolves faces then morph into suspicion.

“What’s your color and rank?” The woman demanded.

“My pelt color is black and my father is the Alpha, Zion Hunter.” Hunter answered. The woman stared at him for a moment longer than jerked her head towards Haven,

“And him?”

“Human.” Haven speaks up before Hunter could say anything. “Jace Moore, Hunter’s mate.” He introduced himself. Hunter looked over to Haven but said nothing. They’d talked about it in the car; Haven was human and had no right to be on werewolf territory or even this close to home base. However a werewolf’s mate claimed the same rights as their werewolf counterpart.

An Alpha’s mate was an Alpha. If two wolves were mated the wolf with the higher rank would pass their rank onto their lower ranking mate, making them equals.

The woman laughed then, “Some mate you chose Derek, a human?” She questioned with an amused smile plastered across her face as some of the others standing guard giggled. Haven frowned and moved to say something but Hunter beat him to it.

“Night howled I had no choice.” The giggling and smirks vanished as the wolves stared at Haven in curious awe.

“Star mates are rare.” The woman mused.

“Well I have one, who just happens to be human.” Hunter challenged to which the woman bowed down agreeing with him,

“Yes, of course I apologize.”

“I’d like to talk to my father the Alpha...” Hunter said sternly. The woman looked back to him and frowned,

“You can’t your father is dead as is your mother. I’m Alpha now, Kassy you’re younger sister.” She introduced herself. Haven tilted his head a bit and could see the resemblance; they had the same hazel eyes and dark hair. It was weird the resemblance was strong; it was almost like they were-

“My twin sister died, I saw it happen.” Hunter shook his head. The woman, Kassy spread her arms wide and smiled brightly,

“Ta da.”

They hug it out, Haven watched as Hunter and his twin caught up and talk happily, only briefly mourning for their parent’s deaths before recounting their lives. Haven found out about the pack being attacked when Hunter was young and also listens closely when Hunter mentions a neighboring pack saving him.

“Wait.” Haven stops him with a frown. “What was the pack called?” He asked Hunter and Kassy looked over to him almost as if they’d forgotten he was there.

“Uh…North Winds I think.” Haven tilted his head just a bit, the name sounded familiar. He shook his head and frowned. “Haven, are you okay?” Hunter asked touching his shoulder.

“I don’t know. What you were saying just now about being taken in by a pack sounded like something that’s happened to me before.”

“Star mates are said to sometimes have dreams about each other,” Kassy pointed out, “It could be that.” Hunter looked at her and nodded.

“Speaking of which, we need your help.” He said finally remembering the entire point of them being there and leaving the safety of Haven’s house so late at night. “Haven and I are being chased by hunters; we need some place to stay until we can find a way to rescue his sister.” Hunter explained.

“She’s not my sister.” Haven corrected refusing to call the Karen impersonator his sister.

“Right,” Hunter nods glancing briefly at him. “Do you think you could help us?”

“Why are hunters chasing you?” Kassy questioned.

“Well, I pissed a few of them off a few years back and Haven is some sacrifice their hell bent on killing.” Kassy goes ridged, even if Haven was just some human with dull senses he noticed it the second it happened. She sat up straighter and took in a quick breath.

“He’s the sacrifice, are you sure?” Hunter eyed his sister cautiously but nodded. Kassy let a loud growl rip from her throat as she lunged towards Haven.

It happened too quick for Haven to register what was happening but claws were suddenly at his neck and he’s not sure if his life was supposed to flash before his eyes or not but he thinks he might have blanked out.
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