Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Mara slipped away the first chance she got carrying some cookies and a can of coke with her to the basement. It wasn’t weird for Mara to disappear at random times, everyone was used to the strange little sister to vanish and come back days later.

She had special rights and valid reasons, so nobody asked questions when she slipped away to be alone, or question how exactly Mara completely destroyed the basement bathroom and kept the door locked.

Making sure she hadn’t been followed Mara opened the bathroom door and stepped in. Karen was sitting in the tub with her head resting against the edge of the tub looking at Mara with a bored expression. Mara set the cookies and soda on the sink and sat down on the toilet.

“I have some news.” Mara confessed to which Karen simple tilted her head curiously but said nothing. “So I over herd something the other day, about some sacrifice that their after. Apparently they’re going after some person with a weird mark. A sun and moon linked together?” Karen sat up then suddenly more interested.

“The Sacrifice the lamb led to slaughter. The Protector a burning light of redemption, The Ancient legend tells of the moon and Sun becoming linked and the wolf will below a might howl. Starting a chain of events that will bring the end, telling of a time when all wolf kind will fall to a deadly plague.” Karen recited.

“But what does it mean?” Mara asked curiously.

“My mother spoke of it a few times, she says it means many things but the specific translation has been lost in time. My mother believes a wolf must be the one to kill the sacrifice for wolf kind to be safe from the deadly plague. Others think the sacrifice needs to die of old age and thus the protector.

“Some believe the Protector is the one who must kill the sacrifice but no one knows for sure. Werewolf lore is muddled and messy, the moon goddess was said to be human in some cultures and others say she was a fallen star. Some say she’s the moon itself but again, no one knows.” Mara shook her head and bit her lower lip lost in her own thoughts for a moment before asking,

“Where did werewolves come from?”

“Again, no one knows for sure. I can go over the different theories if you want.” Karen said with a quick smirk but Mara shook her head.

“Where do you think they came from?”

“Mother is certain they came from the Fea, a fairy sickness that humans contracted. But I believe werewolves were born from desperation and war. A need was filled and thus they come to be.”

“That’s more than a little vague.” Mara told her as she handed over the food. Karen took the cookies and soda happily.

“It is what I believe.” Mara nodded to that and leaned back with a sigh.

“Well the thing is… my family thinks Haven is the sacrifice.” Karen’s movements freeze. Mara looked over to her curiously as she said,

“They wish to end his life?”

“Yeah, I think so they’ve been talking like he’s prey.” Karen looked up to Mara.

“You must protect him Wolf Child, prophecy or not Haven is human he should not be dragged into our world.”

“I know that but… I’m just one person how am I supposed to stand up to an entire hunter faction?”

“You are not alone; you have the beast within you, have you ignored her for so long that you forget she has power?” Karen questioned sounding appalled at the very idea of Mara ignoring her wolf side.

“Of course I’ve been ignoring it; I don’t even know how to shift.” Mara hissed, “I’m human, I want to be human.” Karen stared at her as she leaned back and sighed.

“So you’ve chosen to hide in your man built cage like all other humans? Don’t you think it’d be easier if you let it go? I can sense that your human blood has long since vanished from your body, but your mind clings to the poison your father feeds you.” Mara narrowed her eyes.

“My father hasn’t been feeding me anything.”

“No?” Karen inquired, “I suppose a father would never think to put silver in his wolf daughter’s food in hopes it’d kill the wolf inside. Perhaps I’m wrong.” She looked down at the cookies, “After all I don’t have werewolf sense of smell.” Mara reached out and snatched away one of the cookies and sniffed it. Karen watched her as the scent of something metallic filled her nostrils. Mara dropped the cookie,

“But…” She started though had no idea what she’d thought she’d say.

“Human’s lie, it’s just another bar added to that made up cage around them.” Karen told her. Mara looked over to her then and frowned.

“How did you know about the silver?”

“This room isn’t sound proof wolf child.” Karen explained with a smirk, “They talk about you all the time in that basement, they talk about things like, and maybe they should just kill you. Or maybe use you as bait to lure other wolves from hiding. But your father has stayed firm in keeping your wolf hidden from the general public of the faction.” Karen shrugged, “You’re family has a toxic atmosphere Mara maybe you should run while you still can.” She advised with such genuine concern Mara just didn’t know what to do with it.
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