Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Hunter’s arm is wrapped around Haven’s waist as they stumble through the dense forest leaving an obvious trail to follow as blood drips from Haven, whose taking in ragged breaths and can’t stand on his own.

Hunter half drags half carries Haven from the Electric Rain pack home, keeping an ear out for any signs of pursuers but so far hasn’t found any. He hopes that maybe he’d managed to step off their territory and they were in the clear.

Hunter can hear Haven panting out his name in pained breathes but ignores it best he can and focuses on the weaving heartbeat within Haven’s chest. He needed to get Haven somewhere safe to help quicken the healing process but before he can do that he trips sending them both tumbling to the ground.

Haven screams out in pain and clutches his side as they hit the ground. Hunter’s first thought is Haven’s scream just gave them away to any one tracking them but his attention is quickly snatched away as Haven grabbed his arm with a weak grip.

“Hun-Hunter…I’m dying…” He chokes out as blood starts too pool around him.

“No, no you’re not.” Hunter growls out, “I’m going to protect you remember?” Hunter forces Haven to move his hand from his side and ripped his shirt open, which was covered in blood and claw marks, so he could see the real damage.

“You…promised…” Haven pants out as tears escape his eyes, “Hunter, please…” Hunter ignores him planning to use the healing powers of his salvia. It’ll close the wounds and stop the bleeding and hopefully give Haven the miracle he needs to stay alive.

If not…no,

Hunter couldn’t lose him not when his chest locked up at the mere thought of never seeing him smile again. Haven’s stomach is faring no better than his shirt had as long gashes scrap down his sides, but that’s not what makes Hunter freeze with shock. A bite mark arced its way across Haven’s left shoulder, deep enough to be taking effect.

If he didn’t bleed out now he’d turn into a wolf, Hunter could smell the bite already taking hold of Haven’s body.

He could smell the birth of a wolf clinging to Haven but only just barely as Haven struggled to stay alive. It was a foreign scent and Hunter didn’t like it, but it was what Haven needed to stay alive. The wolf would try it’s best to keep its new host alive. Hunter leaned over Haven who kept begging for Hunter to end it,

“Haven, it’s going to get worse.” Hunter told him and gulped. It would be better if Haven was unconscious when the bite fully takes ahold but he can’t risk the chance of Haven never waking up.

“…N-no,” Haven gasped out, “P-please…” Haven begged. Hunter ignored him and set to work, carefully licking up Haven’s sides. Haven’s body jerked as he let out another scream. Hunter kissed him, pressing their lips together to quiet him,

“I won’t lose you,” Hunter breathed when he pulled away, “I can’t.” Haven looked up at him then nodded. “Okay.” Hunter breathes out a sigh of relief.

“I need you to be quiet; can you do that for me?” Haven nodded again but said nothing. Hunter watched him for a moment before getting back to work. Haven’s body was rigid and tense jerking once in a while but he kept quiet. Not even a whimper escaped his lips.

He’ll be a strong wolf, Night helpfully provided.

Hunter soon finished leaving raised pink scars that would most likely never fade. One swept across Haven’s birthmark distorting the image to what Hunter thought looked like a howling wolf.

“The wolf will below a might howl …” Hunter mused but didn’t have time to ponder anything when Haven suddenly jerked and arched his back up gasping out for air. Hunter jumped at the sudden movement,

“Hunter!” Haven panted out. Hunter took his hand realizing what was happening.

“Haven, it’s going to hurt, really bad. Just bare through it you’ll be fine.” Haven whimpered and groaned as he withered in pain. A part of his mind was dying giving room for the wolf. It was always best to knock the host out but Haven was too weak to live through the change unconscious.

Hunter held Haven close giving him moral support as Haven did his best to keep quiet. Hunter kept alert to both the outside world, making sure no one snuck up on them and Haven’s heart beat which slowly became stronger.

Soon Haven went still and quiet, Hunter didn’t bother him and kept his focus on his heart. Haven soon drifted off to sleep, completely exhausted and worn out. Hunter let him figuring he was out of the woods, so to speak, now.

Hunter’s mind wondered to ponder Haven’s pelt color. Haven was smart and kind, which would lead to a light pelt color but then again he didn’t back down from a fight and stood up for his beliefs, leading to a darker pelt. Hunter figured maybe brown, Haven was loyal and protective.

After maybe half an hour Hunter carefully picked up Haven and headed toward home, the sun was sinking below the horizon making the forest dark and ominous. Hunter kept alert as he trekked through the forest with Haven held close and resting peacefully. Hunter couldn’t believe his sister would attack like that, out of nowhere and unprovoked. The only conclusion he could come up with to explain it was she was trying to kill Haven because he was the sacrifice.

It took a while to get back to town, taking up most of the night but he finally caught sight of Haven’s house and the flashing lights of cop cars,


Hunter slowed to a stop just watching quietly. Haven hadn’t been there to cover for his sister’s disappearance and also wasn’t at school today to cover for her there. Now Hunter and Haven were both covered in blood and Karen was going to still be missing.

At a loss for what else to do Hunter took to his survival skills and built a small shelter out in the woods for him and Haven to wait out Haven’s recovery.

He snuck into the house and gathered a few clothes and things knowing full well Haven wasn’t going to be happy waking up to be covered in dried blood and shirtless. He then returned to find Haven had already woken up.

“Hey.” Hunter greeted as he set the bag down and watched Haven run his hand across the scars.

“What happened?” He asked his voice quiet with caution.

“You don’t remember?” Hunter asked as he kneeled down to check the bite mark, which had healed over completely indistinguishable and had dried blood flacking off of it.

“Not really,” Haven responded, “I remember your crazy sister attacking us and that we were wondering around in the woods… There was so much pain and then nothing.” Hunter nodded and wondered if he could just not tell Haven about the bite, but then again Haven’s wolf would surface soon and Hunter didn’t want Haven to start thinking he’s nuts.

“Kassy bit you; you’re only alive because of it.” Hunter confessed and expected anger or shock.

“So…?” Haven asked in confusion. Hunter looked up at him to meet Haven’s blue eyes.

“A werewolf bit you Haven, think about it.” Haven stared at him and his face slowly turned to bored confusion to uncertain shock then finally complete horror.

“I-I’m a…She turned me into a werewolf?!” Haven shouted to which Hunter clamped his hand over his mouth.

“Shh. The cops are looking for you and Karen. Haven mumbled something under Hunter’s hand. Haven pushed his hand away and repeated himself.

“Why are the cops looking for me and Karen? What happened while I was out?”

“You both weren’t at school and you’re phone broke when Kassy attacked…so you’ve been reported missing.” Hunter explained.

“But it hasn’t been twenty four hours.” Haven argued.

“It’s a small town everyone knows everyone.” Hunter shrugged.

“…Great…” Haven sighed, “Now we really do need to save that Karen imposter.” Haven said and shook his head, the subject of him and Karen being reported missing seemed to have distracted him from the fact he was now a werewolf, which was good because Hunter knew he didn’t have a lot of answers Haven might ask. He was in the dark as much as Haven was about bitten werewolves.

“So we’ll go find and rescue this fairy and hopefully we can get this to all blow over.” Hunter nodded in agreement but said nothing.
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