Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven walked to school with Karen meeting up with Eli by the corner store. They hurried in to get something to eat, Eli paid since his parents were loaded and he lost a bet back in the third grade that and both Karen and Haven have held him to. Taking a drink of mountain dew and handing the can over to Karen, Haven told Eli about the dog while he torn into the pop tarts package with his teeth.

“So do you know anything about it?” Haven asked as he handed Eli half of his pop tart while Karen had the other one all to herself. Eli shrugged brushing crumbs from his shirt.

“No idea, I keep up with the human population not the animal population.”

“Humans are animals.” Karen pointed out. Eli frowned.

“Are not,” He chimed back. Karen scrunched up her nose and glared at him. Karen being on her way to being valedictorian hated to be told she was wrong.

“Are too, the homosapien race are not so different from any other living creature on this planet.” Karen argued with an air of superiority.

“Expect plants.” Haven offered helpfully. Karen nodded and gave him a sweet smile Eli drooled over. “Anyway, this dog is huge like.” Haven paused to finish his pop tart. “He stands this high sitting down.” Haven placed his hand about waist height. Eli rolled his eyes.

“Are you sure it’s not a wolf?” Karen and Haven both looked at their friend.

“There are wolves in the area?” Karen asked and Eli shrugged then took in a quick breath and grabbed Haven’s shirt promptly wrinkling it.

“Dude it’s the transfer.” He pointed to a gorgeous red head with bright green eyes and oh so nice curves. “Name, Mara Bellerose, Age seventeen, Class Alpha. She has a father whom works for the government and a mother who is a model. Ever heard of Stella Greens?” Eli smiled when Karen frowned at the name of the well-known model slash sex icon.

“Her brother is some business broker working in New York and her sister is a fashion designer. Mara, Mara is working on following in her father’s footsteps. I hear she’s going to rival Karen’s brains but not her beauty.” Eli smiled at Haven’s sister who simply stared daggers at the red head.

“Why does her mom have a different last name?” Karen asked her gaze never leaving the girl as if she were sizing her up as a new rival.

“I don’t know.” Eli said with a shrug.

“I assume because her mom is a whore and never wanted Mara to begin with.” Karen’s face brightened up at that thought. Haven could never get over how evil she was some times.

“So her mom is a dead beat?” Haven asked.

“Nope, not even close. Her mom pays for everything Mara could ever want or need.” Eli explained. Karen rolled her eyes.

“Lovely we’ve got a princess on our hands.” Haven frowned and looked over to her sister, “On our hands?”

“Eli did say she was in Class Alpha.” Karen said and Haven huffed in annoyance as he followed his sister and friend into the school’s court yard. The school was the only one around for high school in the city so it was huge. The sprawling grounds had three large buildings each four stories tall.

They had an indoor pool, a football field, two basketball courts and a few tennis rinks. They even had a garage for shop class. Cars would be donated or the teacher would go down to the junk yard. The school took in a lot of private donations from rich parents Eli’s father donated annually since Eli’s mother was a teacher there, she was thankfully a teacher to the Beta’s but it was still entertaining to see him duck behind people and things to hide from her.

Each year was split up into different classes Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omega. The four classes in each year had the same core course teachers. The same math teacher, the same science teacher, etc., the only teachers that aren’t shared are electives and free periods, like teacher aid or on campus jobs. Haven, his sister and Eli were sophomores in Class Alpha and so is Mara, as it would seem. Eli’s information is usually never wrong.

The Alpha class had the students in advanced placement classes. Beta class had the normal kids in the normal level classes. Delta class had the special needs students with learning disabilities. Lastly Omega class had the troubled teens; the ones who refused to do their work or were constantly in trouble.

Each class had a color sticker that went on the back of their ID cards and lanyards they were required to wear and depending on color gave them special privileges. Alpha was red, Beta was blue, Delta was yellow and Omega was purple.

“You should come over to meet the dog.” Haven spoke up once they reached their usual table sitting under a large oak tree as he pulled out his ID and put it on. His hung on a red lanyard as did ever other Alpha in the school.

“No, I’m not getting rabies because Lil’ Red found another animal to nurture back to health.” Haven stuck out his tongue at his nick name. He hated it just because his favorite color was red and he liked animals didn’t make him a hapless girl who wondered around in the woods with a basket full of food. Haven liked the Grimm brother’s version better anyway. The Grimm brothers were the best at fairy tales.

“If I didn’t like animals so much you won’t be the proud owner of a snake now would you?” Haven pointed out with a smug smile.

“No, but I also wouldn’t have wasted all of last summer visiting you in the hospital for hypothermia and starvation either.” Haven crossed his arms defiantly.

“I told you not to.” Karen rolled her eyes and touched Haven’s shoulder.

“Chill both of you.” She handed Eli the soda which he grabbed and took a large drink before handing it over to Haven.

“So what do you think this Mara Bellerose is all about?” Eli asked with a wicked grin playing across his face. Only Eli could pull off looking so creepy and still look hot. Eli had freckled skin and curly brown hair. He wore wire framed glasses but they really worked for him, like really. Without them his eyes look too far apart his glasses just framed his face perfectly, and up until two years ago his mouth was full of metal.

When he finally did get his braces off he’d somehow become a complete Casanova. It felt like overnight but his heart stayed true to Karen who had no interest in him. It was sad really but Karen wanted someone who could keep up with her and Eli was, in her eyes, not that man.

“I don’t know I don’t really care either.” Karen said sitting up straighter and started undoing her French braids. Haven scooted over to help her.

“You’re just jealous.” Eli waved her away, turning to look over to the girl in question. She was surrounded by Alpha’s, a few Beta’s and Omegas vying for her attention.

“I think we should pay our respects.” He said standing up. Haven frowned.

“Why who died?” Haven asked in confusion. Eli stopped and thought about it.

“Welcome her,” He corrected himself, “I think we should welcome her to the school. It’s only polite.” He fixed an imaginary tie around his neck. Haven raised a brow at him and wondered if he even knew how to tie a tie.

“Come on it’ll be fun.” Eli pleaded, taking Haven’s expression an entirely different way than it was meant. Haven wasn’t about to correct him either. Karen ran her fingers through her newly wavy hair and fluffed out her fringe before standing.

“Yes, let’s go welcome her.” Yeah, Haven wasn’t going to regret this at all.

Mara was prettier up close then far away and Haven understood why most of the people around her were guys. Haven would bet his lunch money, even though Eli buys his lunch, that Mara’s bag was already full of little pieces of papers with names and numbers scribbled onto them.

Her hair was straightened, Haven wondered if she ever worried about burning it like Karen complained about all the when she was doing her hair and preferred to braid it before going to bed to make it wavy and only ever lightly straightening it leaving a slight wave to it. Haven shuddered at the realization that he was thinking about hair care.

“Hi,” Eli took Mara’s hand and kissed her knuckles. “I’m Eli Wells.” Yup Eli’s mother was the scary as hell teacher prowling around like a T-Rex on her period. Haven was just as surprised as anyone else who finds out.

“Mara Bellerose,” She had a French accent though her voice was smooth and controlled. Karen’s smile tightened letting Haven know he wasn’t the only one who noticed how fake her accent sounded.

“This is Jace Moore and his sister Karen August.” Eli explained but quickly added once he noticed Haven’s glare. “Though Jace here, buddy o’ pal, goes by Haven.” The amusement that flickered across Mara’s face was interesting like she didn’t want any emotions to show and was quickly stamping them down.

“Why is that?” Mara asked sounding curious but not really looking that part.

“Because it is,” Karen drawled giving Mara a less then pleased look. Mara opened her mouth to respond when the three distinctive bells chimed overhead alerting the student body that classes would be starting in five minutes and to get your butts to class.

Class was, for a lack of a better word, eventful. As it turns out Mara had all of Haven’s classes which meant he was the one who was volunteered to show her around by their home room teacher. Karen was bristling with anger though Haven wasn’t sure what had gotten up her butt and died. Mara wasn’t that bad she was a bit odd and over played the French accent to make it more annoying than charming. Though Haven wasn’t about to point it out.

By the end of the day when they were walking back home is when Karen finally spoke. “I don’t like her.” Haven kept his gaze ahead figuring she was like the dog and eye contact would only piss her off. “She’s giving you the eyes.” Haven looked at her then.

“The eyes, what’s that?” Haven asked knowing deep down it was something stupid.

“You know the eyes.” Karen fluttered her eye lashes and pouted. Haven laughed at that and nudged her with his shoulder.

“She was not.”

“Was too, she was doing it to every guy that looked at her whore ass. I don’t like her.” Karen practically growled.

“Alright, alright I’ll get her familiarized with her schedule as quickly as possible and distance myself from her, happy?” Karen nodded clasping her hands behind her back.

“Yes I am.” She smiled as they turned and opened the fence gate; their front yard had a taller white picket fence. Lavender grew behind it filling the yard with the calming scent.

Haven’s mother greeted them she was in the kitchen as always, she gets home first, then Haven and Karen and finally Haven’s dad later in the day. Haven’s mother gets home and starts making them an after school snack.

“Hi Sweetie,” She kissed Haven’s forehead, “Hello my dear.” She said to Karen and kissed her cheek hugging her. When they were younger they got the same treatment. They’d get home and Haven’s mom would greet them with “Welcome home my darlings” and hug them both. It changed around puberty and they both started figuring out they were not the same. Haven discovered his dick while Karen did whatever women do when they start to develop.

Haven’s mother handed then both sandwiches and Haven a bowl of leftovers she knew nobody was going to eat. “I know I’m a growing boy but I don’t think I can eat all this.” His mother swatted his shoulder with playful irritation.

“That dog is still out there and won’t let me get close without snapping at me.”

“And you want me to do it? You’re son whom you love dearly and cried after I went missing for a week,” Haven paused, “Twice.” His mother fixed in with one of her motherly glares.

“Jace go and feed the damn dog.”


“Because you fed him this morning then promised him something to eat after you got home. Plus the food in the bowl you left is gone so he must be hungry. Now off you go and see if you can’t move him from my flowers I’m afraid he’s going to squish them.” She nudged him toward the door.

“I’m going, I’m going.” Haven said begrudgingly and trudged outside and headed toward the dog who was still sitting in the flower bed. He walked over to the bowl he’d left without the dog snapping at him; maybe mom just wasn’t a dog person. Haven thought that was stupid considering she worked at the pound.

It was a side job to keep the collage funds steadily rising for Haven. Karen was set once she turned eighteen she was going to inherit her parents saving accounts and the life insurance which all amounted to about half a million.

“Hey there buddy.” Haven crouched down next to the bowl which had been licked clean. Well great at least he’s not-

Bleeding out in Haven’s moms flower bed!

Haven leaned forward and narrowed his eyes. Sure enough arrow shafts were sticking out of the dog’s back. The mud Haven had seen earlier wasn’t just mud but a lot of blood. Haven stepped closer without meaning to. The dog made the scariest growl ever and snapped at Haven; who wasn’t exactly proud of the sound that came out of him in response. But he was happy nothing else came out of him.

“Jeez okay, okay I’ll stay here.” He sat down next to the two bowls pushing the one with food closer with his foot so it sat half way between the swings and the flowers and setting the other behind him. “You know you’re going to need help getting those out right?” He asked not really expecting an answer.

He didn’t get one but the dog stopped growling. Haven tilted his head and took a closer look at him. He was huge; really, Haven couldn’t remember ever meeting another dog that size. Though to be fair he’s never met that many dogs. Eli did have a point it could be a wolf. Haven leaned back and wiggled around to pull out his phone glancing up to see the dog stare at him as if he were an idiot.

“What?” Haven asked defensively, “Haven’t you ever seen someone in skinny jeans?” He waved his phone warningly at the dog before pulling up the search engine and looked up wolf-like dog breeds. Sure enough the pictures were a lot like the dog, though Haven also found a few pictures of a dog called a husky hell he could also be a, Lapponian Herder; never heard of it. He held his phone up to compare the picture to the dog. Haven tilted his head, “Do you have a curly tail?” He asked since his mother’s flowers hid his lower half.

“Hmm, no you can’t be this breed, you’re missing the markings.” He looked back down to his phone and kept scrolling through the page quickly his didn’t even notice the dog creep forward and start eating.

“Do you think you could be a Tamaskan?” He glanced up and jumped letting out another none to manly yelp. The dog dropped to his stomach and growled baring his teeth. Haven moved to scrambled away but his got louder so Haven simply froze. Maybe not the brightest idea he’s ever had but it still shut the mutt up. Haven ever so slowly sat back down crossing his legs up under him again, keeping eye contact with the dog, because he’s a moron. Though the dog did resumed eating once Haven had tilted his head down back to his phone.

“Okay, I’ll just stay here until you’re done. Totally fine, it’s not like I had homework or anything to get done. Na I can get Karen to do my chores, it’s fine just watching the huge dog with anger issues and a mouth full of sharp teeth.” Haven bared his teeth at the dog and received a growl in return.

“Down boy,” Haven warned, “You don’t want to mess with me. I’ve got a bowl and I know how to use it.” The dog didn’t look convinced. “Fine, growl at me one more time and I won’t bring you anything to eat.” The dog continued to stare at him completely calling Haven’s bluff.

“Can I at least look at those?” Haven motioned to the arrows and cringed inwardly noticing how many there were. Five were broken and hard to see through his thick fur and three still had the shafts completely intact with the pretty blue feathers fletching. The dog backed up then returning to the flowers. “Fine, be that way Mr. Sour Wolf.” Haven stood up and took both empty bowls with him. “See if I care once you bleed out and dead by next morning.” He called over his shoulder as he climbed the stairs and walked back inside.

“I’m not doing your chores.” Karen said once he placed the bowls in the sink.

“What?” Haven turned to her; she’d changed into gym shorts and a sports bra. Her hair was pulled back into a high pony tail and wasn’t wearing any make-up.

“I’m going out running I’m not doing your chores.” Haven put his hands up in surrender.

“I never said you were I was just ya know talking to the dog.” Haven explained.

“Dog’s don’t understand human talk Haven, why even bother?”

“Because, because…Why does mom talk to her flowers?” Haven questioned because he simply didn’t have an answer. Karen rolled her eyes and grabbed her music player.

“I’ll be back before dinner.” She said and left the house. Haven sighed glancing out the kitchen window to the dog still sitting outside, the creepy thing was he was staring right back in a thoughtful manner. Which okay wasn’t that creepy but his eyes seemed almost human.

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