Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven glared at the ground angrily kicking a rock across the dirt road. He clearly hated everything right now, and no matter what Hunter did or said changed that. Hunter let out a sigh and glanced around. The hunter’s compound was by far the easiest thing to find. He just followed the strong scent of silver. The hard part was coming up and they both knew exactly what Hunter intended Haven to do.

“I’m coming with you.” Haven said after another bout of awkward silence.

“No, you’re not.” Hunter said without skipping a beat Haven shoved Hunter.

“Yes I am you’re going into a place that is crawling with people who want to kill you.” Haven said as he continued to shove at Hunter making him stumble back a few times. Hunter grabbed Haven’s wrists and forced him to stop moving.

“Haven, they’ll want to kill you too. Just wait here and I’ll be back with Karen in no time.” Haven gave him that face, disbelief and totally calling Hunter on his false sense of courage. “I’ll be back, Haven,” He smirked, “I’m your mate after all.” Haven sighed and shrugged him off.

“Whatever, just go I’ll keep look out like all a good little defenseless squishy human.” He said with a roll of his eyes.

Hunter didn’t correct him, Haven’s wolf wouldn’t surface until the next full moon and that was still a few weeks away. For now Haven was just a human that smelled like a wolf. There are legends about a cure in this time of limbo, an undo button, but Hunter isn’t sure any of it would work and wouldn’t dare risk Haven’s life like that.

“Okay, just sit here and stay hidden.” He told him and only got a nod in response. Hunter watched him for a moment longer before stalking off. Hunter kept low and refrained from changing. The compound was heavily guarded with security cameras and silver laced window sills and door knobs. Hunter already knew all this; these hunters have been after him for years he knew all their tricks.

“Hi.” Hunter jumped and spun around. Mara stood there with her father and mother. Hunter tensed and growled out a warning. “Don’t get so fussy mutt, you came to us.” Mara said smugly and twirled her knife. “Tired of running?”

“…You have a member of my pack and I want her back.” Mara’s smile wavered but said nothing.

“You know very well that we don’t keep hostages; we kill every mutt we come across.” Mara’s father sneered. Hunter rolled his eyes.

“She’s not a wolf.” A bout of laughter erupted from Mara’s parents while Mara looked slightly haunted.

“Take him.” Mara’s father said suddenly and before Hunter could react he was shot with a Taser.

“Well, well…Well.” Haven turned around at the voice and was met with the sight of guns pointed at him. Haven put his hands up and took a step back only to be roughly grabbed and kept in place. “What do we have here?” The man asked with a sly grin slipping its way across his face. Haven glanced around at the seven men standing around eyeing him up.

“Uh…Hello, I’m Haven I uh got lost hiking with my group.” He said pointing in a random direction, “I think they went that way but I’m not sure.” Haven said knowing full well these guys must be the hunters Hunter had been running from.

“You must be Jace Moore.” The ring leader said. Haven looked back to him but said nothing in response. “You’re the one everyone is after, the sacrifice. The boss will love this.”

“What? How did you know about that?” Haven asked and instantly regretted it. The man smiled again.

“So you do know, that’s a shame we could’ve just killed you here without a fret. Do you know how special you are Jace?”

“…No…?” Haven said dumbly and glanced toward the place Hunter had gone.

“Oh, but you are and you’re protector is nowhere around and I don’t think he was even born in the same era or even location as you.” Haven looked back to the man.

“…What?” Haven asked playing innocent even though he completely blew his cover story out of the water already.

“Who would have thought that feral mutt would have brought us to you, the key to killing off all werewolves everywhere.”

Haven frowned still trying to salvage any shreds of innocence he could manage, “Dude, I’m just trying to get back to-” Haven cut short and took in a quick breath when the man pressed a knife to his throat.

“I’ll kill you right here and now, it doesn’t matter if the legend is false or not or if you are the Sacrifice we can’t have random humans roaming around our land without consequence.”

“Why would you kill the sacrifice if you’re trying to keep the moon children away?” Haven asked. “Isn’t the point of a sacrifice to die?” The hunter’s smile faded as he glanced over to his companions.

“He has a point.” One said as the others murmured in agreement. The ring leader glared at Haven then.

“Fine, we’ll just take you with us until we get this all sorted out.” Haven’s heart dropped at the thought of being held captive again.

“Well gee, thanks for the invite but I should really be going my group is going-” Haven was hit over the head bringing his spiel about his hiking buddies being worried about him to an end. The world tilted as stars exploded and everything went black.
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