Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven doesn’t think he was out that long but it was long enough for him to be tied to a chair in some mildew stinking basement. He let out a pained groaned as his head throbbed.

“…Ow…” He hissed out as he tilted his head up and blinked a few times.

The room he was in had no windows what so ever, which never led to anything good in the movies. A single floor lamp of simple design was sitting in one of the corners casting eerie shadows around the bare room made of concert and stained in odd colors. Haven wasn’t about to dissect exactly what the stains were he didn’t even want to think about the people who’d sat in this chair before him.

He thankfully isn’t given the time for his mind to wonder when the heavy looking metal door swung open easily and a tall older man walked in with a few others, one wheeled in what looked like a fancy display case. The older man smiled a warm smile that did not ease Haven’s nerves at all.

“Hello there Jace Moore, it’s good to see you’re awake. My name is Gerald Bellerose. It’s quite an honor to meet you, Jace.” He greeted in a smooth voice pronouncing the A in Jace with extra care.

“Oh goodie more of my fan club, sorry I can’t sign autographs I’m kind of tied up at the moment.” Haven said before even thinking about it, he didn’t have a lot in the way of physical strength so sarcasm was his go to defense.

“Yes, well autographs won’t be necessary this time around, just a few questions.” Gerald told him with a sly smile and gestured to the man that had pushed the display case into the room.

“Do you recognize this?” He asked as the man wheeled the case over so Haven could see the contents.

“No, I’m not one for dusty old rags.” Haven said as he stared down at the weird looking old scroll thing that was delicately placed under the glass. It had weird pictures painted on it along with what could be some kind of writing or just chicken scratch.

“Oh but this isn’t just any dusty old rag.” Gerald said trying his best to stay calm though Haven’s pretty sure the vain on his forehead wasn’t supposed to pulse like that. “This is a very old scripture about you, the sacrificial lamb led to slaughter.” Gerald ran his hand over the glass tenderly. “Have you heard the legend Jace? My men said you mentioned it back in the woods. How much do you know?” Haven shifted around tugging at his restraints a bit.

“Not much, I’m more of the Grimm Brother fairy tales sort of guy, you know the darker stories.” Haven shrugged. Gerald was quiet for a moment turning his gaze towards Haven very slowly,

If looks could kill.

Haven leaned back pressing himself against the back of the chair, he was tied down it’s not like he could get away from this guy anytime soon. Haven cleared his throat nervously, “Seriously, I don’t know anything.” He said and in a matter of a second Gerald had a knife to Haven’s throat.

“Don’t think we didn’t see those bite marks boy. We can and will kill you.” He warned. Haven looked at him, fear suddenly vanishing from him.

“Then why in the hell should I say anything?” Gerald stared him down angrily.

“Do you die by our hands or the wolves?” He asked practically hissing has he pressed the blade closer to Haven’s neck. Haven squirmed nervously,

“I-I don’t know. Really I don’t know anything.” Gerald pulled the knife away from Haven’s throat to point it at the scroll.

“That there says the sacrifice must die by the hands of a wolf for the plague to spread. But you, you’re barely recovering from an obvious mutt attack. That must mean they don’t believe the same thing.” Gerald pulled away, “And now you say the sacrifice shouldn’t die at all.” The man paced as he twirled his knife irritably.

“Up until that mutt stumbled into your back yard we thought it was just myth. Moon goddesses and age old prophecies about some obscure black wolf howling, nonsense. All of it was just nonsense.” Gerald turned to Haven then and pointed his knife at him.

“Then you came along.” He smirked, “And the signs started appearing all over the place, like a prophecy jackpot. Then you’re kidnapped by the Seelie Court.” He paused, “The Seelie court! Do you even understand how phenomenal that is?” Haven looked at him hesitantly.

“Geez man, it’s not as great as it’s all cracked up to be. It feels a little like you fell into purgatory. At first it’s not good but it’s not bad, but if you stay longer than five minutes you’ll lose your freaking mind.” Haven said still defaulting to sarcasm.

“I knew you wouldn’t understand. The Seelie Court doesn’t just take humans willy-nilly.” He waved the knife around haphazardly. “No, you’re special.”

“That’s what my mom says.” Haven said simply to which Gerald pressed the knife to his throat again.

“Where is your mother by the way?” He asked.

“Uh…Home?” Haven said sounding and feeling confused.

“It’d be a shame if something happened to her.” Haven frowned in more confusion.

“What is happening right now? Are you threatening me with the safety of my mom?” He asked glancing around at the other guys standing around and looking intimidating.

“Tell me what I want to know.” Gerald growled.

“I told you I don’t know!” Haven snapped only to have Gerald pulled the knife away.

“Watch it kid, I tend to have a short fuse.” Gerald said and despite that voice in his head Haven couldn’t help himself,

“Wow, your wife must really loath you then.” Haven couldn’t say he didn’t see it coming but the pain was sure a surprise when Gerald lashed out and sunk the knife’s sharp blade into Haven’s leg.

He wasn’t too happy about the pain for one but the scream that ripped out of him was just downright embarrassing.
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