Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Gerald left the room immediately after stabbing Haven. His goons followed him without question or comment. He left Haven to deal with the pain of having a knife in his leg,

This was not okay,


Who leaves a knife in someone, seriously?

Haven whimpered and bit his lip and couldn’t bear to look at the blood leaking from the wound, he wasn’t good with blood. It reminded him of something dark that was just out of his grasp of fully remembering. Not to mention it made him nauseous.

The worst part of all was Hunter had no idea where Haven was and could very well be going nuts looking for him. Haven hated feeling defenseless, tied to a chair no less. With the duct tape and ropes keeping his hands bound to the arm rests of the wooden chair and his legs tied to the chair’s front legs kept him immobile and completely helpless.

It sucked, worse than the Fairy court…maybe not that bad but still completely insane. He really needed to reconsider his life choices leading up to this moment.

Taking a shaky breath he glanced down at his leg and groaned. His jeans were soaked in blood while his leg throbbed in pain.

“O-okay, think Jace what do the heroes do in the movies?” He thought aloud as he chewed on his bottom lip. “…They usually have a side kick.” He groaned and jerked around in the chair out of frustration, “Damn it, damn it, damn it.” The chair was old-ish and the back legs creaked from the movement until Haven heard a snap and was suddenly falling backwards.

With a yelp of surprise Haven hit the ground and the chair busted apart on impact, leaving Haven laying there in stunned silence.

He was not expecting that to happen.

He lay there for a moment longer before glancing around; the display case had been left in the otherwise bare and empty room with him. The door remarkably and confusingly had no door knob. It was a simple heavy metal door, which could very well be silver, which led Haven to wonder how rich these hunters were to buy silver doors.

Haven sat up slowly and focused on more important matters then the door, like the knife in his leg.

Did he pull it out?

He might have heard somewhere it was better to leave it in, but who was he kidding? He wasn’t going to leave a knife stabbed into his leg.

Taking the handle gingerly Haven whimpered and yanked the knife out. It was worse than going in, definitely worse. Haven covered his mouth to keep from screaming, again. The pain throbbed dully throughout his leg whenever he moved it and did not want to move. He wanted to sit there and wait for rescue.

But what were the chances of that?

Pulling himself together he untangled himself from the chair and slipped the knife under his shirt, he’s sure he’d need it later. He then got up and shuffled around awkwardly until he was standing in front of the scroll and glaring down at it.

“Stupid prophecy,” He mumbled and leaned on the case to favor his leg and left a bloody hand print on the glass. Haven pulled away quickly and grimaced, “Gross.”

Taking another look around the room told Haven some very bad things,

There was no way out. There was one door that had no knob, no windows or air ducts and the light was recessed into the ceiling shining dimly.

He was screwed.

Sitting down in a corner and inspecting his wound despite the fact it made his stomach do flips and summer saults. It wasn’t as bad has he thought, but he was still bleeding and was starting to feel light headed. Haven sighed and pulled the knife out and cut his pant leg open and ripped a piece off to wrap around the wound. He flinched when he tied it tightly and pressed his hand to the wound.

He let out a shuttered sigh and leaned his head back against the hard wall and stared off into space for a moment before realizing he had a knife in his hand, a knife. Dark thoughts took shape in Haven’s mind as he looked down to it.

Hunter bashed a scrawny looking hunter into the wall and growled with satification as the man’s skull cracked against the hard concert. He let the body drop and looked over to the others backing up slowly. Having been disarmed and thoroughly scared shitless as Hunter advanced growling again. He stayed human not willing to chance falling into a feral state while looking for Haven.

In a sudden burst of motion Hunter took out another hunter, ripping his throat out and was pretty sure he’d been shot in the shoulder by the other guy who’d fallen back, tripping over a body. Hunter ignored the pain and grabbed the hunter that had shot him by the neck and hoisted him up against the wall.

“Where’s Haven?!” He demanded.

“W-what?” the hunter gurgled as he twisted and squirmed in Hunter’s grip. Hunter growled baring his teeth when suddenly Mara was there tugging on his shirt.

“Derek this way,” She said urgently. Hunter looked over to her and wondering how she knew his name. “Come on,” She hissed. Hunter glanced over to the man and growled before following Mara, not even considering she might be leading him straight into a trap.

The door slammed open then making Haven jump jolting his leg painfully and making him drop the knife. Karen stood there wearing all black with her hair cascading over her shoulder and a bit frazzled holding a cross bow.

She stood there for a moment staring at him. Her eyes were completely black, just like all the fairies from the Light Court. She blinked and her eyes were back to their normal and human blue. Haven stared at her dumbly, before scrambling to grab the knife.

“S-stay away from me,” He said trying to convey confidence but was pretty sure he was failing at it. Karen ignored him as she strode over and yanked the knife from him.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She demanded as Haven grabbed for the knife.

“What do you think I’m doing?” He asked sourly glaring at her.

“It looked a lot like you were trying to kill yourself.” Karen told him and held the knife out of his reach.

“Well look at you, being observant and shit!” Haven hissed. “Now give me the knife.” He demanded.

“No.” Karen said only to have Haven grab her and try to wrestle the knife from her. She dropped her cross bow and quickly got the upper hand. Pushing him back onto his back and pinning him to the ground.

“Karen, get off of me!” Haven snapped as he struggled in her grip.

“This isn’t the way and you know it! Suicide is the coward’s way out!” Karen scolded while Haven thrashed wincing in pain as her nails dug into his wrists.

“I’m trying to protect everyone!” Haven argued. Karen opened her mouth to respond when a growl ripped through the room and she was yanked off of him.

Hunter followed Mara down a flight of stairs to an open door where Karen had Haven pinned to the ground and a knife in hand. The smell of Haven’s blood filled the room which drove Hunter over the edge. Anger and the thought of revenge brought the wild beast out of him full force.

He didn’t even wait for an explanation before barreling over grabbing a fist full of hair and yanking her away from Haven. Karen yelped in pain and kicked out at him and trying to get free. Hunter was sure, without a doubt, he was about to kill Karen as anger boiled in him and Night egged him on.

How dare she hurt Haven? How dare a disgusting fairy try to hurt his mate?

He was going to kill her, end her life right there in the most painful way he could think of when he was brought back to reality with one word,

“Hunter.” Haven gasped out, the relief in his voice took away the anger and replaced it with worry. Hunter let Karen go, who backed away and glared at him.

Hunter paid her no attention to her as he kneeled down and pulled Haven into a tight hug. His scent was a confusing brew of emotions, fear, anxiety, pain, relief and just a bundle of shaking nerves. Haven’s cherry wood scent calmed him, reminded him of home, of pack.

“Are you okay?” Hunter asked almost fearing the answer with the scent of Haven’s blood filling the room.

“We don’t have time for this.” Mara’s voice cut over Haven’s “We need to get out of here before my father returns for him.” Hunter glanced over to her and nodded then looking back to Haven who had one hand on Hunter’s arm and the other gripping his leg which was the source of the bloody scent.

“Derek.” Mara nudged him this time. “Let’s go.” Karen shifted and handed the knife to Haven.

“You might need this.” She said then added quickly, “To protect yourself, not to kill yourself.” She said sternly as Haven took it and nodded mutely. Hunter looked him over for a moment then picked him up without comment. He felt a bit guilty for Haven’s wince of pain when he did.

“You came for me.” Haven said as he wrapped an arm around his neck. Hunter nodded and responded with a simple,

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