Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven fell back and yelped as gun fire rang in his ears. Karen was beside him as Hunter ripped at another man pouring blood freely onto the hard floor. Haven felt pretty much useless as Mara, Karen and Hunter kept a tight circle around him as hunters swarmed around them.

Mara shouted insults at anyone who got near enough to touch her while Karen was moving faster and with more grace then Haven’s ever seen before which made her practically untouchable. Hunter on the other hand, while still in human form, was purely animal in that very moment.

Staring in awe at Hunter the sight was terrifying yet mesmerizing at the same time. Before he could gawk at his mate for very long Karen grabbed his arm hoisting him back onto his feet and pushing him forward.

Surprisingly more hunters were worried about their lives ending then securing the escapees. Their mad dash to the exit was nearly uninterrupted, but when it was the fights were hesitant, a moment of silence as both parties assessed weather they were willing to risk blood shed or not.

Usually the hunters let them go not willing to go up against a werewolf, a fairy and the lead hunter’s daughter. Though they didn’t get away all the time some hunters weren’t very happy when they saw Mara with the werewolf and attacked to kill; However as it turns out mere humans were no match against Hunter, Mara and Karen working together to protect Haven,

Who, by the way felt completely useless,

“This way,” Mara pointed out as Hunter returned to Haven’s side. He was starting to regret he insisted he could walk. His leg was hurting and he was still feeling a bit light headed.

Haven didn’t have time to worry about his health when they turned the corner and came face to face with Gerald and a few of his lackeys. The group skidded to a stop and a tense silence descended over everyone.

“Mara,” Gerald said her name slowly, as if testing out the syllables to a new and foreign word. Mara shifted her weight and tightened her grip on her gun.

“Father,” She replied simply.

“What are you doing?” Gerald questioned eyeing her up with cautious hostility.

“I’m leaving.” Mara answered with an obvious shake to her voice. Gerald isn’t that heavily built for a man who chases down and kills super natural creatures for a living, but the man was nuts and Haven totally understood her fear of him.

“Oh, I’m afraid I can’t allow that. Not with your scars like that.” Mara frowned and looked down to her arms where her scars were barely noticeable as where they used to be dark pink and marring her skin. “It seems you’ve accepted your other half and that’s simply a shame.” Gerald went on in a disappointed fatherly voice. “You see, that makes you exactly what is wrong with the world and I can’t allow you to leave this place alive.” There was a pause of silence as what he said sank in.

“You,” Mara started and shook her head, “You want to kill me.”

“Not you love,” Gerald said, “Just the monster you’ve become. I’ll free your soul.” He said stepping forward. Haven frowned wondering what in the world he was talking about.

“But I’m your daughter.” Mara argued her voice shook but not with fear this time but anger.

“Not anymore.” Gerald answered as if disowning his own child was like discussing dissatisfactory service at a restaurant.

“I’m still me.” Mara insisted, “Wolves…They… They aren’t as bad as you’ve been preaching them to be!” She told him her voice rising in volume.

“The devil doesn’t show up with red skin, horns and pointed tail, Mara!” Gerald replied, “You understand don’t you?” He asked and suddenly Mara lunged forward dropping the gun her body popped and morphed. Haven’s eyes widened in shock as his mouth dropped open.

A white wolf took Mara’s place small in size compared to Hunter but she was fast, darting to the side when Gerald tossed a knife at her which narrowly missed Karen as well.

“White?” Karen mused with a thoughtful frown. Haven barely herd her over the furious growls ripping their way out of the small white wolf dodging around Gerald and slowly getting the upper hand until one of Gerald’s lackeys jumped in. That’s when Hunter and Karen moved, leaving Haven’s side to defend Mara.

Karen shot one hunter in the shoulder while Hunter tossed a few others around and keeping Gerald’s lackeys at bay. Gerald backed up from Mara as she advanced on him baring her teeth. Gerald suddenly darted forward and grabbed the gun Mara had dropped and pointed it at Haven who took a step back and gasped as a single shot rang out and pain exploded through him.

There was a moment of silence as Haven dropped to his knees, grabbing his shoulder and squeezing his eyes shut to stop the tears of pain.

Hunter turned to see Haven drop to his knees and clutch his shoulder as the scent of Haven’s blood again hit him full force. Karen gasped and covered her mouth with her hand and looked to Gerald who was smirking with satisfaction.

“I win.” He said simply. A roar of rage torn through Hunter as his body contorted snapped and popped as he advanced on Gerald who pointed the gun at Hunter, as if that would stop him.

Hunter was on Gerald in a second but a second too late. Mara had taken Gerald’s distraction to get her teeth around his throat and bite down. The life left his eyes and the smirk vanished from his lips even before he could scream out in pain,

He was gone.

Hunter didn’t waste time to gloat over the victory before rushing to Haven’s side. He was still kneeling down with his head ducked down hiding his face from view.

“Haven,” Hunter said his name urgently as he moved Haven’s hand to check the wound. Haven groaned and swatted Hunter’s hand away.

“Ow, stop it hurts.” He whimpered as Hunter saw the bullet had just barely grazed him and caused nothing that risked Haven’s life. Hunter sighed in complete relief and pulled Haven into a hug. Haven whimpered again flinching in pain. “Hunter, it hurts.” He complained.

“Good.” Hunter breathed out a light chuckled then picked up Haven and held him close despite Haven’s objections. Mara shifted and looked over to them. Her white pelt was covered in blood while her green eyes shone with pride.

With complete silence the group turned and left. Karen momentarily stopped to set fire to the compound. They walked silently down the road in quiet reflection before they all flinched when the place behind them blew up. Hunter glanced back to watch the fiery blaze.

He felt sort of nostalgic, the hunters that had engulfed most of his life up until now was gone. He’s sure there would be hunters somewhere else looking to make a quick buck on Werewolf hides but that would be different.

“We can’t go home.” Haven said after a while, Karen nodded in agreement. “They wouldn’t understand. We wouldn’t be able to hide it either, you’re a fairy and I’m mated to a Werewolf.” Haven went on thoughtfully. Hunter couldn’t help the smirk that slipped across his face.

“Then where do we go now?” Karen asked looking over to Haven curiously then looked down to Mara who was still a white wolf following Karen closely. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth as she stared ahead.

“Well if home isn’t home anymore… Then let’s go find a new one.” Haven said then looked to Hunter. “You’ll come too right?” Hunter looked him in the eye and nodded.


The End

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