Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Haven watched the dog from his bedroom window it kept shifting around restlessly keeping his eyes trained on the forest as if he was sure something was going to attack him at any point. The sun was sinking below the horizon and the dog was getting more and more restless as it began to pace the yard growling at anything that moved.

Haven watched him for a long time before getting fed up with it and walking down stairs. His parents were in the den watching some show that’s been on for years and they haven’t missed a single episode since its air date. Haven slipped past the cracked door and headed into the kitchen. He dug through the drawers for a little bit before finding what he was looking for and stepped outside.

The dog spun around to look at him letting out a warning growl. Haven frowned, “What did I tell you about growling?” He questioned as he stepped down from the porch. The dog stared at him completely ready to attack if Haven so much as moved wrong. Haven ignored him and walked over to the shed.

Unlocking it he opened one of the doors, swinging it open and placing a large rock in front of it to keep it open. Haven glanced at the dog, that’d crept closer, and smiled as reassuringly as possible. He ducked into the shed and found the wool blankets and started to make a nest he hoped would be big enough for the dog.

Once finished he was pretty happy with it, he’d found a few blankets and made it large enough to fit three dogs his size. Haven stepped out of the shed and looked toward the dog who was watching him though it was clear a lot of his attention was on the forest. Haven glanced around stepping over to the edge of the yard. The dog started to growl defensively then whimpered helplessly making Haven look over to him with a frown.

“There’s nothing out there.” He promised though the dog could probably tell better than he could if there as danger out there in the darkness. Haven stepped away from the edge and the dog went quiet. He looked over to the shed and back to Haven.

Was he trying to distract him from the forest?

Whatever it worked, Haven walked back over to the shed. “Look you can use this place to sleep it’s not much but its cozy and if it rains you won’t get wet.” The dog actually got close enough to Haven that he could reach out and touch the dog if he wanted. But no he wasn’t going to chance getting bit.

“Alright, so those arrows are really starting to worry me.” He said the dog growled but didn’t move away. Haven decided not to chance it. “Whatever.” Haven said simply and turned to walk back inside, only glancing back once he was on the porch to see the dog lying down in the nest, making himself comfortable. Haven smiled at that and slipped back inside.

Haven woke up in a sweaty heap again breathing heavily and feeling exhausted but wide awake at the same time. He stared up at the ceiling, or more so glaring then staring as the blood pounded through his ears. He waited quietly for his alarm to start his music or for his sister to walk in to let him know breakfast is done.

Stupid running dreams, two nights in a row that couldn’t be normal, it just couldn’t.

Haven reached over and grabbed his phone, two in the morning. Great, he had to figure out how to go back to bed with a load of adrenaline pumping through him. Sighing Haven got up and took a shower, because gross sweat.

When he got out he checked his window the dog was nowhere in sight and the shed was dark. Haven sighed sleepily and headed down stairs and into the kitchen. The house was dark the only light on was the porch light. Haven was digging though the fridge when the motion lights in the back yard kicked on.

Haven straightened up quickly and peered out the kitchen window. The dog was walking into the forest and Haven caught his ass end vanishing into the thick underbrush. Haven frowned and waited for the light to go out before resuming his search for something quick to eat. Well it didn’t seem to have lasted very long.

He was in and out for most of the night taking brief cat naps on the couch but kept waking up. Every time he’d drift off he’d wake back up to the sound of engines and a sharp pain in his back. Haven rolled over and stared into the darkness and sighed trying to drift off again.

It was not easy, his mind was swimming with thoughts of the moon, for some reason he was dreading the full moon but couldn’t place why. He let out a groan and smothered his face in the throw pillow; he did not appreciate the scary vivid dreams.

He hated it in fact,

He didn’t need to be up at ass o’clock when he needed to get up in the morning, for school, to attend his AP classes and stay awake. But no, of course he’d be waking up and falling back to sleep on and off for the rest of the night, that is, until the motion lights kicked back on.

Haven got up and checked the back yard just in time to see the dog disappear into the shed. Haven sighed and returned to the couch where he fell asleep within what felt like seconds and thankfully stayed asleep.

“Sweetie,” A voice called slightly worried and far off, “Hey Jace wake up, Jace.” Haven stayed where he was, nice and cozy. He felt so relaxed he could probably sleep for a good long year before he would be ready to get up and even then maybe. He ignored the person shaking him and groaned in protest as the person kept getting louder.

“Wake up, Jace!” His mother snapped shoving him off the couch. “Get you’re lazy ass up!” Haven flailed for a good few seconds before regaining his bearings and looked up at his mother’s annoyed face and grinned sleepily.

“G’ Morning,” He greeted.

“What are you doing on the couch?” She questioned with her hands on her hips.

“Sleeping,” Haven answered simply. His mother fixed him with one of those motherly glares women could only pull off if they’ve had children. “I couldn’t sleep.” His father leaned into his field of vision.

“Running a marathon again?” He asked Haven frowned at him.

“What?” Was all the only response he could think of to that, he’s brain was working at about a quarter of its normal processing power thanks to his sleepless night.

“The dog’s gone.” Came Karen’s voice from somewhere in the general direction of the kitchen.

“No, it’s not.” Haven called back. His parents look at him in question. “I opened the shed for him to use.”

“You left it open for random strangers to poke through?” His mother questioned fixing him with a glare.

“No, the dog is in there anyone that bothers to get close will be growled and possibly snapped at besides I don’t know anyone interest in wool blankets and Christmas decorations.”

“What about the lawn mower?” Karen asked.

“The lawn mower hasn’t been stored in the shed in years.” Haven pointed out as he stood up and stretched.

“How carefully thought out of you,” Karen drawled as she munched on her toast.

“Not really I knew mom wouldn’t mind.” Haven said knowing full well that his mother controlled the household and his father merely brought home the money. Haven also knew that any questions went straight to his mom if she wasn’t around then his father was the next best. It’s just how things have always been in his family, and some day he’ll have a wife of his own and she’ll be the master of the house.

Haven’s mother gave him a plate piled with his breakfast and ushered him to the table where Karen was sitting half way through her own breakfast, meaning she’d just sat back down with seconds. Haven took his seat next to her, “Are you going to name him?” She asked.

“Fido, the most common dog name, that and Lassie.” Karen looked at him then like he was stupid.

“Based on what?” She inquired.

“Famous dog names,” Haven shrugged watching out the window for ‘Fido.’ He was certain the dog wasn’t going to like that name but he didn’t know how much longer he could keep referring to him as ‘the dog’ and get away with it.

Hell, Haven also didn’t know how much longer the dog was going to live with the arrows sticking out of him or if he’s going to stick around long enough to become a pet. Haven doubted very much the dog was going to stay and for some reason that thought locked up his chest.

Haven wasn’t going to think about that, he wasn’t.

Karen saved him for thinking about it when she asked, “Do you think Mara is going to try to sit with us?” Haven glanced over to her and shrugged.

“Maybe,” Haven answered simply as he stared out the window. “It’s just the kind of risk we’ll have to take isn’t it?” Karen frowned and sighed with exasperation that only girls could ever pull off.

“That reminds me.” Their father cut in he and their mother had been carrying on their own conversation up until now. “I’m going away on a business trip so I expect you two to be on your best behavior for your mother.” Karen and Haven chimed a ‘yes sir’ though they all knew mom was the enforcer their dad was just a big teddy bear and usually never said no to his children.

It wasn’t going to be hard to be on his best behavior he had no social life outside of his sister and his best friend Eli. It’s not like he went to crazy parties sneaking out of his bedroom window to get to them. Haven would much rather sleep then to party.

Haven caught sight of the dog from the window and he felt he could breathe just a bit easier, he wasn’t dead that was good. Haven still needed to figure out how to get the arrows out of the mutt without getting his face bitten off. Haven didn’t think he had a lot of time for that either. Haven chewed his lip staring off and loosing track of time.

“Are you going to school like that?” Karen asked snapping him from his thoughts.

“Ah, crap.” Haven finished off his food and hurried up stairs to get dressed.

“Hello Haven.” Mara greeted him smiled and sat down next to him. Karen continued to eat her salad while completely ignoring Mara. Haven was nursing his second energy drink he’d picked up at the corner store with shades over his eyes he felt hung over and could very well fall over with exhaustion at any point in the day. He hoped it was after he could get home and to his bed but doubted the less then entertaining lectures are going to stimulate him enough to stay awake.

“Hey Mara,” Eli greeted her with a bright and almost too eager smile. Mara looked at him and nodded before turning her attention back to Haven.

“Do you have anything planned for tonight?” She asked and the table they were sitting at went completely silent. The nosey little bastards actually thought Haven would reply when they made it all to obvious they had some sort of pool going about something stupid that no doubt was about him again.

“Uh no. Not really why?” Haven said once everyone went back to talking. Mara shrugged and took a drink of her water.

“Since you’re doing a wonderful job with the school I want you to show me around town.” She smiled innocently though the way Karen gripped her fork and stabbed at the poor leafs of lettuce on her plate she didn’t think so.

“Yeah, sure no problem,” Haven agreed smiling half-heartedly back. Placing a hand on his leg Mara leaned forward smiling again she didn’t seem to notice the slack in Haven’s shoulders or the fact he was one good boring second away from falling asleep.

“Thank you Haven.” She said then stood up and walked away. Haven watched her walk away like any sane single guy would do. There was an extra sway to her hips and he wondered if it was for his benefit or if she really was a whore that Karen claimed she was. He liked that idea of it being just for him and smiled to himself only to get punched in the arm by Karen.

“Ow! What the hell?” He complained though wasn’t to bent up about it since it jolted his systems just enough to wake him up a bit more.

“You have a dog to feed.” Karen reminded him. Right the dog, damn.

“She can come to the house so I can feed him.” Haven replied with a nonchalant shrug.

“No, she’s not going to have the benefit of knowing where I live.” Karen argued.

“If it helps I could give you her address.” Eli spoke up. Haven and Karen looked over to him, Haven’s stared was hard and mostly out of pure shock Karen’s was more excitement and evilness.

“Give it to me.” Karen said. Haven watched as Eli’s face turned slightly perverted and didn’t want to know what he was thinking about in that exact moment.
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