Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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The rest of the day consisted of sleeping through most of his classes except P.E and Chemistry since both were hands on classes. Haven hated getting no sleep he may be a morning person but it didn’t stay that way if he didn’t get much sleep.

His energy levels hit an all-time low after he finished off the energy drink that lasted all through first and second period. However the rest of the day he slept fitfully, embarrassing himself twice.

The first time was in second period, Algebra II honors. He was dreaming of running again. The pain in his back, the rush of the woods around him all the same besides this time it was day out and the engines from the first time was back. He was running from someone again. As an arrow whistled through the air and hit him in the shoulder he slipped out of his chair and hit the class tiled floor hard.

He dragged his book off the desk which smashed into his head. Stars danced around in front his eyes and he shook off the dizzy pain from his dream. Rolling his shoulder where the dream arrow pierced him. He thanked god and whoever else was listening that the damn text book didn’t give him a concussion, though had to bear through the class laughing at him and the teacher trying to convince him to go to the nurse.

The second time he was in study hall he was standing outside of the boy’s bathroom while Eli covered the ceiling in wet paper towel wads. Eli wouldn’t tell Haven claiming the less he knew the better off he was but apparently Eli and the janitor had it out for each other and took pot shots whenever they had the chance.

Eli would create messes all throughout the school while the janitor set him off to the principle when he caught him wandering the halls even if he had a hall pass. Haven wanted nothing to do with it anyway he was too busy falling asleep and smashing his face into the close by lockers at the moment to care what Eli was doing in the bathroom. A few girls walking by laughed at him, one took pity and gave him a can of soda she had.

Haven was just grateful for the final bell to ring bringing him out of his half dazed half asleep stare. Someone sitting next to him told him he looked like a zombie as he passed by. Haven was to out of it to do much more than flip off the kid’s retreating back. He gathered his things and headed for the door. Mara met him out in the hall, he’d all but forgotten about showing her around town. So he just stared at her in confusion when she greeted him.

“Earth to Haven,” Mara smiled in amusement as she waved her hand in front of his face.

“Right sorry, Just a bit out of it today.” He said. Mara nodded and tucked a stay strand of hair behind her ear. She wore cross earing which was either Goth or super religious.

“Do you have a car?” She asked Haven did in fact have a car though it was more of a side project then something he used. Haven wouldn’t say that, he didn’t prefer driving anywhere he didn’t have to. The grocery store, the school and all of his friends’ houses were within walking distance and he really didn’t want to feel like a douche bag driving a Bumblebee styled Camaro.

Granted it wasn’t in the best condition but again it was more of a side project and he planned on getting it repainted, yellow was not one of his favorite colors. He had a driver’s license, yes, but he never used it.

“Not with me.” Haven answered instead of explaining everything to her about his car. Mara nodded.

“Okay good, we can take mine.” She smiled and at that point Haven remembered something.

“Right, but we have to stop by my place first I have to feed my dog.” He told her.

“Okay no problem.” She smiled brightly and led him off to her black convertible. Haven was beginning to think Mara did have a Goth thing going on. She had worn all black both times Haven had seen her, but it was a stylish all black, with less chains and moody atmosphere most Goths had. Haven began to wonder if it was possible to be stylish and Goth at the same time, like a Fashionista Goth, Haven didn’t like that idea.

Mara pressed a button on the key pad connected to the car key to unlock the doors. Haven got into the passenger side shoving his bag into the back.

“So give me the directions.” Mara said and Haven did.

Mara, to say the least, was a reckless driver and Haven was thrilled when she pulled up to his house in one piece. Haven hopped out feeling suddenly rejuvenated, “I like your place; it’s so…suburban.” Mara told him as she got out. Haven glanced at her already aware that the dog might not like an unfamiliar person around.

“Stay here.” He said and hurried inside before she could argue. His mother smiled lightly at him.

“Hello Sweetie.”

“Hi mom,” He greeted her as she handed him some slop intended for the dog.

“So he’s not eating the dog food?” He asked and she shook her head.

“Not a bite.” She went back to cleaning the already spotless kitchen. Haven sighed and stepped out back and over to the shed. The dog looked up at him growling like he always did until he noticed who it was this time however he didn’t stop once they made eye contact. Haven frowned thoughtfully.

“I brought you lunch.” He stepped closer still being cautious, because who wouldn’t around a dog they barely knew? The dog just stared at him growling as if he’d been betrayed. Haven frowned and crouched down next to the bowl.

“Feeling okay?” He asked out stretching a hand hesitantly. “Are you going to let me pull out those arrows, you weirdo.” Haven said sighing. The dog suddenly jumped up growling and snapping. Haven scrambled away quickly, fearing for his life.

“Hey! Easy there god, you can just say no.” Haven complained but noticed the dog wasn’t looking at him but rather behind him. Haven spun around to come face to face with Mara who had a creepy wicked grin on her face as she watched Fido throw a fit with her there.

Oh shit, that was creepy.

“Hey, I told you to wait by the car.” He moved to walk over to her but no of course that would be too easy. The mutt jumped forward and grabbed the back of Haven’s favorite jacket and yanked back. Forcing him to trip and fall back on his ass, which Ow. He didn’t mean to be a girl about it but it really did hurt. Fido then decided to hover over him growling letting Haven get up close and personal with his dog junk. He was definitely a He.

“I should go.” Mara spoke then turned on her heel and slipped through the side gate where she came from. The dog stayed over Haven for a good long time after she vanished before finally sitting down next to him. The dog wouldn’t settle down unless Haven was touching him in some way.

So Haven took to sitting next to him with his hand on the dog’s shoulder idly running his fingers though his filthy fur. His dark pelt was caked in dried mud and blood the wounds weren’t bleeding anymore and looked like he’s had them for a very long time.

The dog stared at the place Mara had gone his eyes blazing with anger and frustration. Haven couldn’t place it because for the past few days he’s been really weird but he wanted to comfort him. “Hey, look I won’t bring strangers home anymore Kay?” The dog nodded. Haven just stared, because holy crap did he actually understand him?! Haven actually couldn’t comprehend it.

“Did you just nod?” He asked this time the dog looked at him, staring at him like he was a moron. “Dude, you’re a dog. No one expects you to understand humans.” Haven said and of course the dog would growl at him. Haven sighed and shifted around.

“Let me take the arrows out.” He said sternly. The dog shifted and lay on his stomach and made no objections. Haven shifted around as well and patted the dog’s side affectionately.

“I’ll be right back.” He told him and stood up and hurried into the house and grabbed the first aid kit before the mutt changed his mind. His mother stopped him before he could slip back outside.

“What was that all about? Who was that girl?” Damn his mother saw the whole thing.

“A new kid at school looks like Fido doesn’t like her.” No point in lying to his mother she always found out in the end. She gave him a hard stare.

“I don’t want you alienating yourself because of this dog people are more important then animals.” Haven frowned but nodded then pulled out of her grip and headed outside to the dog that hadn’t moved.

Haven sat down next to him and examined the abused areas. Haven worked quietly it took him nearly half an hour to work up the nerve to finally grab an arrow shaft and yank. The wolf jerked and growled, though Haven blames that on the fact that he hadn’t given any warning.

“Sorry, please don’t eat me.” Haven apologized with a cheeky grin. The arrow did come out though, and its tip looked scary. “That does not look fun.” He showed the dog the serrated edges designed to go in and get stuck.

“The rest are really going to hurt.” Haven told him. Setting the arrow down he moved to inspect the wound, if he could find it. The place he was sure he’d pulled the arrow out was perfectly fine.

“Okay, that’s not weird at all.” The dog snorted in response. Haven petted the spot a few more times before shaking his head and starting on the others. It took a little while before he’d finished yanking out all of the arrows and being completely confused about the not hurt dog after wards. It was as if the arrows hadn’t been in him at all.

Haven might have just mistaken the arrows tangled in his fur rather than actually being in him. But that wasn’t right; the arrow heads were covered in fresh blood. Haven sighed and sat back pulling his hand away when he realized he’d been petting the dog.

“All done; I’ll go get the hose and wash you off.” Haven paused then added, “Because you smell like death.” The dog snorted again and shook himself off.

“Gross!” Haven complained as flecks of stuff he really didn’t want to think about flew off the dog at him. “Thanks now I need a shower.” The dog stood up and returned to the shed; completely ignoring the dog food and slop his mother tossed together.

Haven stood up and brushed himself off and pushed the two bowls closer to the shed and walked back inside with the first aid kit. His mother wasn’t in the kitchen, most likely off running errands since her car was gone. Now that the dog was taken care of Haven was suddenly exhausted again. Haven trudged up stairs and took a long shower before going to his room and falling asleep.
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