Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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Hunter watched the house Haven lived in, from where he’d taken refuge in their shed. It wasn’t the best place he’d crashed but it was the best he could do without venturing out and getting the hunters on his ass again. They dissolved into the woods as soon as he crossed into the yard. Though today that bitch wondered in, ugh! Not to mention Haven stunk of her, no Haven was his not hers. His scent was meant to be tangled with his not hers.

Hunter growled again. Not cool; nobody is allowed to touch the kid without Hunter’s consent. Hunter stared off into space and wondered when it became an issue. He shook his head, he was losing it Haven was just being nice and Hunter was getting overly attached.

He’d been stuck in his wolf form, Thanks to those damned arrows with their stupid Wolfsbane infused in the shafts. It would have been easier if Haven had happened upon him in his human form.

But no, Hunter’s luck was just that bad. Now he was becoming the family pet. Hunter glared at the dog food they’d left out, like he’d actually eat anything that smelled that repulsive. They should have known he’d turn his nose up to it. Haven knew, Hunter could tell by the way Haven looked at it when he came out today. He knew from the way Haven took extra care when pulling out the arrows and how his hands had a strange soothing effect on him.

Weird, Hunter hated humans but this one was okay. Overly jumpy and a little spastic but the way he looked at him let Hunter know that he truly cared. Hunter was a little stunned with his own behavior when that bitch walked up like she owned the fucking place!

Since she left Hunter has been on full alert. Haven was in his room sleeping, Hunter could tell since he hadn’t heard him move in a long time. Haven’s mother wasn’t back yet but she did leave and not return for a long time often. Hunter guessed she was with that other man, who was not her husband. She smelled of all the time.

After two days passed and no sightings of the hunters but the signs of their presence was everywhere Hunter somewhat settled again. Haven walked out and sat down in front of the shed facing away from the house and forest. Hunter didn’t like that; he stood up and put himself between the woods and Haven. He needed to protect him and Haven smirked, as if he knew Hunter’s intentions but there was no way he could know. But there it is that knowing smile, practically smug. It annoyed Hunter but he couldn’t bring himself to be truly mad about it.

Hell, he was going soft with those pretty blues staring at him it was hard to be mad which was unnerving. He snorted and looked away from Haven only to be splashed with water. It’s a damn good thing it was warm or Haven wouldn’t have a face to speak of anymore. Haven dove right in and started scrubbing the caked on mud and dirt out of Hunter’s fur and lathering on shampoo.

That might have been the reason behind the smirk, fuck him, jerk, whatever.

Hunter growled a warning that really meant nothing and Haven seemed to know it. “Shush you pussy, you stink and mom is getting annoyed with your ‘close to death’ appearance.” Hunter still growled at him when he got the soap in his eyes. Haven took his damn time with cleaning him too, despite Hunter’s complaining. Once rinsed off Haven dropped a large towel on him and started drying him off.

For fuck’s sake,

Hunter brushed him off and shook. “UGH! Gross, Fido stop!” Haven complained much to Hunter’s satisfaction. But alas it was short lived when Haven tackled him with the towel, damn he was strong. Though Hunter doubted he would have gotten away with it if Hunter wasn’t distracted. Haven gave him a few more good rubs before his sister spoke up.

“You two seem to be getting along.” Her voice startled Hunter and he let out a vicious growl. Haven jumped and scrambled away. “I stand corrected.” Karen mused aloud. Her eye brows furrowed thoughtfully.

She had never gotten close enough for Hunter to get a good scent mark on her but he guessed the blossom and citrus perfume smell Haven carried around faintly must be her. Haven’s scent was muskier, like a normal teenaged boy. Sex was always clinging to teenaged boys but Haven’s scent was nice, almost like cherry wood but not quite, it was Haven.

“Na, Fido is a big softy at heart.” Haven said to his sister with a smug grin on his face. Karen rolled her eyes.

“He’s not eating the dog food and mom is getting annoyed.” Karen said. Haven sighed and glanced over to Hunter who just watched the siblings talk. But there was no way in hell he was eating dog kibble.


He’d be gone in a few days anyway. With the arrows out he could function properly, which meant he could leave and escape while that bitch let her hunter friends know he was filled with arrows and up for the picking. But no, Hunter was fully capable of long distance travel now and was leaving as soon as he got enough energy up.

“I’ll see if he’ll eat the canned stuff, but I really don’t think he’ll eat it.” Haven said.

“You better hope he does or mom isn’t feeding him anymore.” Karen warned, which was fine with Hunter he could hunt for his food now. Haven looked over to him and sighed.

“Troublesome mutt,” He was completely serious and that hurt. Hunter didn’t ask to be cared for. Haven smirked then and patted Hunter scratching just behind his ear.

Damn that felt good.

Hunter leaned into his touch and almost dropped his guard, almost forgot about the forest behind him.

The next day consisted of Hunter trying the wet dog food which smelled good but was not worthy of consumption. Hunter nearly puked, it was so gross. “He’s the weirdest dog in existence.” Karen complained after Hunter was done heaving. Karen was standing close enough for Hunter to get a good sniff, and yes, she was the one that smelled of blossoms and citrus. It was a perfume and it didn’t assault Hunter’s nose like all others would, weird.

Haven’s mother gave Hunter a worried look before saying, “It’s going to be cold out tonight if you can get him inside he can sleep on your floor.” Haven looked at her his eyes bright with excitement.

“Really, you’re not joking?” Hunter’s ears flipped back. No, he wasn’t going to sleep on anybody’s floor.

“Yes,” Haven’s mother nodded before walking back inside with her daughter following. Hunter scrunched up his face at them, his annoyance for eating that filth had to go somewhere and he’d be damned if he was going to blame Haven.

Haven patted his head breaking him from his thoughts. “Okay big guy, let’s go inside. I know you understood everything so get up and follow me.” He bumped Hunter with his hip and moved to walk inside. Hunter stared at him until he’s climbed the steps before following. He dropped his head ignoring the slightly stunned and impressed looks Haven’s sister and mother gave him.

Haven’s room was clean but not perfect; nothing like his room had been when he still lived with his parents. Though to be fair he was less reserved then Haven. Haven’s bed and the area close to the bathroom door were the only places that weren’t in chaotic order. It was a complete mess the sheets were half way on the floor. The area by the bathroom was cluttered with clothes smelling like Haven, Everything here smelled like Haven. His inner wolf howled.

Damn, no he couldn’t deal with that now. Fuck, what was he going to do now?

“Yum,” Karen commented, Haven knew that tone of voice. Karen was either looking at something delicious or someone delicious. Haven looked up from his coffee cup following his sister’s gaze.

Why, because he was a curious and a slightly worried brother. Karen was staring at a shirtless guy not far off, and Haven’s mind went straight to the pants. Well not straight to the pants, he’s got to admit that the guy’s perfectly tanned perfect broad chest snagged him for a moment. It was cold out how was he not wearing a shirt?

“Are those my pants?” Haven questioned. Karen snorted and didn’t even spare a glance at him.

“Yeah like those would ever look good on you.” Haven was genuinely insulted. He turned to Eli who was trying to shrink down as small as possible.

“I’m hot right?” He questioned and Eli as no help he meekly shrugged. “Come on Karen, I’m hot. I put a lot of effort into my appearance.”

“I’m your sister; it’s a compliment when I say rude things about how you look.” Haven nodded at that and looked back to the guy, who creepily was staring back. Haven’s coffee mug was suddenly the most fascinating thing his ever laid eyes on. Karen hummed thoughtfully, “Gay.” Eli snorted coughing on his ridiculously sweet mocha late frappe thing he was drinking.

“What?” He asked, “You know I only have eyes for you.” Eli recovered quickly Haven almost didn’t catch it.

“The guy, he’s totally gay.” Karen gestured vaguely to the shirtless guy. “He’s been looking at all the guys around and none of the girls.”

“Well dressed like that I’d say he’s also nuts.” Haven said drumming his index finger against the lid of his mug idly.

“Yeah,” Karen agreed simply. Haven glanced up at the guy who seemed to have taken an interest in Haven’s group or something behind them. Haven wasn’t about to turn around to look he’d rather not know. Karen on the other had seemed to have noticed as well and turned in her chair rather obviously. She frowned and settled back in her chair.

“I think we should go.” She announced and stood up. Eli looked at Haven for some explanation but he had none to give. Haven chanced a glance at the same place Karen had just looked and nobody was around.

Okay, the nutty man wearing just jeans in heavy jacket weather was watching them. That’s not creepy at all, hint at the sarcasm. Haven followed his sister and best friend, and of course the creep would follow. Karen noticed as well and quickened her pace.

“Slow down stay in a crowded area.” Haven said Karen glanced at him but she did slow down back to an even brisk pace. Eli frowned at that,.

“Dude, what’s going on?” Eli asked sounding annoyed. Haven shrugged simply and shook his head as well. He really didn’t have an answer, but he knew it couldn’t end well.

They turn to head home when things go a little crazy. Karen spotted Mara talking to an older man, Haven presumed was her father. Karen sighed irritably while Eli smiled brightly. Haven guessed Eli swung both ways though he’s never sure with Eli.

Eli’s like the lost link or something, or more like the Loch Ness Monster you think you know but you really have no freaking clue. But that was not the point. The point was that the shirtless creep suddenly grabbed Haven’s arm and steered him away from Mara.

“Hey!” Karen shouted in protest and quickly followed and Eli scrambled to catch up. “What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded.

Haven looked up at the guy and-

Holy crap! Haven looked away quickly, because honestly he figured he was going nuts.

“Stop man handling my brother.” Karen demanded.

“Keep walking.” He shoved Haven, yup definitely still seeing the resemblance to Fido with this guy. But that again was crazy, cuckoo. But Fido did understand what he said which was unusual to say the least. No, nope, not possible.

“Sure, why not go with the creepy weirdo.” Karen huffed but seemed to sense that this guy wasn’t to be pissed off, plus he’d veered off again and was heading back towards their house. Maybe they could get away and make a brake for it.

“How are you not freezing your ass of right now?” Eli spoke up then; Haven’s first thoughts were that of doggy nature. Basically he figured the guy had a thick enough coat to keep warm, but hey he was shirtless and shoeless as it would appear. The guy made no reply simply snorted in mild annoyance.

Their house came into view then and Karen gave him a look. Haven interpreted it as ‘make your move now and run’ but the thing was the guy had a vice grip hold on his arm and he was pretty much at the guy’s mercy. So he minutely shook his head, and glanced at the guy. He was staring ahead with those completely serious hazel eyes that Fido had which was so weird. Not to mention Haven felt he knew the guy.

“So, where we headed to Mr. Kidnapper Dude?” Haven asked.

“You’re house.” He answered simply. Haven shared the same weirded out looks as his sister and best friend.

“Not the best thought out kidnapping plane huh?” Haven continued to prod for information. The growl that came out of the guy’s throat was purely animal. Haven tripped over his own feet at the shock.

“I’m not kidnapping you, I’m protecting you.” The guy answered.

“Totally,” Eli chimed in simply with a jerk of his head. The guy shoved Haven through the front gate along with Karen and Eli before herding them towards the house.

“My mom’s home she’ll call the cops.” Karen said as the guy shoved them inside.

“She’s out with her lover she won’t be home for another two hours at the least.” The guy said, which okay, WHAT?! Karen laughed at him.

“Mom is not cheating.” She said at the end of her laugher.

“Some guy that smells like smoke.” The guy crinkled his nose in disgust as he moved closer to Haven who backed up. They shared brief eye contact before Haven looked away, “Mr. Morris?!” Karen demanded.

“I don’t know his name.” The guy snapped at her, literally snapped. Karen stepped back eyeing him accusingly. “Who are you?” Haven asked.

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