Grimm Fantasies: Little Red

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“Hunter? That’s your name? Very original,” Karen scoffed and crossed her arms. The man just stared at her for a moment then looked at Haven. His eyes were hard and cold but something in them brought a shiver to Haven’s spine and his gut twisted up in knots.

“You’re not safe wondering off on your own like that.” He said sternly. Haven frowned and opened his mouth to make what he hoped was some snarky response but Eli beat him to it.

“Hello, loyal best friend and stupidly smart sister standing right here. We’ve been with him all day. We wouldn’t let anything bad happen to are good pal Haven.” Eli said patting Haven’s shoulder.

“I mean yeah he’s a complete moron at times. Like that time with the snake and then wondering off and getting lost in the woods for a week, twice. That was hilarious and so very freaking scary all at once. He’s really smart to and is the best at puzzle games; don’t ever think about asking him to play a game of chess. I learned the hard way there’s no beating him at it. Like ever, and he might be vain at times but he means well, though spending an hour in front of a mirror boarder lines drag queen.”

“Thank you Eli,” Haven cut in. “That’s quite enough.” Haven gave Eli a dirty glare with a sweet smile. Eli smiled back and was going to comment back when the shirtless guy cut in.

“You can’t protect him.”

“Oh, and you think you can?” Haven asked scoffing at the idea, crossing his arms to prove his point that this guy was absurd.

“Yes,” Hunter said simply as if it was a fact of nature and Haven was stupid for even asking. But hey, this guy had no right to judge he was just some random guy off the street, who in retrospect was standing in their living room like he owned the place.

“Okay, Mr. Crazy Man I think it’s time for you to leave.” Karen said. Hunter glanced at her then back to Haven. He gave him a look Haven figured was supposed to be meaningful in some way but he was clueless. After a moment of their little staring contest Hunter looked almost disappointed.

“Stay. Inside, don’t open the door for anyone but you’re parents.” He ordered in a voice Haven really couldn’t argue with. “Even friends,” He glanced at Eli in a disapproving manner and then he left leaving out through the back door and disappearing into the forest.

Haven waited until he was for sure gone before rushing up to his room to locate his pants which he was sure that guy was wearing. He couldn’t find them he’d been sure they were sitting on his dresser where his mom puts his clothes after she’s done washing them.

That’s not creepy at all.


Haven was so not in the mood for this. He really wasn’t. Fuck! Here he was crouching behind a store shelf clutching a hand gun; he wasn’t too sure how to use. Because come on who in their right mind would give a gun to a sixteen year old? Yeah Hunter is the worst protector in history. Officially the worst in existence, Haven wasn’t even going to consider his opinion on the matter meant nothing since Hunter was the only Protector he’d ever met but his complaints still stand.

Not far off he could hear gunshots and very, VERY anger howls and growls and snarling in general. To his right his best friend in the whole world was bleeding out and oh yeah his sister was being held captive by Werewolf hunters. Where in the hell did his life go wrong? Oh yeah, it started around the time that damn mutt decided to squat in his mother’s flower garden.

Haven jolted awake gasping for air, damn it all to hell. That same damn dream again, really? Fido was at the foot of his bed staring at him with calm eyes. Haven stared back for a moment before shaking his head.

“I’m fine,” Was all he could manage. Ever since that damn nut job showed up Haven’s life went nuts. Haven flopped back down and buried his face in his pillow and sighed deeply. He hated his life right now, thinking about a guy who hasn’t showed up again in over a week.

Haven had most likely have forgotten all about him if it weren’t for the stupid dreams that, okay, weren’t the cleanest of dreams and he’d wake up in utter embarrassment. But Haven blamed that on being a teenager everyone blamed these awkward moments on age. A stupid age Haven wished he could sleep through and wake up an adult whose voice was done cracking and the mortifying moments were behind him. Fido continued to stare at Haven with those eyes of his.


Haven sighed and tossed the blankets off of him and on top of Fido who shook them off and gave Haven a quick glare, stupid human-like dog. “Come on midnight snack it is.” He said patting his head and headed for the door. It’s a damn good thing it was a weekend or he would refuse to get up for school tomorrow. He was a growing boy and needed his damn sleep!

But no, the universe had other plans.

Haven made his way down to the kitchen and rummaged through the fridge. Apparently Fido had taken to terrorizing small rodents in the nearby woods then to eat anything they gave him to eat. No one was complaining, mom was happy she didn’t have to buy any dog food or worry about making enough dinner for Fido, and Fido looked so freaking happy when he returned from hunting.

The only thing Haven complains about the whole situation is he has to scrub the blood off of him before he’s allowed inside. Haven’s made that mistake before and had to throw out blood stained sheets because of it.

Haven put down a bowl of water for Fido and sat down at the table munching on the orange he’d pulled out. He carefully peeled it to make a cool spiral he held it up proudly just as the flood lights in the back yard kicked on and kitchen window above the sink shattering, a whistle and a thwack. Haven cursed at himself for screaming. Fido was bristling and growling up a storm as the rest of his family came thudding down the stairs.

“What the hell happened Jace?!” His mother demanded as she flipped on the light blinding Haven for a moment. It took Haven a moment to realize the kitchen window was indeed broken. Fido was not happy and was pressed up against his leg in a protective manner and his orange peel was hanging from the adjacent wall to the window, held there by an arrow with blue feather fletching.

That wasn’t good.

“I have no idea; I was getting something to eat and, then that.” He motioned to the arrow and orange peel. Fido continued to growl teeth flashing menacingly. Haven had to hand it to him, he was pretty freaking scary when he wanted to be.

“This just doesn’t happen.” Haven’s father said. “I’m calling the cops.” His mother replied and grabbed the phone. Haven stared at the arrow and was really freaked out. He dropped his hand down to Fido’s back, the growls went quiet and Haven did feel better. His nerves settled and he felt better.

The cops showed up and took the arrow into evidence and tromped through the woods for the assailant to no avail. Haven thought to point out the Fido had the same type of arrows poking out of him like he was a porcupine and gave the cops the still bloody arrows.

Fido didn’t leave Haven’s side the entire time though gave a warning growl when the cops stepped to close. Haven would run his fingers through his fur to quiet him down, it worked every time. The cops kept looking at them with impressed faces but made no comment on it. Though one did mention Fido might be part wolf to one of his colleges when they didn’t think anyone was listening.

The rest of the night Haven couldn’t find sleep and Fido wasn’t helping, he was practically lying on top of him and he was heavy. “Ugh Fido, knock it off.” He shimmied around until Fido let up and lay next to him with his muzzle pressed into the crook of Haven’s neck. Haven finally drifted off to sleep with the hot breath of Fido brushing up against his neck and knew he could chomp down and kill him easily, but knew Fido wouldn’t.

When did he start trusting this dog so much?
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