The Long-Lost Alpha

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Stephen was the son of the Great Alpha Zane, leader of the Ironpaw Pack. However, he doesn’t know it. A rogue of Alpha blood, Dragan, was determined to rise to the top of the ranks by any means possible so that he could someday overthrow the pack from which he was exiled. Dragan murdered Stephen’s parents in the middle of the night when Stephen was just 4 years-old, not knowing of Stephen’s presence. Stephen barely escaped, but suffered a concussion, causing him to lose his memory. He ended up at the Crescent Pack, and was taken in by John and Melissa – unaware of his Alpha bloodline. However, as his 18th birthday nears he begins to feel like something is missing in his life. A feeling like he wasn’t where he belonged. He is now torn between following his adopted father’s footsteps in becoming a guard, and giving into his instincts that would lead him to a pack that was rightfully his…and her.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Stepping out of the locker room, Stephen felt a tinge of sunlight that was just warm enough to tease that Spring would be here soon. It had been a brutal winter, and he wasn’t necessarily fond of the cold. It somehow made him feel, empty. Thankful for the bit of warmth he headed down the street in search of his father. John always wanted daily updates on his guard training. Secretly Stephen knew it was just to boast about how none of his son’s competitors were able to match his strength. Even though he only held the position of a guard, John was a respected member of the pack. Their Alpha, Ajax, oftentimes confided in him for security updates and trusted him to be by his side when rogues would appear. Stephen wanted to make his dad proud and follow in his footsteps; John had already given him so much more than he ever deserved.

“Looks like you broke a good sweat today. Someone finally give you a run for your money?” John said with a wide grin on his face when he saw his son, knowing good and well that wasn’t true.

“Ha, not today. I decided to hit the weights after training was over. I am determined to break Alpha Ajax’s bench press record. I’m not far from it.” Stephen nudged his dad with a joking tone.

“That will be a day I sure don’t want to miss!” John paused, and suddenly tried to switch to a more serious tone. “Your mom has been wanting me to talk to you,” John smirked at him.

Stephen knew that meant his mom was planning something and she needed his father to convince him to go along with it. Melissa was known for making sure she always got her way. She always had good intentions, but sometimes she had to nudge John and Stephen a little harder to finally give in.

Stephen already knew what this was about. His 18th birthday was just a month away, and Melissa was notorious for always trying to throw huge parties. She basically invited the entire pack. But that’s not what Stephen wanted. He didn’t like being in the spotlight, which he typically found himself in because of his sheer strength over his peers. However, his mother had high hopes this would be the perfect opportunity for Stephen to find his mate. Stephen was always sought after by girls in the pack, but he didn’t have much interest. He didn’t want to break his mom’s heart and tell her he doubted his mate would be at the party.

He had always looked forward to this special day. The day where he could finally take his father’s side as a guard and more responsibility within his pack. However, lately something had been tugging within him that gave him an uneasy feeling. He wasn’t able to exactly pinpoint the source.

“I’m sure she has,” Stephen laughed. “Go ahead, let’s get on with it. What does she have planned?”

“I told her you didn’t want a big party, but you know how she is. Can you cut me some slack, and just go ahead and agree to it? We both know what life at home will be like the next month if we don’t comply.”

John looked at Stephen with pleading eyes and a mischievous smile. Stephen knew his dad was right. He nodded, and they began the short walk home. As the sunlight hit his dad’s face he couldn’t help take note how different they looked. Stephen knew he was adopted, but he was so young he never considered John anything other than his only dad. John was tall, he was 6’4” with a broad build. He had dark hair, not necessarily black, but not brown either. Stephen on the other hand had blonde hair, and rippled muscles that only made his golden skin glisten that much more. The only similarity he shared with his father were their blue eyes. However, Stephen’s eyes had an icy color to them that only seemed to intensify as he neared his birthday. He didn’t think about his biological parents often, but something made him question if his eyes matched those of his biological dad.

As they walked in the front door they could hear Melissa on the phone. Stephen tried to hurry past the kitchen to avoid the dreaded birthday discussion and take a shower, but Melissa spotted him before he even made it to the stairs.

“Stephen, how was training?” Melissa halfway yelled around the corner.

Stephen knew that wasn’t what she really wanted to know. She wanted to examine him and his father to make sure John followed through with her request. Upholding his promise to his dad, Stephen reluctantly walked in her direction. She was hanging up the phone, and she looked at them both judgingly. His mother was beautiful. She was petit with dark hair, and beautiful green eyes. His father told him he always thought she would end up as a Luna because her beauty was way beyond his league. Although, looking at her now Stephen could see a thin streak of silver starting to show along the left side of her face. He was sure he was the cause of that, always keeping her on her toes. Stephen wasn’t always the most angelic child growing up.

“I got a new training partner.” Stephen said looking at his mother with a mischievous smile.

“Can’t they find anyone that can keep up with you more than a day?” She said trying to hide the sense of pride that brought her. “Did you boys talk about anything…interesting on the way home?” She glared at John.

“Mom, don’t worry. I already agreed to the party.” Stephen saw a look of relief on his father’s face suddenly appear.

Melissa shrieked with joy and practically knocked Stephen over as she hugged his neck. Before he could even say anything else, his mom was already headed down the hall and on the phone with someone making plans.

“Phew, well now that we’re done with that let’s head outside. I need your help fixing a few things,” said John.

Stephen started to follow his dad, but suddenly stopped in his tracks. A flash of a memory popped in his head. He was standing in a strange home, looking at the front door. While he did not recognize his surroundings, there was something vaguely familiar. Something comforting, yet tugged with uncertainty within his stomach.

“Stephen. Earth to Stephen!” John says to Stephen as he is waving his hand in front of his face. “Are you coming?”

Stephen suddenly snapped back to reality and tried to comprehend what had just happened. “Oh. Yeah. Sure, let’s go,” he said trying to shake off the strange memory. He decided he wasn’t going to get to take a shower anytime soon and headed out the door behind his dad.

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