Star Dust

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Kristen finds out that she is extremely special and one of a few in a small population. She has to learn to trust her instincts and to also trust the other one like her.

Fantasy / Scifi
Kat Thomas
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There is only one planet that we know of that holds life. It is the Earth. Our home. However there is a small percentage of the population that never lost their true parentage. They know where they really come from and it isn’t Earth’s perfection. They are called to watch the stars. They can see the differences that the normal humans can’t see. They instinctively know they came from the heavens. They are the ones who call themselves the Seeds of the Stardust.

Most of the humans that are on the planet don’t even realize how their species came to be. They think it was an accident that only one planet can hold life. They don’t believe in the facts that there are more planets out in the universe then there are grains of sand on the earth. Some are so advanced they would never stoop so low to talk to an infant of a species like Humans. Some are even younger in it’s development.

The ones who know because it is in their blood and their beings just know when the others are close. They know they have to look at the sky to see what is really there awaiting them. Pieces of themselves still flying around in the vast area of space. Often they realize what they are though sometimes they don’t. When they are children the others watch for them. The simple curiousness of children was one thing. The children that were seeds wanted to know more. They had to know. They never lost that curiousness. They were drawn to the stars and where they knew was there real home somehow.

Kristen Lambert always knew she was different though no one else could see her the same way. She loved being outside and looking to the sky from the time she was a small child she could watch the clouds for hours. Though unlike everyone else she didn’t see the shapes in them. They were just there. She would wait till the darkness to see the small shining dots that were there and then she would be calm again.

She never used her imagination like the other children. She talked of things that weren’t thought of. No one could explain how she would even know of let alone understand them. Her ideas that she would write down confused the adults in her life. She could explain the idea of traveling through the stars at the speed of light but couldn’t recite the alphabet yet. They were all perplexed.

No one ever thought to look at other explanation that the small girl was just different. They had heard of the other seed people but they were not believers. No one could survive lifetimes as a seed. The idea that it was like that was impossible. It simply did not make any logical sense.

Kristen though never changed. As she grew her love of things no one else could see only grew along with her. She was different and she knew it. She just let all the talk about her slide past her as she only focused on the stars. It wasn;t until she was in high school that one of the teachers took and interest in her ideas.

“Kristen can you stay after class?” Mr. Bringer asked as he looked at her one day after the first quarter of science class.

“Of course.” She replied in her small voice as she wondered what she had done this time to get into trouble. She waited for the fifteen minutes looking around the room to find something for her to focus on that would give her the confidence to deal with the teacher that no one liked.

The room had the ten tables that held two students each and then the lab just outs for them to be able to do whatever the class was supposed too without having to change to one of the classroom that had been changed over into a lab setting. The person who sat next to her looked over and then rolled their eyes at her trying to find something to focus on. It was widely known that Kristen could easily block out every person if she wanted too.

When the bell rang everyone got up and walked out of the classroom without any thought to the girl left behind. “Come walk with me.” He said as he looked her over, “You have nothing to fear. You aren’t in any trouble.”

“Then why am I here?” she asked.

“I want to see something.” He replied with a smile. Kristen noticed that she didn’t have the overwhelming anxiety that she normally had when dealing with people. She knew that they wouldn’t want her to talk about the things she just seemed to know about. This teacher though never made her feel that way. He had always seemed mostly kind and he did seem fair with the way he graded things as well.

He was a younger teacher. This had been his first year at the school and he graduated from college the May before the new year. Maybe it was his age that made her a little more comfortable around him. From what she had heard from the people around her many girls thought he was cute. She didn’t see it though. She didn’t look at men or women the same way. She didn’t think that way.

He opened a door of the small hallway that she saw was his office. He was smiling as he held the door for her to walk in. When she took a step in the office everything around her eased. She looked up to him with widened eyes and they were alert as she moved her head to look all around her. She was trying to take it all in.

“I thought so.” He said as he looked down at her, “I hoped to see if teaching would allow me to find one and I did the first year.”

“One?” She asked as she looked at him confused.

“Another star dust child.” He said as he smiled.

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