Star Dust

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Looking at him blankly as she then turned to look at the room and wondered how he made it look like this. “You can see everything that is how I know.” He said, “I am guessing no one has ever told you that before by your reaction. It makes sense that you didn’t know.”

“That I didn’t know what?” She asked him as she focused on the room and the things she saw in it.

“What you are.” He said with a smile as he shut the door. She wondered what was going on. This man wasn;t the nicest of teachers to most everyone. He stayed either in his office or he was teaching. Anything else was more than anyone guess if he would show up for the meetings or not.

“What I am?” She asked as she looked at him again. Kristen was more confused about everything in that moment.

“WE are different Kristen.” He said as he walked to his desk and sat down and looked at her. “Have you ever heard of seeds?”

“Like the things that grow plants?” she asked as her brow wrinkled and she began to wonder if this was a joke of some sort. Life was not like this for her. He was laughing now.

“You know when I found out I asked the same question. The chances of finding another one like you or me here would be almost impossible. I guess you’re it for me.” He said with a grin. “A seed is something other than just the things you plant though that is what we really are. I don’t know all that much but I do know pieces of how we ended up here.”

“Excuse me but honestly what the hell are you talking about?” Kristen asked as she tried again to focus on something other than him.

“Here.” He said as he gave her a picture that he pulled out of his desk. He was watching her as she visibly calmed down as she looked at it. He knew then that she was even more like him than just being a seed. She was the same type as well. “I honestly don’t know where to start.”

“How about the beginning.” She said as she looked at the picture and could almost feel like she was being pulled into the vision in front of her. This was more than she was used too. She had to listen to him without looking at him.

“I would except I don’t know where the beginning really is.” He chuckled. “Have you heard the term star dust?”

“Yes.” Kristen replied as she looked up and could see him there with her but it was like he wasn;t right there in front of her either. “Aren’t we all made up of star dust?”

“No.” He replied. “Some of us are more than just that.”

“I don’t understand.” She replied as she looked back at the picture in her lap. “Why do I feel so different with this one picture?”

“That is part of where we are really from.” He said. “That is the closest one I have sseen though. I have been looking for one that narrows it down.”

“Mr. Bringer I really don’t understand any of this.” Kristen said and then she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Listen.” He said, “In the beginning we know there was things that were being built. The planets, the stars, and life.”

“I figured.” She said with a laugh.

“Do you think that Earth is the only planet that has life?” he asked softly as he moved into the seat next to her to watch her face closely.

“No.” She said as she looked at him. “When I look at the stars at night I know someone some where is looking back even if it is just a flash in time.”

“Good.” He said as he nodded knowing that was the first step. “The stars call to you don’t they?”

“They do.” She said as she looked at him confused.

“Me too.” He said, “I was a little younger than you when my parents brought me to a specialist. The person knew what I was and tried to explain it to them but they couldn’t understand. I did though. The problem was they were not like me. A different type of seed. We do have issues with some types.”

“I still don’t understand any of this.” She said as she looked at him in his eyes that were like hers surprisingly now that he had taken his glasses off and she could see them. The blue was the same color as the sky after a summer rain.

“I know I am ruining this.” He said with a shake of his head. “Kristen we are the remnants of the dust that came from those worlds that call to us.”

“We are aliens?” she asked and he laughed.

“Not so much but we aren’t exactly true humans either. We are the in between.” He said as he looked at her. “Our type of people were here before the humans. I know this is weird. Pieces of us stayed true and we pop up out of no where. No one else in my family is like me. I guess it is the same for you as well.”

“I think I understand a bit.” She said.

“Well it isn’t like there are that many of us.” He chuckled. “Small groups have formed and all but we are a small percentage of the population. Not many of us can find another like us. I thought seeing if I could find one teaching would be easier.”

“So I might not meet another like us?” She asked.

“No.” He said flatly. “Finding one is rare.”

“It is a different theory.” She said as she looked up. “But I still don’t know.”

“That is fine.” He said as he leaned back in his chair and sighed. “I will be here when you need to know more.”

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