Star Dust

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Months passed and Kristen signed up for summer school so she would still have the office to help her focus. The two people found the basis of a friendship that went beyond their shared status. This was much more than that. They had found when Kristen actual spoke she was brilliant. Being told not too from a young age had taught her to keep her mouth shut.

Now the last week of school he was packing up some of the things there. She breezed into the office. “Good morning.”

“Coffee is on the desk.” He said over his shoulder as he reached up and took something off the wall.

“How did you know I would be coming this morning?” she asked. And he turned and looked at her with the really? Look.

“Well I do know your schedule right now, kid.” He said. “I know you don’t have an exam this morning but I knew you would be dropped off early and then you would come here.”

“I don’t have an exam at all today.” She said. He turned around and looked at her.

“Good.” He said. “Neither do I. I do need some help moving some of this stuff.”

“Sure I have nothing better to do.” She said as she shrugged. “Plus you did buy me coffee.”

“Well I know I am not supposed to tell you this but I will be moving schools over the summer.” He said as he looked at her.

“What?” she asked she was surprised. “you are leaving?”

“Kristen you are seventeen and getting ready to leave anyway.” He laughed. “Summer school was just the beginning. Did you not think I would look at which classes you were taking?”

“I wasn;t planning on leaving.” She said as she looked at him.

“what?” he asked as she looked at him and the room. “You should go to college next year.”

“I plan on it but it is here.” She said. “I just wanted to get a few classes done over the summer. No one will care when I graduate so it didn’t matter to give up my summer. My parents thought it was because of my grades that I signed up. However it was to make things easier when I move out in a few months.”

“Wait what?” he asked as he completely turned around. “What is this about moving out? Where are you going to go?”

“I was planning on finding a cheap apartment.” She said with a smile. “I already applied for a loan and I got it. It will pay for school and the apartment for the four years. My parents don’t even know about it. I am set. I am free when I turn eighteen during the summer.”

“Kristen you didn’t even tell me.” He said as he sighed and turned to the wall.

“I couldn’t.” she said as she stood up. “I know that I tell you most everything but I didn’t think I would get it. I couldn’t tell you that I failed at something again. I can take the disappointment in my parents eyes but not yours.”

Kristen walked to the door and then started out of the office. She knew she would come back to it but right now she needed to be by herself. There was nothing worse than feeling like she had hurt someone but she knew that she had to do something a certain way. When she had started to fail another class he had lectured her for hours on the importance of getting through the class with a passable grade. Instead her parents had grounded her without any explanation. She couldn’t disappoint him anymore.

She made it to the door jam and was going to turn when an arm wrapped around her waist and brought her back into the room and the door closed equally quickly. He had her pinned against the door within seconds and she had not even heard him move through the office. She looked at him with huge eyes. He chuckled slightly at her reaction. “Don’t walk away from me.” He said softly in her ear.

“Mr. Bringer.” She said softly back to him.

“Just wait until you are eighteen.” He said as he looked at her. He looked back down at the floor as well as if to try and refocus himself. She was surprise he chose the floor and not one of the pictures he had on the wall. “I need to be away from this school but I still want to teach.”

“Why would any of that matter to me? “She asked. “Why wait until I am eighteen.”

“a few laws.” He chuckled. “Then the conversation will be slightly different Kristen.”

“I don’t understand.” She said and he pressed a little closer to her looking down into her upturned face. “You have a girlfriend and everything.”

“No I don’t.” he said as he looked at her. “That one didn’t last.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked slightly shocked.

“Like some things you have found we don’t have to share everything.” He said as he stood up. “I need to walk a fine line until I am at the middle school and you are out of here.”

“I think I get it.” She said as she watched him go to his desk and sit down. She went back to her seat.

“Just don’t think you can’t tell me something again.” He said as she leveled her a stare. “I get the leaving part but you have to let someone know your plans.”

“I have never had someone who cared what I did.” she said with a sigh. “It isn’t like they would even notice I left the house.”

“Well that helps a bit.” He chuckled. “You know I need an assistant over the summer. After your classes you could use a few extra bucks working for me. It doesn’t matter if they know you left or not. It is more the fact you need to let someone help you.”

“And that someone is you?” she asked as she tilted her head.

“I guess that is my job.” he said as he sighed and looked up to the sky. “Someone has too.”

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