Star Dust

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Kristen was done with her classes halfway through the summer. She didn’t have to do anything and she was done with her first half year with college as well. She had to be pleased with herself. Though like she suspected no one in her family even noticed that she had begun to pack her things. She was nearing eighteen and that was when she began looking for a place to live. She looked at the first three places and knew this was going to be harder than she had thought it would be.

When she showed up at his apartment to help him get the worksheets done for the new classwork she was utterly defeated. She knocked on the door and he opened up within a minute. He looked at her and could see and feel her frustration rolling off of her in waves, “what?”

“Nothing.” She said softly. “Let’s get to work.”

“Not so fast.” He said as she walked into to his apartment and looked around. It looked like he was moving everything around and everything was everywhere. It was he was redoing things or something had exploded in the apartment. She looked around and then to him.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she looked at the piles of books and paperwork that was on the couch so there was not even a place to sit down. Everything was scattered and even the things on the walls were off. She was surprised because it seem like something that he would do without telling her only because he normally needed her help to finish it.

“Changing some things and making some more room.” He said. “I am thinking of getting a roommate.”

“A roommate?” she asked as she looked at him. This was again something he normally would have talked to her about but instead he was hitting her with this out of the blue. She had to focus for a moment and steady herself. She knew that something going on that she didn’t know about. she focused herself rather well without looking at anything. She had been able to teach herself how to do this during the school year with his help.

“Like I said I am thinking of having someone move in.” Gregor Bringer said as he looked at her. Then he looked at the time and saw that she was right on time and he was the one who was behind schedule. He shook his head with himself knowing this wasn’t the way he wanted to do this. He knew starting this wasn’t the best way to do it but the idea wouldn’t go away.

“Who?” she asked as she lifted a pile and sat down on the chair that was mostly open.

“Isn’t that obvious?” he asked as he looked at her in the chair. “I am sorry. I meant to have this mostly done before you got here but the fact was I started to much at once.”

“that is okay and no it is not obvious on the who part. Now just tell me where you what this stuff and we can move it around. At least then when you have the person look at it wouldn’t be a huge mess.” Kristen said with a sigh as she looked around the room. She knew this was going to be an all day thing. However he didn’t move. He was just looking at her.

“When is your birthday?” he asked softly.

“A week away.” She said as she looked at him. Being confused as he would have known that.

“We have a week to get the apartment clean.” He said as he tried to give her a little space.

“What? “she looked at him.

“Kristen.” He said. “Maybe we should watch tv or something.”

“Gregor what is going on?” she asked as she looked at him.

“Seven days and then we can discuss this.” He said. She didn’t know what was going on when he looked at her. Somehow she just accepted his words and didn’t read into them. Instead she lifted a packet of paper and saw he had been doing more research on the group that were talking about being seeds like they were. He had been highlighting thing and then she saw the words on the paper.

The group had actually made the claim that the seeds were the next part of human evolution. They were calling to all the ones who had been tested to find their mates within the group. The children that would be produced would be the next stage for development of the species. She laughed at the statement. When he looked at her as she laughed.

“Do they not realize that we really don’t like being tested?” She asked as she met his eyes.

“No.” he said as he reached for the papers. “Half of what they said seems to be the normal for the beings of a cult.”

“So they are using us to gain fame?” she asked.

“Something like that. However some of what they said might actually be true.” Gregor stated as he looked at her.

“Oh yeah, what would that be?” she asked.

“We might be the next stage of evolution.” He said as he looked at her. “The fact is there aren’t all that many of us at any given time. So the chances of us meeting is unbelievable. However we are drawn to each other like the other is a lodestone of some sort. Finding one that is compatible is damn near impossible. The idea of the next generation isn’t one that most seeds can think about. However if two seeds find each other and do have a child it is like one and four they will be one as well.”

“I guess that makes sense to a point.” She said , “however I don’t think that we are really all that rare. I mean I know we are a small part of the population it is just that a lot of us fell through the cracks and it wasn’t seen.”

“We are not ones for huge crowds. However finding one that you like is against the odds. Since there are different ones from different places as well.” Gregor said as he looked down to her. “Finding one like yourself though. That is the real prize.”

“Like us?” Kristen asked as she met his eyes.

“Exactly like us.” He said with a smile.

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