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I know this seems like click bait. It is not.

The security of my finished stories is beyond important to me and unfortunately this platform is not secure. Neither is Wattpad.

If you like my writing come to Patreon and follow me there.

**Note not all stories are up as of yet. Everything is scheduled and will be released soon. Updated daily.*****

Also before you leave a nasty comment. Please understand that a few months ago I was notified that A lot of my stories, my hard work and time, were stolen off of inkitt and wattpad at some time and they were sold to a lot of different novel sites. Someone was making money off of my hard work. Most of them were taken down but that involved having to get lawyers involved.

When notified both Inkitt and wattpad had bland responses that it was basically my fault it was happening. A lot of authors were left to handle this on their own when we all thought we would get some help from the site as it was their fault because of security flaws. I could tell which site things came off of because of the covers.

I will not work and pour myself into my work for someone to think they can come and steal it and I will lie down and take it. Think please before you leave a nasty comment about how there are free stories here and on Wattpad and they are better because of it. Or I am just trying to make a profit. I lost a source of income from inkitt because I removed everything. I don’t care about the money. Though I will protect my time and work.

How can I build a following at all if people don’t read my work? So I provide a sample. If you like it then Please join on on Patreon. If you don’t that is fine. I don’t need to know that you think I am wrong for posting samples.

Also if you do want to continue to read my work but not a Patreon. My books are available on Kat Thomas

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