The start of a new life

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It's about a girl who has to face her future as an alien princess whether or not it is a good or a bad future......

Fantasy / Action
Magda Kruger
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Chapter 1 ; Secrets

Chapter 1 ; Secrets

Long ago there was a magical kingdom so beautiful and free that it almost seemed like heaven. King Jerry, Queen Marisa, and their daughter Jenny lived happily in their kingdom on their lovely Afidea along with the other kingdoms on their planet called Alfea, but as always on every planet or dimension, there is a big threat …

The king was a powerful ruler as for his daughter who young and gullible. She was not much of a listener, which she got from her mother. Everyone on their planet had special powers like wizards or ferries only difference is their powers were based on crystals. They all had a pendant that helped them transform and increase their powers witch was very helpful for them.

Jenny's mother Queen Marisa died of rare heart disease when she was 17 years old after that she became more serious she stopped dancing and singing, she stopped having fun.

3 years later ~

In a few weeks, it is not only Jenny's birthday but also her coronation. She was so excited to become queen and find the perfect man to share her life with that she had to go tell her best friend.

Ella Hunter is her best friend for 2 years they shared all their secrets and more but the only problem was that Ella is not from where Jenny is from, she lived on a small planet called Earth.

Jenny had to lie or sneak out just to visit her because her father would not approve of this friendship especially if they are from another planet. Ella got married to Jerid Hunter when she was 20 years old which was a year ago. Both Ella and Jerid knew Jenny's secret and took an oath to keep the secret.

One faithful day Jerid's best friend Jack Morgan was walking to Jerid's house when he saw something strange happening and run to hide and with a shock of a lifetime, she saw Jenny appear from a strange pink circle.

Jack rushed to Jerid's house and with luck only he was home because the girls left to go shopping with the kids. As Jack told Jerid what he saw he kept saying he was hallucinating and that it's not real and so Jack decided to follow her around to prove.

A Few hours later Jenny and Ella came back with the kids and decided to go work in their secret lair that Jenny made for them. When Jack saw Jenny he emotionally freaked out not because of what he saw but because he like, liked her since the first day he met her.

Jenny also acted oddly around Jack witch made everyone believe she like, liked him as well. To change the subject and mood Jack took out the papers from his bag and handed them to Ella and Jerid. Jack worked at an adoption agency and the paper was an approval adoption letter. Ella and Jerid could not have kids of their own so they decided to adopt one.

They have already adopted 3 kids, the oldest is Danny then Abby, and then Annika. Sam is the new newest member of the Hunter family.

As they all were talking about the adoption taking place Jennys magical pendant on her necklace started to glow but she covered it quickly and when she had gone to the bathroom. When Jenny was in the bathroom she held her necklace and said “reveala” then her father's voice face appeared in front of her saying he has to speak with her.

When she left the bathroom she went to tell Ella her father needed her, she took her bag and when she turned around Annika stood there and asked,

Annika;” You look nervous “
Jenny;” Yeah well my dad seemed angry when he called and my dad can be scary sometimes “
When Jenny left Jack told them that he will see them at the adoption agency later and ran off after Jenny in a distance. He followed her to an abandoned warehouse.

Just as Jenny opened a portal she heard noises from behind her and as she turned around she saw Jack.
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