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First of all, I just wanna warn you guys that English is not my first language... There will be some grammatical mistakes but just bear with it... Give the novel a try... ................................ As a commander of the secret arms task force in the Indian Military, Ajay was a high-ranking officer. But something changed one day. As Ajay was enjoying a quiet evening, he received the message of High alert on the country... Later that day, Ajay tried to take a power nap before things become nasty... When Ajay wakes up from the power nap, he finds himself stranded in the world of swords and magic... Now he has to survive in an alien environment and with no knowledge of the world... Will he be able to survive?.. ............................................................................................................... So, for new readers... Weak MC to strong MC......Check Magical world.......Check Suspense......Check Cheats......Not found Is MC a Hidden Boss..... Read to find out ............................................................................................................... Join me on discord... https://discord.gg/jBKhazVV8n ................................................................................................................ Support me on https://www.patreon.com/SolarisDagger

Fantasy / Adventure
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11 February 2072,

In a two-story building in one of the alleys of old Delhi in India, one man was sitting in a Barcalounger sipping a cold beer. This man is around his fifties and is playing video games on his gaming console. This man is around 6 feet and 3-inch-tall and has an army cut. There is a long scar on his face from his left side eyebrow to his left cheek and has a fair skin tone. The man in question is Colonel Ajay Adinatha Nagar.

Colonel Ajay has earned various merits in his career and would earn more in the future but the most tragic part about his life is he has no family, no lover, no one. So, he decided that he would use it as an advantage and serve his country. This started his journey from RAW or Research and Analysis Wing. It could be said that Raw is the secret agency of India.

Colonel Ajay had not worked as a spy in RAW. He worked as a cleaner. There are certain individuals in every country’s secret agency who did all the dirty work for the country. Those were called cleaners. Colonel Ajay and his team were called Sikari. Skiari is the Hindi word for hunters. They would hunt and kill those individuals that could bring potential harm to the country’s policies.

But soon, Colonel Ajay became old and took a job at the Raw as an analyist. He worked as Chief of the Analytics Department. Their work was to gather information about the events of the world and ready a strategy according to the events.

Ajay’s father was an army officer and thus he threw him too in the army school from a young age. Since childhood he was in army school which was a boy’s school and to put a cheery on the top, he had always lived in a hostel. After graduation from school, he got selected in the National Defence Academy or N.D.A from where he did his B.tech And then he did his M.tech from an army college due to which his first-time interaction with girls came when he was on the field.

Because of this, he didn’t know how to interact with the opposite sex in such a way that the girl would get attracted to him. Therefore he didn’t have any love interest or whatsoever in his whole life…

It was 2:00 am the clock which meant all people of Delhi were sleeping right now but Ajay playing video games. Ajay was in his boxers and was sitting in Barcalounger with orange boxers and nothing else. His mind was on the game. Technically and officially now he was now on his holidays. During the holidays Ajay actually prefers to go around the world and to see places. Tomorrow he would be leaving for Iceland. He always wanted to see Aurora Borealis or it is only a famous thing left for him to watch. As alone as he was and from the salary of the army, he had visited almost all the places all over the world.

Ajay’s mind was on his 85-inch curved display, then his mind got distracted by a panel just beside the led. The panel was small like a phone and had a button and led light on it. The small led light in the panel was blinking. Ajay then quickly grabbed the remote of the led and press a button. It opened the live video feed of the hallway outside the door of his house. He could see that there were three men coming upstairs. Ajay quickly grabbed the gun from a secret compartment in the Barcalounger and moved towards the door of the house. He tossed away his gaming headphones and approached the door.

Ajay lived in a two-story building. The ground floor was given on rent to shop so it made Ajay the only living person in the building right now as it is 2:00 am in the night. The only way to come upstairs is from a channel gate which is locked by a lock from inside. These three men were coming upstairs that meant they had broken the lock. It was thanks to the movement sensors that Ajay had installed that he was informed that they were coming upstairs. Ajay was thinking about how to deal with the attackers then he heard a knock on the door.

Ajay loaded his gun took cover beside a wall beside the door.

“Who is it?” Ajay asked.

“Am I speaking with Colonel Ajay Adinatha Nagar?” asked back the man behind the door.

“It really depends on who is asking.” Replied Ajay in a sarcastic tone.

“Sir, It is me, Rahul. Please answer your phone on time.” came the reply from the man behind the door.

“Who?” asked Ajay in a confused tone.

“You were not answering your call, so Chief Joseph sent me and my team to pick you up.” Replied the man.

Ajay then peeked through the peephole of the door after turning on the lights of the hallway. He saw three men in suits and the man in the middle had a smirk on his face. Ajay recognizes the guy as Mohmad Rahul and the other two as his juniors. With the gun in his hand, Ajay opens the door. And with an irritated facial expression on his face, Ajay asks Rahul “What the hell are you doing here and this ungodly hour and you also broke the lock of the channel gate.”

Without saying anything Rahul gives a phone to Ajay. Ajay looks at Rahul in a confused look. He then took the phone and see that there is a private number on the line of the phone. Ajay then picks up the phone and says “Hello.”

“Ajay” replies a deep voice behind the phone.

“Chief.” Recognizing the voice behind the phone Ajay replies.

“Do not ask any question. Just come to H.Q a.s.a.p with Rahul and his team. Put up your uniform and be on the way. Your team is requesting your immediate presence. Something had come up. As a senior officer go and check it out.” Chief replied in a quick manner before Ajay could say something the phone got disconnected.

“What the Fuck happened now?” Ajay said in an irritated voice.


Ajay got dressed. He activated all the alarms of the building. He brought a new lock from his storeroom and locked the ground floor channel gate with it. Ajay wore his official military uniform and got into an SUV parked outside his house. With that 4 of them silently started the travel in the night.

During the whole 1 hour journey from Ajay’s house to the RAW’s HQ, nobody said a word. When they finally reached the HQ, Ajay left towards his office while the other 3 went their way. As soon as Ajay sat foot in the Analytics Wing of the HQ, he figured that something was seriously wrong. All the analytics wing whose is usually very quiet was now converted into a very noisy fish market.

Ajay was baffled. He had known and handle these people for a long time now. He had never seen them in this much disarray. He couldn’t take it anymore. He walked upto the middle room and shouted…


With that voice, everyone in the room stopped and started looking at the man who had just shouted.

“Steve!! Status report.” Ajay spoke once again. A scrawny man with glasses came up to Ajay and saluted Ajay and then spoke

“At around 2348 hours we intercepted a transmission stating that a military base in Miami USA was attacked. We concluded that it was caused by some terrorists. As per manual, we raised the alert. But then something happened that was…. Strange..”

“Go on,” Ajay said

“First of all, terrorists attacking the USA’s military base was very suspicious. But then after only 30 mins of confrontation, USA scrambled some F-55s and blew up the base.”

“Wait, they blew up the base?”


“What happened to the soldiers of the base?”




“Anyone who had taken the responsibility for the attack?”

“No one.”

“Well, that is strange.”

“Sir, but the things didn’t end there.”

“What? There is more?”

“Well yes. Out of 3 F-55s, one had been shot down. And after that, a destroyer’s of the USA’s navy started firing on the base. And then a destroyer was also destroyed.”

“A destroyer was destroyed?”


“Send a Code-Red alert, to all the forces. This is not a drill. Team-A, coordinate with Team-G to see if that it was really a terrorist’s job or not. Team-H, contact our allies and the other agencies and found out any information that if they had any information about the who could be behind this.”

“Sir, is the situation serious?”

“I don’t know. But I do know this is that whoever is behind the attack had just stepped on a land mine. USA is no country to trifle with. And maybe this could be the start of a World War. So people concentrate. We need information and we need it now!”

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