I Want To Die

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Cursed by a sorcerer to live an eternal life, "let me introduce myself, Alex Iciclis de Rouse'valle", "Can you kill me?"...

Fantasy / Romance
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“In the year 563, there was once a girl who was loved by the empire. Her flowing silk hair, fair skin, with her crystal blue eyes made everyone believed that she’s the reincarnation of the goddess in the Empire of Sylvia . She came from a powerful noble family that even the king himself can’t order that family. Her dad and the king were close friends, but when the owner of the throne changed, the peacefulness in the empire were shattered.

The king was a tyrant who only think of himself and entirely hates the Rouse’valle Family. The king ordered a powerful sorcerer in exchange for his throne to overthrow her family. The sorcerer had a second thought but he still agreed because the throne was the exchange though he pitied the family which was the target of the king.

On a rainy day, the sorcerer intruded the mansion of the Rouse’valle family. His magic’s pressure was intense which led the family become powerless. Their daughter who was crying on the stairs was asked by the sorcerer softly “you’re the reincarnation of Sylvia are you?”, the girl was trembling and couldn’t answer. In the silence, the sorcerer checked her neck and saw a symbol, there he realized that she was really the reincarnation of the goddess. The sorcerer decided that he will only curse her family and not her.

The girl was shocked when she heard the sorcerer. “P-Please,…great sorcerer, just c-curse me…don’t include my f-family…” she begged the sorcerer, so the sorcerer said “you’re really her reincarnation, both of you are willing to sacrifice yourself just because of a family…HAHAHHAHAHA!!”, “you can c-curse anything to me, even it means I have to die, JUST LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!!!! I-I’m begging…you please….” she said while her family was screaming outside the barrier the sorcerer cast. The sorcerer took a look at her family crying in the barrier he casted and spoke with a tone full of agony “you know, dying is such a wonderful word, you’ll die and will be given a new life to start again”, “W-what do you mean…?” “Since you want to take the curse yourself, I’ll give you a gift instead.”, the girl was thinking about what that gift could be.

“It will be a gift for a villain but will be a curse for a girl like you” the girl was still confused “you know villains intends to live long life taking things away from someone so they would definitely think that this curse is a gift to them.” the girl saw the sadness in the sorcerer’s eyes, his eyes were sad, like it contains many memories on one person, then she realized that the curse that the sorcerer were talking about is the “Gift of Life”, it’s called a gift because the person’s magic who casted it will fall upon the one who was casted on then and the mana of that person will be eternal which her life will also means that she won’t die. Then the sorcerer cast the gift of life to her “mi a r kej i ma kin kuf r tas gha sentos…!!” with the sorcerer casting the gift of life to the girl, the girl fainted on the floor, with this the sorcerer’s final words were “be careful of the king…” and his body disappeared slowly.

Her family rushed to their daughter, “ALEEXX!!! are you ok..??!!” her older brother asked while crying, she slightly opened her eyes and saw her family crying in front of her, and fainted.


She found herself waking up in her bed, a maid came in her room and was shocked to see their lady woke up. The maid hurriedly called the whole Rouse’valle Family, they gathered in her room waiting for the doctor’s slip.

“Is our daughter ok??” her parents asked worriedly. “Mom, dad, brother, I’m fine see for yourself no need to worry.” she told them while smiling brightly “no, you’re not fine, you got the gift of life” her brother said while crying “brother look, I’m totally fine it’s better than having our whole family being cursed” “NO IT”S NOT!!!” both her parents shouted “you won’t be given a new life, you won’t die!! you won’t age, and you’ll watch your love ones die ahead of you, do you want that life..?” “mom, it’s my choice so I shouldn’t regret it…” the whole family was in silence, “then we will support your decision” her parents told her while crying, “We’ll take our leave now so you can take a rest” her father said.

“Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you, father, the king is the one who sent the sorcerer, be careful” “I already know, were planning to overthrow the king in two weeks…” Her father told her seriously.

After they left, the girl sat beside the window thinking what will happen to her, “I’m really an idiot aren’t I…?” she told her self while her tears slowly drip from her face.


The Rouse’valle and other families successfully overthrowed the king led by the crown prince. After the treason they elected the crown prince to be the king but, the crown prince disagreed. The ministers were shocked by the crown prince disagreement, “I can’t be the king, because I killed the king my own father, to me he was a father before a king, to the Rouse’valle family I’m deeply sorry for the mess my father made and also to your daughter.”

“You don’t need to be sorry, it was your father who’s at fault not you, and also you should be the king, you always told me that you would be a king one day…” Alex butted in. “B-bu-” “No buts, just be the king goddamn it” “since your my only friend, and I don’t know anyone,….uhmm so..” “what?” “BE MY QUEEN!!” the ministers were shocked, despite that confession she answered quickly “NO!” but since you want a queen, I know someone who’s fitted” she said while smirking. Because of that offer the crown prince strongly disagreed since he’s one of the people who knows about her true nature so he just accepted being the king of the empire. Time passed by quickly and the king led the empire greatly.


“Brother, I will leave this place” she told her brother. Her brother was old now and has children to take care. “W-where will you go?” her brother asked in shock. “Since mom and dad already died, and you also had a family already, your children are even calling you papa so cute but they are pretty naughty though…ahahaha, also send my regards to that idiot king ahahhaha” she laughed softly “don’t talk like that to the king it’ll be an act of treason…”, “ahahhaha don’t worry even though I call him idiot he won’t kill me…I’m his only friend” “…” “brother I don’t wanna see you die either…” “B-Bu-” “I just realized now what mom meant when she told me watching my love ones die, why the gift of life is called a curse instead of a gift!! I REGRET IT NOW!!” she said while crying, her brother told her, “Alex, just remember even if mom and dad isn’t here now they’ll always be in your heart” “Brother I want to ask you a favor…” her brother looked at her “brother…please stab me in the heart so I can die” “w-what are you talking about I ca-” “BROTHER PLEASE!!!! I searched everywhere but there’s no way to undo the curse….so please..” she begged her brother until her brother agreed to stab her.

When her brother stabbed her in the heart, she didn’t feel any pain and didn’t die. The wound stabbed by her brother quickly healed “I really can’t die…..ahahahaha” she laughed while crying and with the magic she learned she disappeared right in front of her brother’s eyes…”

“Father, Father what happened to her sister?”

“I also don’t know it’s still a mystery, even now.”

“Your grandfather always tell me and my brother this story every bedtime, they said this story was a very famous tale in the Empire of Sylvia but, whenever your grandfather tell us this story he will always cry”

“grandfather is crying so that means he is sad…”

“That’s because the girl in the story is your grand-aunt, your grandfather’s sister”

“So grand-aunt is the girl in the story”

“Yes, and grandfather would always think about how aunt is doing.”

Many generations passed and a scroll containing the one and only picture of Alex Iciclis de Rouse’valle was passed down with a ring on it.

This tale that became famous in the Sylvia Empire was known in the whole world, they made it into a novel, a stage play, even made a music for this tale. And this tale was known as “The tale of the Gift of Life”. And that tale will always be a mystery.

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