Secretly Powerful

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Aloisa is the emperor's fourth daughter, she is e of a promise she made to her mother So, you can say that she is "Secretly Powerful"rumoured to be average looking, weak, frail and stupid, she only has her manners But in reality, she is beautiful, poised, strong and smart, she just prefers to hide it because of a promise she made to her mother So you can say that she is "Secretly Powerful"

Fantasy / Action
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"She can't" those words from the most talented teacher that my dad hired to teach me martial arts, that's all it took, that's all it took to make my dad lose all hope in me "She's too weak, she'll probably die if we go on" that's all it took to make him to break the promise he made to my mom, in her last breath, to be fair he also made a promise to keep me safe.

You know what? why don't we start at the beginning?

My name is Aloisa, my mom gave me that name cause it meant because it meant a 'renowned warrior', (a girl/boy who would grow up showing qualities of a good warrior.) she knew that I would become powerful, so powerful that sometimes i probably wouldn't even be able to control it. why was she so sure that I'd be powerful? that's a bit complicated.

Authors POV


Aloisa's mother comes from a powerful tribe, her ancestor was one of the most powerful cultivators at the time, he made the dragon spirit out of his own spiritual power, it was like one of those 'must not fall into the wrong hands or all would go to hell' thing, but Aloisa's ancestor was smart (for the era he lived in), he made sure that only his bloodline would be able to use the dragon, and of anyone of his descendants have bad intention and tend to get the dragon for help then they will not be chosen.

Apparently the entire tribe was killed, besides Aloisa's mother, she ran away and married the crown Prince (the emperor) and gave birth to his daughter, Aloisa.

And since somebody needed to hold the dragon, Aloisa inherited all of it's power. Most of the time the power of the dragon is split, cause the entire dragon's power is to much to bear, it's a miracle that Aloisa's still even alive after having all that spiritual power inside her

Fun fact: that much power stored in one place (Aloisa) actually devloped a consciousness, Yes, the dragon actually has a talking, living consciousness (well, not so much on the living part, ALOT on the talking part) Aloisa even gave him a name cause it felt awkward calling him nothing, she named him Ryoto, which, fun fact, means dragon, yep, she literally named the dragon spirit: dragon. well, to be fair, she was 5, she calls him Ryo for short, cute, right?

Now, onto serious matters, no matter how friendly Ryo is, he's still dangerous-very dangerous, when all of Aloisa's depression, sadness and hatred on the world mixes with Ryo.

I think you have already guessed that Aloisa did NOT have a happy life, her mother and father loved her very much, they pampered her, more than all of their other daughters, their sons loved her too, protected her acted as her guardians. It made all the daughters and concubines of the emperor unbearably jealous, they tried to assassinate Aloisa and her mom many times but failed, but one day, when Aloisa was 5, a enemy country sent an assassinator. Aloisa's mother jumped in to save Aloisa from getting killed.


the assassinator had shot Aloisa's mother. the emperor had called the imperial physician to save her, he examined her, "your highness, I'm sorry, but the arrow's been poisoned." he said bowing "what do you mean!? there must be a way to cure her! right!?" said the emperor unsure to feel rage or sadness.
The empress (Aloisa's mother) slightly opened her eyes "mother!" Aloisa shouted, they all looked at her and rushed towards her

"Love! are you okay?!" the emperor said in panic and worry "well, I've just been shot by a poisoned arrow, so, what do think?" the empress said in a weak voice and with a weak smile. "I'd like to talk to the emperor alone if you'll excuse us." they all went out of the room

"what do you want to talk about, my queen?" he asked almost crying. the empress looked up to him and saw his tear soaked eyes "no, no, no" she lifted her hand and wiped his tears away "Don't cry, the emperor shouldn't cry" he took her hand and kissed it "Please don't leave me, my love" she weakly chuckled "I'm afraid I can't promise that" a tear falls from his eye "No, please, no *sob* don't leave me" he puts his head in her hand "You're all I have left" he says sobbing. "Of course I'm not, you still have all your concubines." he looks at her with a serious glare "I don't love those concubines, you're the one I love" she sighs "they still had your sons and daughters, you can't say that you don't love them." she looks at him with sincere eyes "of course I love them" she weakly smiles "then let them know that, besides it's not like I'm leaving you with nothing, I'm leaving Aloisa, she's a part of me. promise me that you'll protect her, make her strong and take care of yourself, you have many reasons to live except me" he looks at her stopping his tears from falling, she smiles again "send Aloisa in, I need to tell her something"

he nods and goes out of the room few minutes later Aloisa comes in

"mother" Aloisa says weakly, her voice broken, her eyes filled with tears objecting to fall. "oh, my dear child, are you okay?" Aloisa steps forward and kneels beside the empress "mother, *sob* please don't leave me" she keeps sobbing, her tears unwilling to cease. the empress smiles to how much Aloisa is alike to her father. the empress softly caresses Aloisa's head "now, now, my dear child" she gently shushed her until her sobs became into hiccups "now, you need to listen to me" Aloisa looks up with a confused look "after I'm gone, you can't let anyone know about the dragon, conceal your true self until the time is right" the empress' eyes become heavy until she loses sight

Aloisa's POV

I felt mother's grip on my head become looser. I lifted my head to see her eyes closed and her breathing ceasing

"MOTHER!!" I screamed on top of my lungs. The people outside heard me screaming and started to rush inside

"Mother, mother, wake up please!" I pleaded helplessly and started crying. My father ran to my side. "Emika, Emika!"

Author's POV

Emika was Aloisa's mother's name it meant 'beautiful blessed child' it suited her mother till their clan was slaughtered, she had to run away, she got kidnapped and sold to the crown Prince (the emperor) who married her, made her the empress, gave birth to his child, all to get shot by a poisonous arrow while saving that child and dying

Aloisa's POV

We called the imperial physician

he checked her and the next thing he says brutally shook me

mother was dead...

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