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Irresistible Pull [18+]

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She always hated it when people date their friend's ex. It should be a friendship rule but soon she find out that her own best friend broke this rule and she herself is on verge of breaking it with her best friend's sexy Ex. The attraction is irresistible that pull them always together. Everything looked ordinary or normal in the beginning but there would be things she never imagined.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Olivia Miller’s POV

I always enjoyed the show bartenders tend to put on while serving drinks. I find it attractive and if the bartender himself is a hot, sexy guy then it’s more appealing. But I could not seem to focus on the hot bartender in front of me. My eyes were stuck on the ice and the way he was carving it. He was cutting it in a round shape and the shaved ice were all over the table. That’s how I was feeling entire day. I really thought I would enjoy my weekend but my best friend made sure to ruin it.


“Mam, you have a parcel. Please sign here.” The delivery guy said after giving me the papers.

I did not know about the parcel and I rarely got any parcel. After receiving the parcel, I checked the sender’s name and it was my best friend Sarah Smith.

“She sent me a parcel! Why didn’t she tell me before.” I placed the box on the tool beside my couch and started to unbox it. The box contains different kind of chocolates, dry fruits, a bottle of perfume and a card. I had this feeling that I would not like whatever was in that card. First she didn’t inform me about the parcel when we spoke to each other last night and then she sent me a card. Slowly I unwrapped the card from it’s satin cloth cover, revealing a wedding card.

“She is getting married! What the hell? Sarah weds Harry, which Harry is this?” I was totally freaking out. I hurriedly open the card to read inside. “You are invited to join us in the wedding of Sarah Smith and Harry Carson.” I went silent after that. I kept looking at the name praying that it was a bad dream and the name would vanish after a while but it didn’t happen. The bold golden letters were mocking me by glowing bright.

The card had a folded paper within it so, I took it out. I recognized Sarah’s handwriting and it looked like a letter to explain what’s going on.

My Dear Olivia,

I do not know how to start explaining things to you. I know everything looks bad but trust me it’s not. I know that we are best friends and we were supposed to tell everything to each other but I couldn’t tell you when I started to date Harry. I had this burden on me for so long. I know what you think about dating your ex and it happened to me accidentally. I fall in love with him after dating him for few months. You both are important to me and I can not live without any of you. Please forgive me if you can, I know you have a big heart. Everyone here is happy for us like I know you will be happy for me. You remember, how we talked about finding the love of our life? I finally found mine.

I know you are upset but try to understand from my side. Call me when you want to talk. I will wait for you.

- Sarah.

Flashback ends-

I was so upset that I read that letter multiple of times just to make some sense but I failed. How the heck she ‘accidentally’ fall in love with him when she was dating him for months? She knew that I would be upset then why she even started dating him? When we talked about the love of our life, he was the love of my life and she knew it. How could she use that on me after knowing everything?

She knew how sad and devastated I was when he broke up with me. Long distance relationship was not for him when I was thinking about ditching everything just for him. I came to New York from Florida just for my job while he promised to wait for me. Though it’s been two years since we broke up but how could she?

I did not date anyone after that actually I could not. I developed extreme trust issues and Sarah just made it worse. My best friend from my childhood broke my trust with the one who broke my heart. I was in need for a rebranding and my stupid ass decided to start it with getting drunk and then probably one night stand. The vodka shots burned my throat but my heartache was there.

I then heard something over all the loud music and people laughing. A girl was shouting on top of her lungs.

“You bastard! How can you flirt with my friends when you are with me?”

“With you? I just fucked you one night and that’s all. Stop stalking me!” A strong and deep male voice shouted.

“Don’t fuck with my friends.” The girl warned him.

“No, I won’t fuck with your friends when I already fucked your sister.” I snorted hearing the conversation. Typical player and their one night stand fuck buddies. That reminded me one of the reasons why Harry broke up with me. I was not letting him see me when he asked for nudes, tried to convince me for video sex and I was glad that I did that.

I wanted to trust my best friend. If she was saying that it happened accidentally then it happened accidentally. But my drunk brain compared to getting pregnant accidentally. I was laughing on my own stupidity. One can not just trip, fall on a dick and get pregnant. She too can not trip and accidentally give her heart to him. Everything has a process and they followed it knowing very well what they were doing.

My drunk mind was smarter and declared that letter as bullshit. She knew she fucked up and giving excuses to me. Dating your friend’s ex was something I always despised. The world has decent amount of boys so, no one needs to date their friends’ boyfriends.

I remember the special note on that wedding card. She was playing the cupid for everyone and asked to bring a plus one. She knew I had no plus one. Suddenly my sweet, innocent best friend started to look like a devil to me. It meant I had enough drinks. I slowly made my way towards the dance floor. I had no feelings left for Harry but I did not expect it from Sarah. My drunk and upset self started to sway with the music and I was sure that I would not be alone there for long. Soon enough I felt a presence behind me. I should be nervous because I had never done something like that. I did not let any stranger to come close to me but I was literally grinding against a stranger whose face I was yet to see.

He placed his hands on my waist and came more close to me. I felt weird but my drunk brain was like, ‘You came here to have a D, bitch! Now enjoy what you are getting.’ I was no virgin but it was my first time to do it with a stranger. His hands slowly crept up and touched my bosoms. When he started to press them, I chickened out while shouting in my mind ‘I could not do it’. I pushed that man away and ran towards the washroom without seeing his face.

“You drank too much, livi. What if that stranger do something to you and you won’t be able to save yourself because you are drunk!” I told you, my drunk brain was smarter than my sober one.

“I will have to drive my car. I need to go home.” I was chanting that while coming out of the bathroom. “I need to sleep. Why is everything so blurry? Ho- homf!” I literally crushed on someone, hurting my nose.

“Aww my nose.” I groaned and looked up to see who it was. I could not see the face clearly. But when I blinked to focus, I saw him clearly for two to three seconds. “You look familiar.”

“Familiar? You wound me, Livi. You don’t remember me.” A very familiar voice said.

“Your voice is familiar too. You are like that stupid Alex Anderson. Hot as hell and a player.” I giggled.

“Thanks for the compliment. Why did you drink so much? You were tripping on the dance floor as well. Let me take you to your house. Tell me the address.”

‘Address? What’s that?’ my smart mind asked. “I want to go where my home is.”

“Yeah but you need to tell me your home address.” That persisting little shit made me mad.

“My home address is in my home!” I tried to stomp but lost my balance. He hold me again. “You are not making any sense Livi. My home then.”

“We are going to home!” I cheered and he laughed. “I didn’t knew about this side of yours. By the way, you look hot in this short dress.”

“It’s irritating. I kept pulling it down but it just came back to it’s short size. I could not even dance properly.” I complained as he put me inside the car.

“You were not dancing, you were grinding against a man.”

“That’s because I wanted to have sex. His touch felt so good but stupid me pushed him away. I am horny now.” I moaned.

“Woah! Since when you became so straight forward? Looks like alcohol took your mouth filter away.”

“Why did I ran away?” I groaned loudly.

“Exactly, why did you if it felt good?” Curiosity was evident in his voice.

“Because I was scared. What if he takes advantage of me?”

“You wanted me to take advantage that’s why you were grinding against me like that!” He sounded like he was offended. “You, yourself said that you wanted to have sex but you chickened out of it.”

“I don’t know what I want!” I started to sob.

“You are drunk and confused. It’s okay, we will talk tomorrow but please don’t cry.” I remember him stopping the car and helping me to get out of the car. He unlocked the door of his house and we got inside. I didn’t remember what happened but I was on top of him while pressing him on the door.

“I changed my mind. I want to have sex.” I tried to kiss him but he dodged me.

“We will talk about it when you are sober, alright?” he tried to get me off but I pressed onto him more.

“You have a boner, stop pushing me away.” I whined.

“You are going to regret it tomorrow.” He said with a matter of fact but drunk brain was not ready to listen.

“No, I won’t.” With that I pressed my lips on his and started kissing him. He tried to push me away but I deepened the kiss and after that I was out. Like no idea what happened.

Next morning, I had a huge headache. It’s like someone was hammering my head from inside. I couldn’t even open my eyes and there was weird pain in my body as well. I might have hit by a truck after drinking so much. If that happened then I would in a hospital. I open my eyes and saw there was no plain white wall of hospital. “Oh, Thank God.” I sighed.

But my relief wasn’t long lasting when I realized that I was only on my underwear and it was not my room. It didn’t look like hotel room and that means I was in a stranger’s house. I turned around and came face to face with a muscled back. I couldn’t see his face from my side so, I carefully got down from the bed and went around to his side.

I gasped when I saw the half naked man with whom I shared the bed. He was Alex Anderson, my best friend’s ex!

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