Irresistible Pull [18+]

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Chapter 10

Olivia Miller's POV
After a fun night, I came back wishing to have a good night sleep. I was so sure that I would have a sound sleep because I was tired that I even didn't check my phone for any kind of distraction.
I didn't remember what I was dreaming but a terrifying bright golden eyes forced me to get out of my sleep. I was sweating and cursing myself for the dream. I had goosebumps and the nightmare ruined the night for me. That's how I went from having a good night sleep to not having any sleep. I decided to do some work and research for my work. When I went to my job next morning, makeup barely hid my zombie look.
I never had that much trouble with my work and I had an very easy day because I finished half of my work at night. Instead of having lunch, I dozed of in my cabin after locking it. I slept for an hour but I was again violently disturbed in my sleep. Those bright golden eyes turned red and blood curling scream followed it. I sighed and almost cried because my head was hurting so much for the lack of sleep. I was pulling my hair when my cabin door was pulled open.
I looked up confusingly because I locked that door. I did not care about the bird nest that my hair made, not until I saw Alex entering inside my cabin. I gasped and frantically tried to fix my hair.
"What are you doing here? That door was locked!" I asked in a high pitched tone. Which was a bad idea because I invited on lookers to my cabin through the glass wall.
"It wasn't. I think you did not lock that door properly. Were you sleeping?" He asked with a frown.
"No, I just have a bad headache." He didn't need to know that I took a nap ten minutes ago.
"Did you eat?" I felt like I was being interrogated and he would not like the answer. He frowned again when I didn't answer him.
"You look like you didn't have proper sleep last night and now you are skipping your meals? Let's go. You will eat something and tell me what's wrong."
"Nothing is wrong. I am having weird nightmare that isn't letting me sleep. I don't have appetite as well." I said and he just leave from my cabin without saying goodbye. "Don't bring me food."
He came back after a few minutes with hot chocolate. "Here, drink this. You will feel better and then we will go to my house and you will eat, sleep there."
"No, you don't have to..." I stopped talking after the glare he gave me.
Hot chocolate really helped me to feel better and I only had a sandwich on my way to his home. All I needed was sleep and I seemed to not getting it.
"Can you tell me what kind of nightmare you are having? Is it something from the past or something weird?"
"It's just a pair of bright eyes. Doesn't look human to me and last time the eyes turned red with a scream. I don't know what's that supposed to mean." I looked at him and he looked angry. Like why would he get angry it was just a baseless nightmare.
He got his phone out and texted someone. He looked more angry after sending the text. I held his hand and he held my hand tightly. "Its fine. I am not sick or anything, don't worry."
"You are not, yet. But you will be if this continues. You should have informed me last night." He said and that made me laugh.
"What? Don't be so unreasonable. Why would I disturb you because of a nightmare? It's not like you can stop it." That made him tightened his hold. He always confused me with his weird behavior. Everything was weird like it felt so natural to hold each other's hand.
He took me to his home, basically to take care of me. I don't understand how he was going to help with a nightmare but I could use a help rather than suffering alone. I had a sleeping pill before falling in sleep, hoping to finally able to sleep without any distraction.
I did not remember for how long I had slept but I woke up at ten in the night. I just woke up but I could feel that my sleep was not gone. I could sleep for more hours. My hungry stomach woke me up and I remembered that I was in Alex's house.
I saw him sitting on the couch and working on the laptop. I sat straight and that caught his attention. He set the laptop beside him and walked up to me. "You are awake." He said checking my temperature with the back of his hand.
"Why didn't you wake me up? I got fever or something?" I asked while checking the temperature myself.
"You were a little warm before. I was afraid that would become a fever. Thank God, you are fine. You must be hungry. Clean up and then come to the dining table. You still need to take rest." He was just melting my heart more and more.
"I already troubled you enough. By the way, why did you come to my office? I left the office early as well. But there are no pending work." I held my head and rambled.
"Nothing is troubled because of you. You are going too hard on yourself." He removed the hair from my face and I looked at his eyes. I would fall for him if he kept looking at me like that.
My stomach grumbled and he smiled softly. "You are hungry. Let's eat first."
I went to the washroom to wash my face with cold water. That would definitely help me to wake up from the slumber. When I was drying my face with the towel, I realized something was wrong. I looked down and saw a beautiful ring on my ring finger.
"What in the!" The ring looked a bit antique and had pastel blue color stone on it. The ring was extremely beautiful and I had no idea where it came from.
I got out of the washroom and looked for Alex. He was talking over the phone near the dining table. He looked at me and motioned me to take a seat. I just stood there and he frowned. He cut the call and walked close to me. "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"
"No, no, I am fine. I just wanted to ask you about this ring." I showed him the ring and was about to remove it from my finger but he stopped me.
"Don't remove it. No matter what happens don't remove it." I frowned at him.
"Why? Why did you give me a ring."
"It's a very special ring. I gave it to you because it will show others, how serious I am about you. Treat it as a promise ring." He said and I looked down.
"It looks expensive. Is this some old family treasure or something?" I grazed my finger on the beautiful work.
"Yes and now it's your responsibility to take care of it. Do not remove it no matter what happens."
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