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Irresistible Pull [18+]

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Chapter 2

Olivia Miller's POV

We both were half naked and it made me want to run away. That's why I gathered my heels and dress and silently got out of the room. I thought I was in an apartment but it looked like a penthouse. The vases, art works looked expensive and the show pieces all over the living room screamed luxury. I hurriedly wore my dress and was about to go towards the door but my bladder had another idea. I needed to go to the washroom real bad. I could never hold that till I reach my home. I managed to find a washroom outside of that bedroom.

I sighed when the pressure was gone. I just needed to get out of the penthouse before he noticed. I would be too embarrassed to confront him. Surely, I did something stupid and weird last night. I sneakily tried to cross the living room but something hold my hand and pulled me back a strong force. I crushed on his chest and our lips were connected.

The kiss was not intentional but he did not back off instead he started to kiss me throughly. The effect was toe carling for me and that's why I could not find it in me to stop him. But flashes from last night started to surface in my mind. I realized that I kissed him last night and my morning breath!

I held his face from both sides and tried to break the kiss but he was adamant to continue that. Because of that I had to use a little force and he finally let me go. I rubbed my palms because his beard pricked both of them. He looked at me with a frown.

"What's wrong?"

"Everything is wrong! I should not be here but I am here and you are kissing me like it is the most natural thing in the world."

"Well, you did not think it was wrong last night. You told me you were horny, you want to have sex and then you kissed me. The way you are behaving now after the hot- passionate night we had, really hurt me." Alex looked really sad but I did not care at that moment. I was freaking out inside my mind after whatever he said.

I might have said and did those embarrassing things but I was not sure about the hot-passionate night he was talking about. "Sorry, I troubled you a lot last night. Thank you for bringing me here and keeping me safe."

"Of course, I kept you safe, I care a lot about my partners. And after the night we had, you deserve a breakfast treat."

He was talking like we really slept together. It would be a huge blunder if it really happened. My best friend was getting married to my Ex and then I slept with her Ex. Though they dated for only a month or two and he was one of the many Exes of Sarah. I tried to calm down and remember how it felt like when I slept with Harry. I was not feeling anything like that but the mild pains of my body was telling me something else happened with me.

"We did not have a hot night as you are implying, Alex. Stop lying."

"Oh no! We have. You were constantly on me, did not let me go at all even when you slept. It felt really hot even in the air conditioner. We both were sweating like a pig." His eyes were full of mischief. I finally understood that I took his words in a wrong way because of his double meaning words. I laughed at my stupidity and my another embarrassing act in front of him, as if high school was not enough.

"You are still the same but looks like you have a really good job." I pointed around us, his penthouse.

"I don't have a job, Livi because I am the boss." He said proudly.

"The boss?"

"Let's talk over breakfast, alright? I owe you that after your great fall from the bed. That must have hurt a lot."

"That explains the pains." I laughed awkwardly.

"Let's fresh up first. You can use the mouth cleaner instead of the brush."

"Thank you. I did not notice that before." He went to his room and I went back to the washroom I used before.

When I was gurgling with the mouth cleaner inside of my mouth, I suddenly realized something. I kissed him and told him embarrassing things when I was drunk then why did he kiss me few minutes ago? And the way my body reacted was something I never felt before. My flattering heart, butterfly in the stomach and the shiver in my spine, everything happened together.

My mouth started to burn because of the mouth cleaner and I spi it out. I gurgle with the water so that my mouth no longer burn. "Gosh, Livi! You are acting like a horny teenager. You seriously needs to get laid soon."

I got out after drying my face and saw him sitting on the table beside the glass wall. He clearly took a shower and his t-shirt was damp against his skin. These boys hate to dry their bodies or what? Sun rays were coming through the glass wall and it made him look like a divine, the evil divine. His damp hair, black t-shirt, black pants, glowing skin were pulling me towards him. His dark blonde locks did not help at all. He stood up to fix the plates along with forks and I felt like I was attacked personally.

He was tall and handsome with his blonde locks, tan skin and green eyes. His muscles were bulging because of his movement and his board shoulder was something to die for. I was sure that he was blessed down there as well. A loud noise got me out of my reverie. Alex dropped the fork on the floor and crouched down to pick it up. I immediately looked away when I saw a very nice peach.

"Livi, come on, our breakfast is waiting for us." Alex said when he saw me standing there awkwardly.

I nodded and hurriedly wiped the sides of my mouth incase I was drooling. He ordered us boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon, juice, fruit salad and so on. "Are we expecting some more people? That's a lot of food for only two people."

"Not really. The food here are only enough for two people. It may look much but it's not. I don't like to waste food so finish everything." He said while piling my plate with foods.

"I can't eat so much!" I always eat light in the morning. An egg and two toasts were enough for me.

"I am sure you have a headache. Food can be the best for hangover. So ear up." He said while piling his plate with food. "How do you have that body with this amount of food." I eyed his muscles.

"I have this body because of food. Starving will not help at all. By the way, what are you doing now? I didn't see you after I left for my college."

"I am one of the executive officers in a company. We all work under the CEO. What about you? You said, you are the boss."

"Remember the pub, you went to last night? I own that. That and several others in New York."

"Really? But as far as I remember you were studying law. What made you own the night clubs." I remember how everyone said he would make a very hot lawyer and they would hire him just for anything.

"I never finished college. I dropped out because of something and opened a small, friendly bar where I was the bartender. Gradually my business started to do well and I understood what people like to drink more, how they like the atmosphere, vibe and everything. Took some loan for a night club and since then I never had to look back." He had a forlorn look on his face as he recall hus struggles and hard work.

"You can be a motivational speaker. Your journey is really inspiring." Alex laughed as if I cracked a bad joke.

"I thought you were a wedding planner. If you do a office job then whose wedding you were mumbling about? Are you getting married or something?" I froze when he asked about it. What more was left to do last night, Livi! How would I tell him about Sarah's wedding.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

"Cone on, Livi! You looked hurt yesterday. Tell me what's going on. Maybe I can help you to get out of it." He genuinely wanted to help me and I could see it in his eyes. He was going to know about it sooner or later and I needed to share it with someone as well. He looked at me expectantly but I had a bad feeling about it.

"I don't think you want to hear it, really." I smiled a little. That smile should have scream 'drop it' but it didn't.

"Is it about your best friend? Don't worry, I will hear it for you even if I hate her." They had a nasty break up. Alex were always shouting, calling her names and Sarah was saying nasty things about him. I just decided to tell him about her wedding just to take things off from my chest.

"She is getting married with my Ex. Turns out she was secretly dating him and didn't bother to tell me." Alex wore a completely blank face.

"Are you okay?" I started to regret telling him.

"I am actually worried about your Ex as Sarah is very manipulative."

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