Irresistible Pull [18+]

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Chapter 5

Olivia Miller's POV

I could not sleep at all last night. I enjoyed it and it felt good but it only lasted for a few moments before the mortifying feeling came crushing down on me. I wanted to get rid of all the inappropriate thoughts about him but I imagined him while pleasuring myself.

I looked no less than a zombie. I was fighting with my thoughts about Alex and my mind was going to and fro about Sarah. Sarah one was the most complicated one. I did not want to think about her but she constantly invade my mind and it somewhat felt forced, like someone was forcing it on me. It was like my mind was devided in two parts. One part pushing positive things about her and another part was pushing negative things about her. That tug war created a severe headache. I was weak, vulnerable and in the verge of crying because of them so I decided to take matters on my own hands.

I texted Alex, asking if he could meet me in the evening. He texted back saying he was busy in the evening but was free for the night. I should go to his house if I wanted to meet him. I was really figuring out if I should do that or not. As her best friend, I should not do that to her but I needed to do that for my own sanity. The end of those lusty thoughts were very close. I had to do something effective for those imaginations to go away.

I had my dinner with some leftover fried rice and pizza slice. I was too nervous to cook or order something to eat. I even cried for a while because life was really testing me. It had come to that extent where I was plotting against Sarah. She said she felt like she was in a story book when she fell in love with Harry. Sure she was having fairytale kind of romance. Let me add one more aspect in it and that would nightmare. Protagonists in the stories never had it easy.

It was already 9.30 when I was standing in front of Alex's penthouse. I took deep breaths few times. He too was my target along with Sarah. I needed to sound confident and I needed to act like I knew what I was doing. There was a high chance that he was a villain and just trying to manipulate me against Sarah. I was already loosing all my confidence when Alex opened the door.

He was really good looking. His dark blonde hair were messy and all over the place. "How are you free at this time?"

"When you said that you want to say something urgently, I canceled all the plan I had for tonight." He said closing the door behind me. I looked around and something caught my eyes, brightness. I did not notice it before because in the morning the lights were off but as it was night, every light was turned on. "Your house is really luxurious."

"I tried to make it classy. Do you want some coffee?"


When he went to make us coffee, I settled comfortably and went over what I would offer him. What if he refused it? I did not think about that at all. He was a must in that.

"Here you go." He placed a long mug in front of me. I thanked him before taking a sip.

"Sorry for disturbing you. I am sure you had lots of fun activities planned for tonight." Sure, he would have brought a girl in his house and got lucky if it was not for me. Such a party popper.

"Other than the girls missing me in my own club, I don't think something else was going to happen. So, tell me what do you want to talk about?"

"I really thought a lot about everything you said. You really have no evidence about anything. That's why I want to figure it out by myself."

He silently nod his head. "Okay. How are you going to do that?"

"I need your help, Alex."

"Me? Why?"

"We all know how you both hate each other. That's why only you can help me in this. She asked the guests to bring a plus one with them. I am single and have no one to take with me and that's a perfect opportunity for us to act like we are dating. If she really stopped you from asking me out, this would be a slap on her face and I am sure, we will see her real face."

" You are asking me to pretend that I am dating you? Are you mad?"

"That's the only way, Alex. It was already so cliche and now we are going to make it more cliche. You also don't have any girlfriend so why not?"

"I will ruin your best friend's wedding. I am not going there to see her happily getting married. I will complain about everything. I don't even want to see her plastic face to be honest." Alex shrugged and sipped his coffee. He had no gain from the scheme obviously he refused.

"Alex, only you can help me in this. I know you have nothing to gain from this so, I promise you that I will do or give you anything you want."

He raised his left eye brow and smirked. "Anything? How can I believe that you will do anything for me? I can ask for any weird things or something that you protect a lot. I can even make you my slave for life."

He was leaning over me while he said all those things. It was a stupid thing to say but I already said it. His gaze was stuck on my lips and he kept leaning on me while his other hand was caressing my hand. I could not control my shudder any longer because if the overwhelming feeling. I needed to get out of the couch and tried to push him back. It actually made my coffee to fall all over him.

The coffee was hot and a lot of it fell on his t-shirt. He hurriedly took off his t-shirt and the view was open in front of me. If I was thinking that the room was bright before but it became too dazzling because of his lack of shirt. His skin turned a little red but it could not take my eyes away from his well defined and toned body. Those eight packs were more than drolling worthy. Inappropriate thoughts started to invade my mind and my body was reacting weirdly. My heart was thumping loudly, I suddenly felt thirsty and my core was acting weird. I had to cross my legs to stop whatever was going on but looked like that little friction increased it.

'Oh God! What's going on? I am literally wet down there just after seeing his well toned body. Looks like the vibrator did not work at all.'

"What is wrong with you? That hot coffee fell on your hand as well. Instead of cleaning it under water, you are just sitting here and let it burn your hand." I literally fought to drag my eyes away. He noticed it and smirked. "Looks like you were distracted. Come on, let's cool it down."

He hold my hand in the flowing water. "You burnt as well. I can manage here. You go and aid it."

"It's fine. I managed to get rid of that shirt on time." Saying this, he rubbed his wet hand on the red areas. It looked really hot specially when a drop of water crawled down just beside his belly button and going more down. I looked away and scolded myself for being a creep.

We both were fine with a little red skin. It could have end up very badly, fortunately it didn't. "Sorry, I was just kidding and this happened. Do you have any plans? Like what you are going to do there, your targets, etc."

"I honestly don't have a plan. I do not want to seem like I was scheming against her when I will not do such thing. That's why the initial plan is to go there together, pretend to be a couple, we need to see her reaction, action and who knows, I might get to know new things about you as well." I was not trusting him fully.

I looked at his moon shaped tattoo right over his left ribs. It was a weird tattoo with some signs. It was a half moon but the signs over it made a whole circle like a full moon. It did not look like some artistic tattoo but it looked like it was made for a purpose like representing something and moreover those signs looked normal but weirdly carrying other meanings.

He saw me staring at his tattoo. "Don't worry. I am not associated with some weird ass cult or anything." He said with a laugh.

"I am not thinking anything like that. I just blanked out and mistakenly looked at your tattoo." His laugh sounded fake or I was too paranoid.

I just knew that I wanted to know my best friend's truth but looked like lots of other secrets would be out and I knew, I would not like it.

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