Irresistible Pull [18+]

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Chapter 6

Olivia Miller's POV

"Where are we going? I just took a day off because you said we have something important to do. Long drive is not important!" I frowned at him while folding my hands on my chest.

"We are not going for a long drive and this is important. I got an idea about your wardrobe when you came to meet me that night. I am sure you only have the loose, too casual, out of fashion dresses except for your work clothes. We need to change that. No one will believe that we are dating after seeing those grandma clothes. Your plan will fail even before you start." He said in a plain tone.

"My clothes are fine for me and everyone knows that. I might have a job with handsome salary, I might have some money saved up but that doesn't mean I will go around and waste them on fancy clothings whom I never might wear it again. Not happening!"

"Who said you are going to pay?"

"Oh really! Then who is going to pay? You? Are you some billionaire?"

"Not billionaire but millionaire. I still have a long way to go before I become billionaire with all the expenses I have."

"Then why are you paying for me?" He was only wasting his money on ridiculous things. That penthouse cost more than my yearly rent.

"Because becoming a billionaire and trying to maintain that position is not easy. I am not going to stop living my life just because I need to save up to become a billionaire. It's absurd." He parked his car outside of a very expensive designer's shop.

"I am telling you, they are going to have a beach wedding. We don't need these fancy clothes." I tried to convince him.

"No, beach wedding means we need to buy fashionable clothes. Casual clothes won't work there."

We both went inside the lavish shop and the stuffs were immediately there to help us. Alex went through rack after rack to chose dresses for her. "I don't wear dresses that much. What are you doing?"

"You need to change that. You changed yourself because of me. Imagine how convenient it will look like." He had a point but I don't want to do that. If I knew that I would do this, I would never have suggested that plan in the first place. The amount of clothes Alex was choosing surely made me feel dizzy but I literally fainted after I heard what he said.

"Now try all of them and show me. I will decide which one to buy."

I sighed in the changing room. He was sitting just outside on a sofa like a King and I was a model trying to sell him clothes. Last three dresses got a yes from him after nine rejected dresses. I was wearing a black very short dress and I did not want to go out. It was extremely provocative. Only a flimsy clothe was covering the front of my ladies, sides were exposed as well as the back. Two thin strings were holding the dress and connected it to the back with a cross.

It was too exposed for my likings and I knew he would like this dress and probably buy it. "Livi, come out. We only got three dresses so far." I sighed and came out of the changing room. He took a deep breath while looking at me. His intensity made me feel conscious.

"I know it's trendy but-"

"We are not taking that for the wedding." Alex interrupted me.

"Wait, what? I thought you will tell me to take it." I was not expecting that from him.

"I am very possessive about what belongs to me so there is no way I would let you wear that in front of other men. We can take it if you wear it only in front of me." He said with a smirk.

"Nope. Not happening." I shook my head while walking back inside the changing room.

After sixteen dresses and six additional party dresses to wear in the ceremony, he was finally satisfied. "Wear this one now. We are going to have lunch and we will click pictures of ours, in a way it will give everyone an impression that you are dating without them seeing my face."

He looked more prepared than me and it looked like it was his plan not mine. We had our lunch in a very well known restaurant. Before eating, he told me to relax and pose. He clicked few pictures of mine and some of them were me holding his hand. He selected three photos for me to post on my social media account. I wrote a cheesy caption saying 'Happiest only with him'. I was hopeless romantic and cheesy once upon a time.

We had our lunch and before parting ways, he said few more things for me to do. "She will call you when she see those photos. Don't receive it. Just text her that you are busy and you will call her later. We are going in one of my club so, be ready in the evening."

True to his words, Sarah kept calling me and I decided not to text her at all. After seven to eight continuous callings, she finally stopped and sent me a text. "Where are you? Call me as soon as you can."

I was sorting out the clothes on my cupboard and decided to answer her after that. Sarah seemed excited as she sent her multiple messages and as my best friend she should be excited. But the guilt was coming back with more force. I just texted her back saying that I would talk to her later and answer everything. I had to get ready for the club.

It felt like I was already dating him in reality and it was damn tiring. I wore a purple glittery sleeveless crop top and a black high-waisted short skirt. I remembered buying it with a colleague and she literally made me buy that. I never wore it before. Looked like most of the clothes in my wardrobe was literally forced on me.

I was low key thankful for that. I would not have anything to wear in the sudden events that started to crash in my life. I wore high boots to compliment my looks. He came to pick me up and in no time we were inside of one of his clubs. He did not take any risk and took us to a VIP booth. Sure, girls would jump on this playboy.

"We are here to have a good time and remember, we are going to be a team and friendship is the best thing a team can have. Though we are a bit ahead of friends but it will work." He said while poured us a drink.

We drank, danced together, laughed, joked, practically had a good time. He set his phone to click a photo of us where only our shape could be seen. I thought we would just pose or something but he had another idea.

He pulled me close and in no time he claimed my lips for a kiss. It happened too suddenly for me to react. He let me go after the clicking sound stopped. "How are you going to act like my girlfriend when you freeze every time I kiss you? Just relax, you can do it as you showed me some demo that night."

"Don't kiss me when I am not expecting it. I can't relax for that and it will look too artificial. That's why always inform me beforehand." I uploaded that photo with some red heart. We drank a bit after that. Girls were coming because apparently he was really famous among ladies.

I was giggling at his discomfort when my phone showed me that Sarah sent me a picture. It was some dark room with weird setting. We play this kind of game a lot. I would have to stare it for few seconds and when I blink, I would see something else in the picture. I was going to stare when Alex snatched my phone from my hands. I looked at him confusingly after he deleted that. "Never ever stare at anything she sends, got it?"

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