Irresistible Pull [18+]

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Chapter 7

Olivia Miller's POV
It was super random and super weird for him to tell me not to stare at the picture. In fact, he looked too aggressive about some picture. My mind alerted me that something was wrong. "What do you mean by that? It's a game and we played it multiple times before as well."
"Do you even know what was those pictures about?" He asked and I was a bit skeptical about his behavior. It was just a picture why he was behaving like that?
"Well, mostly it's a beautiful bird or someone's face or some spooky things. Why are you asking me these things?" I asked while he looked angry.
"And you didn't even care to know what exactly are those pictures and let her control you." He tugged his hair. As if he did not lose me at all before, he made me more confused.
"Control me? What are you talking about? It's just a game." I said with a laugh, He was clearly messing with me. Or he was trying to manipulate me.
He came close and leaned down over me. With his thumb, he caressed my lips while looking deep in my eyes. "Just do what I said, you will eventually get to know about everything. Till then just listen to me." He was talking to me so calmly and softly that I couldn't refuse it. He was not asking for anything elaborately impossible.
I nodded and his attention was shifted because of some girls coming towards him. Whatever he said was suspicious, disturbing also it did not sound harmful. I was scolding myself for being so clueless and I was really upset that I was allowing myself to be that confused. Both Alex and Sarah most probably were playing with me and I was letting them. Anyway, I would get to know about them soon enough. I noticed that he was rejecting the girls since we came here.
"Sarah is not here. You can have fun here without thinking about our plan. We are not really acting for anything now." He was helping me in exchange for basically nothing. I had a guilty feeling that I was burdening him with my problems. He looked at my eyes and said,
"A relationship is based on loyalty and understanding. Even if our relationship is going to be fake, you will not catch me slipping. I am not the playboy that you think I am. You are enough for me." He said the last line dramatically, placing his hand on his chest. I laughed while pushing him away. He received some message and he literally grinned at me.
"Why are you smiling like that? You look like a creepy joker." I gave him my side eye.
"Creepy joker? Hey, don't tell me that you are scared of joker." He said with a smirk. "Anyway, I am sending you the pictures, now you can post."
"Pictures?" I checked my phone and saw that he was right. He send me the pictures of us kissing a few minutes ago. Though it was impossible to understand that it's him. With the club lights behind us, it looked a little bit of aesthetic. "They came out beautifully. I didn't know that you would do this."
"Are you giving me permission to kiss you anywhere?" He asked with his excited voice.
"No Alex, that's a whole new sentence with whole new meaning. I am not permitting anything at all." I gave him a meaningful look and focused on posting one photo. I selected the most beautiful one and captioned it with 'My +one'. I knew it would do the job. And Sarah's call followed right after as if she was waiting for me to post something. Alex wanted to say something but I cut the call. I didn't need his instruction to know I should not receive her calls then. I would be honest, I felt like a horrible friend but somehow I felt that weird kind of satisfaction.
I actually wanted to think about the plan like what would we do once we go there. But men kept interrupting me. I didn't understand why? I went to the pub and clubs many times but never got asked for dance that much. Well that time I was wearing my granny clothes so probably that's why. Since Alex decided to stay loyal, I decided to stay loyal as well. A woman was rejecting the men obviously there would be men with fragile ego. One of them were really persistent and literally started to force, probably unintentionally.
"Are you seriously trying to force my girlfriend to dance with you, Mr. Loser?" Alex threw a sharp look at the men after securing me in his arms.
"Sorry man it was not my intention. She doesn't really look like your girlfriend, I mean you both do not behave like one. Sorry, for the misconception." He backed away and Alex looked at me.
"See, even they can see that something is wrong with us. They can say that it's not real. We have too much distance between us. Intimacy and closeness is needed. Sarah will know about the lie immediately." He was right. If he, a stranger can see it then I was sure that Sarah would catch it within seconds.
"I see. Should we go to your penthouse or mine?" I asked and he looked at me with wide eyes.
"I didn't... Look I am not talking about sleeping together. We already decided to be friends but we have to behave like those friends who act like they are in a relationship but in reality they are not. We have to confuse everyone. I am not going to force you to be intimate with me.... if you don't want." He tried to light up the mood but I didn't buy it.
"No, now that I think about it, you are right. Sarah will know about it and she will test us in most dangerous ways possible. It's not going to work in that. That's why we need to get comfortable with each other and we have to practice all these intimate things. That's why I am asking which home would be convenient." Alex looked at me for a solid minute before nodding.
"Allright, as you wish. I am fine with anywhere. So, you decide."
His home was big and we would have a lot of space but I would be uncomfortable. My space was not really clean. I didn't get time to clean it up. I didn't want to embarrass myself. "My place then. But I am leaving now. I have something urgent to do. You take your time and come."
Alex didn't question and sent his driver with me. As soon as I reached my home, I removed my shoes not noticing where it was landing. I got my clothes which were all over the place and stuffed them inside of my wardrobe. I collected boxs, packets, cans, wrappers which had half of my house covered and filled the trash box. I vaccumed the floor and cleaned the dusty places. I specifically cleaned the sofa and the bed because you never know.
I didn't even change my dress when I did all the cleaning so when I was done, I was sweating and had a sticky feeling. I wasted a lot of time on cleaning so I ran to my washroom for a shower before Alex came. After the shower, I didn't have time to dry my hair as I realized that I should prepare something for the guest. I knew he was not coming to eat but as a host I should be prepared for everything.
Anticipation was killing me and I was really getting annoyed with myself. I wasn't any high school girl who had her crush coming to her house and they would be all alone. I tried to calm myself and counted seconds under my breath.
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