Irresistible Pull [18+]

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Chapter 8

Olivia Miller's POV
The ringing bell made my heart leapt out of my body. My heart was beating too fast. I took deep breath and went to open the door but I realized that my hair was damp and I had the towel around my neck. I cursed and ran back to the washroom to put it down.
After a series of ringing bells, I finally made it to my door and open it. I saw a worried Alex standing there. "Are you okay? I heard some tussle going on inside." He got inside and looked around for possible threats.
"Sorry, I was a bit distracted that's all. No worries." I gave him a fake smile. Great! I started it with this awkwardness. "Take a seat. Do you want to have some coffee? Or you want some alcohol. I have beer."
"An Executive Officer only have beer in her house?" Alex said teasingly.
"Well, this executive officer do not like to waste her hard earn monry. I don't need a bar at my humble house." I said pointing around my small apartment.
"Well, this humble house is beautiful and warm just like you. I will have the beer." I could feel myself blushing from the complement.
He surely had amazing tolerance for alcohol because even after drinking at his club, he was having beer at my house yet he wasn't drunk. I looked at myself and want hit my head with the wall. I wore the short pant pjs that I normally wear at home. What was wrong with me! I was doing everything wrong. I should have wore something sexy.
Then again, we were just there to practice the intimacy like actors. They share amazing chemistry on screen but in reality they have nothing between them. I got out of my bubble when I heard him clearing his throat.
"So, what are you thinking? How are you planning to do this?"
"We will practice like the actors. After all we will have to act as well. So, I don't think other plans are needed." I knew it would work.
We were sitting beside each other so he leaned towards me. "If some people don't have the spark and chemistry, they can not act it out. Fortunately for us, we have the pull, spark and everything romantic. You just need to remind yourself how to breath whenever I get close to you. Like right now, you need to breath Livi, your face is turning red."
I struggled to breath after he moved away. I didn't realize that I was holding my breath. It happened every time he was close to me. It was so embarrassing. I coughed and settled my breath before turning at him. "I just love my space that's all. This is the reason, I need to practice more."
"You have to do it with more feelings for it to look natural. I don't think you are ready for pro level of practice." He said softly with a smirk. He was making me more nervous.
"I am ready for everything. You just need to teach... I mean we need to practice. I am not into the flings that's why it's a little bit uncomfortable for me. But I will be fine, don't worry." I just embarrassed myself more.
"That's why I am here. Let me give you some tip. You obviously cannot fake it well that's why you need to do it from your heart." I frowned at him.
"My heart? You are telling me that I should take this relationship as real instead of just an act?" It's too dangerous. He already had weird affect on me but thinking it real might just take me back to my heart break and I didn't want that.
"It's upto you. You can think of it as real or you can get used to the fact that I am your friend who is helping you and I can get a little intimate with you. You decide, what's going to be better." He was right and I was so overthinking the whole matter.
"Got it. Now, how are we going to start this?" We could not really go to the make out part directly, could we? It would be awkward.
"Now we gonna watch a romantic movie while sticking together side by side. We will move from there naturally."
The whole idea was bad. I didn't know about him but I could not focus on the movie. He had his arm around me and I was afraid that he would understand my fast beating heart. He was moving his head around time to time and it was the perfect time for me to do the breathing exercise. I believe I was doing really good and he had the same plan for me as well. He wanted me to get used to his closeness. I had few snacks to distract me in between and finally the long excruciating hours ended with the movie.
We got away from each other as we stood up. "It's late. You should sleep now. Be ready tommow, I know you have work but we don't have much time so we need to spend more time. I should go now."
He walked towards the door with me tailing behind him. I somehow didn't want him to leave but that's not good for us. We needed to be close yet far. He wore his shoes and was about to open the door when he suddenly turned towards me and pulled me close through my hand. He held the nap of my neck and his another hand was on my waist.
My eyes went wide as he suddenly pulled me for a kiss. I stood still for a second before I started to kiss him back. His lips tasted like beer and mine probably tasted like those snacks but it was not the concern that time. I kissed him with all my heart and soul and soon I found myself pushed on the wall. The kiss became passionate and I was losing my mind.
My mind kept shouting at me, "Friends don't kiss like this!"
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