Irresistible Pull [18+]

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Chapter 9

Olivia Miller's POV

I was getting ready to go out with Alex. Whole day I was busy in the office but the flashes of the kiss kept distracting me. Something was wrong with me. We just kissed once but my mind was busy and making different scenarios. The kiss was very intense to make anyone crave for more but it was just a test. He kissed me suddenly and I was able to react naturally. He just praised me for the improvement and left.

It didn't look so bad then but later when I thought about it, he literally treated me like a kid who deserved praising because he completed the homework. I would be honest, that wasn't acting. I was kissing him like a h*rny b!tch. If I treated him like my real boyfriend then things would be much easier. It would be in my head and I would break up with him after the whole act.

I was proud of my scheming but I was skeptical because I knew he had the charming aura and it would be hard for me to break up. I shook my head. I had no choice, I would just guard my heart hard. I wore a casual outfit. Jeans, top and a long stylish coat was enough for the nightlife of New York. Sarah was calling me again as she did the whole day. I was not receiving her call as we planned before.

"Hello Sarah"

"Finally you received my call." She sounded angry.

"My phone was not with me. I asked for leave but I have to finish a week long work before that. You tell me, why you are calling so much? Is everything okay?" I knew that nothing really happened there, its just her seeking for my attention.

"My friend no longer have time for me. But she has time for the mysterious man all of a sudden. Who is he?" I know that she was dying to know about him.

"That's my plus one. I also hid something from you. I will not tell you who this is but it would be a surprise for you. By the way I am still at the office. I may not be able to talk to you after this but I will see you soon."

"Alright but you didn't reply about the picture that I sent you."

I remember how Alex reacted at that picture and I frowned once again. I just did not understand what was in that picture. "I didn't understand what was there."

I cut the call and tied my hair in a loose bun. I was ready when I got Alex's text, telling me to come out. I looked myself on the mirror before locking my house and met Alex. I didn't see his car and I confused cause I didn't see him without his car before.

"Where are we going? Is that a cardigan you are wearing?" Well it was a bit dark outside.

"It's a hoodie. Casual fits perfectly for road outing. We won't look like odd office people who don't know how to dress.." He took my hand into his and started walking.

"We are walking today? Why do I feel like you have another motive behind this?" I frowned at him.

"Well, the only motive is to know each other better. You are not going to loose any weight if that's what you are wondering." He gave me a knowing look.

"I didn't say anything about my weight." I looked away. I was not a fit person and I hardly workout once in six months. I was not fat but I did not have a model figure as well.

"You are perfect, Livi. Don't let others say the otherwise." I felt so good. It's been a while since anyone said such positive things to me.

"I know. I am not insecure or anything. I just thought you might be used to skinny girls. Because they are always around you." That's what it looked. Why would he go after average women when he had the model ones around him.

"Livi, you didn't change much since your college days. Yeah you turned out to be more sexy but other than that, you are still the same." I blushed at his compliment. I never get much compliment and he was taking all the chances he could get.

"Really? So you are telling me that you still like me or something?" I said with a laugh. There was no way he still had feelings for me after all those years.

"I never stopped. I think those feelings only intensified after I saw you again in that club." He confessed shamelessly and I was dumbfounded. Everything that was happening with me felt like a dream.

"Wow, you are very straightforward. Anyway what are we doing tonight?" I tried so hard to keep my voice stable. I desperately wanted him to change the subject as it was very awkward for me.

"We are going for movie then we will go in some gaming corner. We need to understand each other and that will be perfect with dinner." Movie again? I could not forget what happened last night.

"By the way, it's a horror movie. I need to know how you react to horror things. I don't want that witch to have any benefit of doubt." I gave him a look after he called Sarah a witch. He really could not stop himself from calling her names.

I was okay with horror movies but when there were a jump scene, I jump and scream at the same time. Thank God, I was not the only scardy cat there. He managed to calm me down and I was practically glued to him. No wonder these men loved it when they watch horror movies with ladies.

"You were not that bad while watching horror movies." He was holding me from my shoulder.

"Not bad? I was on my worst behavior today. You chose a movie that had most jumpscare. So, what are we going to do at the gaming zone?"

"Whatever you wish to play." He said it like I was a great sport person.

"You probably don't know that I am really not into sports." I said with a laugh.

"I know that but I am into all sorts of sports. Even if you don't play much, you gotta play a little bit." I understood what he was saying. Compatibility was needed in every relationship.

"Its okay. We are only going for games not actual sports." I was so wrong. Archery, bowling, hockey, climbing were definitely real.

I had no energy for climbing so he let me off from that one. He was doing all those things tirelessly but I was a tired potato after just two steps. He was sweating and that's why he removed his hoodie. He was wearing a sleeveless undershirt and his muscles flexed when he was climbing. He looked so good that I had to record a short video. Thoughts started to appear and I shook my head. I could never climb up there.

Few women also stared at him and I frown. He was a fine man and ladies gonna stare at him obviously but the jealousy I was witnessing was scary. It's good for the plan but for me, it meant doom. I started to cheer for him and he tilted his head a little giving me his heart blooming smile.

I posted the video when he was finally done with my punishment and went to eat at a nearby local restaurant. I captioned it with my man and cringed a little. Alex laughed at my discomfort. "You have to say a lot of cheesy things so buckle up."

"That's what I am scared of. I need to think what we can do there to appeare as real couple."

"Planning only make it worse. Just go with the flow."

I wanted to say something but a notification came from Sarah. She commented under the video. 'Hot. Can't wait to meet him.'

I thought the game was on but a pair of glowing eyes ruined everything.
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