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Aaron is finally in his senior year of highschool. Dealing with school, getting ready to take over as alpha of the pack after he graduates, new faces joining their school, and a villian returns in a very unexpected way.

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Chapter 1

Dad said mom was never the same after the day I was born. The night before I was born, my mom's boyfriend was murdered. Something broke in her. She became that depressed, that her wolf ended up taking over, so she wouldn't kill herself. I ended up bonding with her wolf. Mom eventually came out of her hole after about eight months. But you can tell each time my birthday came around, that it was hard for her.
Uncle Eli, aunt Jesica, aunt Ariel and uncle Jason are the main family from my mom's side that I grew up around. Mom's parents, my grandparents, couldn't accept dad and I for what we are. I see them once every three to five years. Grandma Helen can be sweet, but grandfather Robert is very distant and doesn't say much to me when they are here.
Currently, I was training with Brandon and Landon. They are amongst the top warriors in our pack. Sometimes people got them mixed up because they are twins, but they could never fool me.
"Aaron! Keep your head in the game at all times! One second of distraction will be your death!" Brandon yelled at me. Landon gave me a swift kick, knocking me down on my face. I scrambled back up, spitting out the dirt. I got in position and kept on training. We trained for three hours a day, everyday. When school starts up again, it will be an hour and a half.
"Hey, Aaron! Wanna come grab a pizza with us?" Elizabeth called out the open window of her car. Elizabeth is best friends with my cousin Ava. We all grew up together. Elizabeth has always had a crush on me, but I never could think of her as more then just friends.
"Sure." I grabbed my bag and got in her light pink Volkswagon. Elizabeth's parents got it for her on her sixteenth birthday. She takes a lot of pride in it. I asked my parents for a car, but got denied one. I wrecked my four-wheeler when I was fourteen and terrified my mom.
"So...did everyone get their schedules yet?" Elizabeth asked, all excited. We were sitting in our usual big booth in the back of OIP's pizzerria. There was Elizabeth, Jared, Ava, Logan, Mason and myself. Elizabeth always made sure she sat to my right.
"Yes, but it doesn't make us excited to go. We're not all gifted smart like you and Ava." Mason answered, sounding annoyed. Elizabeth stuck her tongue out and flicked Mason off. He just smirked back at her.
"I heard there's going to be some new student's this year." Jared informed us.
"Great." I rolled my eyes, resulting in a punch in the arm from Elizabeth. For a girl, she really has a strong punch.
"Ow. What the hell, Liz?" I said, rubbing my arm.
"You're weak. Anyway, maybe this will be a good thing."
"For our senior class? Really? I would rather no more rogues around."
"Who said they are all rogues? Or werewolves? I heard the one is a witch." I chocked on my chocolate milk, as Liz informed us.
"Impossible. My dad had all witches banned."
"Our school is on human territory, not packland. We have a mixture of species. Your dad has no say over the school." He would definitly not be happy about this. Especially my mom.
After we all finished eating and talking about which classes everyone had together, we all split ways. Elizabeth dropped Jared and I off at the packhouse. We were going to play Call of Duty on the playstation five in the living room.
"Where were you, Aaron?" My mom was sitting on the rocker, crocheting a blanket. Jared saw my moms mood and took off for the third in commands floor. I dropped my bag and plopped down on the couch.
"I had pizza with my friends after training."
"And I take it your phones dead? Doesn't work?" She gave me a pointed look. I sunk down in the couch and massaged my temples.
"No it's not. I didn't think to text you or dad." She took a deep breath and continued crocheting.
"You know we worry about you. You won't understand until you lose someone close to you. Danger is always out there. Sometimes it comes when you are least expecting it. Didn't Brandon and Landon teach you that?" I looked at her and saw the tears falling. I got up and went to comfort her.
"I'm sorry mom. I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry." She sniffled and wiped her nose.
"I know. I just can't lose you, Aaron. It would drive me over the edge. Not even Alice would be able to bring me back this time." Dad came in the living room then. He saw moms state and came over to her. I moved away so he could pick her up. He carried her out and up to their room. Usually when she starts, she goes on and on for awhile. Dad takes her to their room and handles her. What all ways he does, I don't want to know. Jared peeked his head around the doorway.
"Coast clear? Can we get down on some Cod now?" I laughed at his funny face. Jared was the class clown. He could always make you laugh when you're down.
"Hell yeah. Let's kick some ass." He grabbed the controllers and plopped down on the couch. We played for two hours until we had to get to bed for school. Our first day of our senior year started tomorrow. I just hope these new students don't cause any trouble. I just want to finish out school with no problems and take over as alpha of the pack. Dad said once I take over, he is going to take mom on a vacation away from everything. He thinks it might help her. I offered to take over now, but he refused. He wants me to enjoy my senior year and not have to cram school work and alpha duties together. I understood and left it go.
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