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Chapter 12

I never had a girl's day before. I was relieved when my dad said I could go. The only shitty part being I had to go on a date with Caine on Friday night. I told my dad Caine couldn't go to the dance on Saturday because he went to a different school. I didn't want to go anywhere or be around Caine. I couln't tell my dad that, for fear he wouldn't let me go to the dance. Plus, I didn't want to be punished again.
We were currently at the mall. Ava was going crazy over all the dresses. Our arms were staked high with different dresses. I couln't even see Elizabeth, Amelia or Everly. My guess was they were carrying just as many dresses, too.
"Is all this really nessesary?" I asked, taking small steps. I was hoping I was following the others and not a stranger. My senses aren't like their werewolf ones. I bumped into a clothes rack, dropping some dresses from the top of my pile.
"Of course it is!" Ava said, coming up behind me. She took my shoulders from behind and steared me to the back of the store. She grabbed a key from the sales girl, unlocked a dressing room stall and pushed me in. The dresses all fell on the floor, only a couple landing on the chair in the corner. I could hear the other's going into the stall's around me. I picked up a green dress from the pile. It was the simplest from the rest of them. It had very thin straps and didn't have any added extra stuff on it. I wasn't into the added rhinestones or decoration pieces to make it look glittery or anything. Which was all over the other dresses in the pile.
"Come on, Aisha! Everyone has already tried on about five dresses already! We're waiting to see one on you!" Ava yelled. Five dresses already? They must do this alot. I quickly changed into the green dress. It fit perfectly. Ava is really good with fashion and guessing sizes. It came to my knees. It fit snug on the top and flowed out at the bottom. I loved it already. I stepped out and Elizabeth clapped in glee.
"That is definitely the one!" Everly exclaimed. Ava had her arms crossed and head tilted to the side. She made a circle motion with her finger. I turned around. Ava came behind me and lifted my hair.
"What's this on your shoulder blade?" I tried to reach back at my mark.
"It's the mark of my coven. Each member has one. It let's other witches know where you belong. If a witch doesn't have one, then they are easy prey. They are not protected in any way." My coven's mark was an upside down pentegram on fire. My coven used white and dark magic. Mostly dark magic. But I wasn't going to tell my friend's about that. I didn't want them to hate me for it.
"Do you think you could cover it with a jacket, when you meet Aaron's parents on Saturday?" I turned around and looked at everyone.
"I'm meeting Aaron's parents?"
"Didn't Aaron tell you?" Elizabeth asked.
"No... and why do I need to hide my mark?" Elizabeth, Amelia and Everly went back into their dressing rooms. Ava folded a scarf on the table, before looking back at me.
"Aaron's parents...don't care for witches. They are already gonna smell that you're a witch and all. I wouldn't let them see that mark. Aisha, does your coven do black magic? I've heard of that symbol before and it's not good." Now I remembered the story Aaron told me about his mom.
"Yes, but we are not all evil. There are a few of us that practice good magic."
"Do you do black magic?" I looked around, feeling uncomfortable.
"I have to. You don't understand how it is to live under my fathers rule. If I didn't, I'd be dead long ago. Just because my father is the head warlock, doesn't mean I get any slack. It makes things all the more harder." Ava looked at me in shock.
"You mean to tell me that your dad would watch you die instead of help you?" I shrugged my shoulders.
"It's the way of our coven. I was raised by the midwife until she died. She taught me good magic and how to call upon nature. Only a very few witches can call upon nature. I was always told that I'm more powerful then all the members in my coven."
"Even more powerful then your dad?"
"I don't know. I never fought against him."
"Did Aaron tell you about his mother?"
"They never found Lee's killer. It's like the man just disappeared. Lee is my moms cousin. Aaron's father banned all witches around pack territory. They always fear the man is going to come back and kill again. And for some reason, he has something against Aaron's mother. So we've been told."
"Then maybe I shouldn't meet them."
"You are going to have to meet them one day, anyway. You are Aaron's mate." Ava put her arm around my shoulder.
"You are a good person Aisha. Don't let your coven convince you otherwise." The other girl's came out of the dressing stalls. They were each carrying the dress they chose. I went into the one I was in and changed into my street clothes. When I came out carrying my chosen dress, a worker went in to put the other dresses back on the racks. My phone buzzed in my jean pocket.
'How much longer are you going to be, Aisha? Caine is coming over to spend time with you. If I have to wait much longer you will not be going to the dance with your friends.' I went over to the girl's to buy my dress.
"I'm gonna have to go then."
"Already? We didn't get to grab pizza yet." Everly sounded bummed out. Ava gave me an understanding smile.
"Another time. Thank you all. I did have fun." I bought my dress and gave everyone a hug. I went around a rack and teleported out.
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