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Chapter 13

"Ok pups, today we are going to pair you all up. We are going to start practicing on each other, instead of just the dummies. Jarod will call your names." Twice a week Jarod and I oversaw the training of the pups. It was a big group of both boys and girls, from around eight to twelve years old. We teach them how to defend themselves and some survival skills, incase any would get lost. Everyone was paired up and waiting for further instruction. For pups, they were pretty good and well behaved. We had the occasional real fight between two pups, but it was easily redirected. Further discipline was usually never necessary.
Sometimes I imagine Aisha's and my own pups out there training. My wolf is excited to have pups with our mate. But I know it won't be for a long time yet before we have pups of our own.
"Today we are going to teach you all how to defend yourselves, incase someone comes up behind you and tries to take you. Jarod is going to come up behind me and try to choke me." Jarod came behind and put his arms around my neck, attempting to choke me.
"Your body may want to react by standing up straight. You don't want to do that. Instead, immediately drop your bottom, widen your stance, tuck your chin, shrug your shoulders, and hook onto their arms. Then start walking backwards and back your hips under them. Make sure you hold on tightly to their arms, that way it will take the strain off your neck. Back your hips up under them enough to lift them up off the ground. Once your attacker is on your back, roll them off and drop them." I demonstrated this, while I was telling them. It was an easy enough move for them to practice. One that would come in handy incase of an attempted capture.
"You will each have a turn as the victim and as the attacker. Jarod and I will watch and help as needed. You may begin now."
"That's a really good thing for them to learn. Especially since they don't have their wolf senses yet." My father came up behind us. Jarod showed his neck in submission towards his alpha. When its just our families at home, we don't hold up to formalities. But since we are out infront of the pack, we do. I also inclined my head.
"Aaron, may I speak to you for a moment?" I looked over to Jarod and he nodded in understanding. He went over to help a group out. My father crossed his arms and watched the pups with an observant eye.
"Word has it that you have found your mate." At this he looked at me. I nervously rubbed the back of my neck. I knew I wanted to introduce them to Aisha on Saturday, but I'm leery of how they are going to react.
"Yes, I have. I was going to introduce her to you and mom on Saturday. She's my date for the dance." My father nodded his head.
"As she should be. So, what pack is she from? Or is she from ours?" I was so nervous. My father banished all witches from our lands, since aunt Ariel's cousin was killed by a warlock. Who happened to be my mom's human boyfriend.
"Well...she goes to our school."
"I figured that, Aaron." My father gave me a pointed stare. I tried to stand still, but it was hard under my fathers intense stare. It was like he could tell something was up. He could make anyone nervous, when he was staring like that. My hands felt clammy. Growing up, I never tried to lie to my father. I did once and he saw right through me. He didn't call me out on it. My father waited until the guilt ate me up enough for me to spill the truth. After that, my father punished me. Nothing overly severe. I just had to do a night of perimeter watch. I was young and just starting out training. Luckily, Landon was with me. He helped keep me awake. It gave me a good experience of what went on during perimeter watch. I was glad there were no major issues that night. I didn't even have my wolf yet at the time. I was still considered a pup.
"She's not exactly from a pack." My father looked at me intently.
"What do you mean, 'not exactly'? Is she a rogue?" I tried not to figet, but found it hard not to. I dreaded telling him, but knew I had no choice.
"She's from a coven." I winced as I saw his face turn to anger.
"Reject her." My wolf whimpered in my head. He was already wrapped around her and so was I. We cared too much to reject her.
"No." My father looked shocked at my disobedience.
"What do you mean 'no'? My son will not have a witch as his luna and mate."
"You don't know her. She is not bad as you may think. Not all witches are evil. Just give her a chance. The moon goddess made her for me for a reason. I think it's to show everyone that we can all live together."
"Do you forget what happened the night before you were born?"
"I know, dad. Everyone knows. But not all witches are bad. You can't wrongfully judge every witch, just because of what happened. Not everyone is evil like that warlock."
"We can't take that chance."
"I refuse to reject Aisha. She doesn't deserve to be treated like a villian. Aisha is sweet, kind, funny and strong. She doesn't deserve to be treated with disrespect, simply because of some warlock that has done you all wrong in the past." My wolf was angry and so was I. My hands were in tight fists at my sides. My claws digging into my palms, drawing blood. My father sighed and looked out at the pups.
"I will allow her on our land on Saturday." He looked back at me intently. "But mark my words, Aaron. If anything goes wrong, you are going to be held fully resposible. She will be killed for her crimes, if anything goes wrong because of her. Do I make myself clear?" My wolf was infuriated. My heart sank at the thought of our mate being killed.
"Well?" I looked at him and hid my emotions. To show weakness meant I was weak. I wanted to prove to my father that I was strong enough to face anything. Even my own families ignorance.
"Yes, father."
"Good. But be aware, your mother will not be welcoming. She will never accept a witch as your mate." With that, my father turned and walked away. I felt tears threatening to fall. Will my mother ever stop living in the past? Why should I have to live in fear of witches? I know its good to be cautious, but my mother takes it to a whole new level. To judge someone before they are met is just unjust and unfair. There are good people out there. When I take over, I want people to see that. Not to judge people because they are of a different race or species. I don't know if my mother will ever come to terms with what happened all those years ago. But one day, I hope she can come to accept Aisha as my mate and future luna. Nothing and nobody will make me reject her. I will give up everything if I have to. My wolf nodded in agreement.

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