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Chapter 14

Friday came faster then I had wanted it to. After getting my dress for the dance the other day, I had to sit and watch Caine play his playstation five. It at least kept him from trying to make out with me. I could gag in his mouth each time he does that. Tonight he was taking me out bowling with his friends.
I was sitting in calculus, my last class for the day. Ava shook my shoulder, trying to get my attention. It was too late, though. Mr. Gessner had already spotted me not paying any attention to his lecture.
"Aisha, see me after class." I stared blankly at him and cursed my bad luck. Being late meant I would be punished from my father. He wanted me home right away to prepare for my date with Caine. Mr. Gessner continued to write differentiation formulas on the board. I wrote them down and tried to pay attention. After he assigned us our homework assignment, the bell rang. Everyone ran out, excited to start their weekend. I gathered my stuff and stuffed them in my bag.
"You want me to wait for you at your locker?" Ava asked. I knew she could tell something was bothering me. I smiled at her.
"No, it's alright. I have to head home right away then. I'll call you later or tomorrow morning?" She smiled and gave me a hug.
"Ok. But if you need me, don't hesitate to call. I mean it." I nodded and walked up to Mr. Gessner's desk.
"Miss Beischel, do you have plans on furthering your education?" I looked at him in confusion.
"One day, maybe. I mean, I hope." Mr. Gessner looked at me with his pearcing brown eyes.
"Then I suggest you pay more attention in your classes. Or you'll never make it in college. The lectures will be faster and they don't care if you miss something or not. They don't get paid to babysit young adults. And neither do I. You are one of my top students in my class. Keep focused and you will go far one day." I released my breath that I had been holding. Mr. Gessner picked up his briefcase and jacket.
"I'm letting you off with a warning this time. Your dismissed and I'll see you Monday." Mr. Gessner smiled and held the door open for me to go.
"Thank you, sir." I smiled back and fast walked to my locker. I shoved what books I didn't need in my locker and grabbed my jacket. Strong arms encircled me from behind. I felt the comforting tingles shoot around my body. I relaxed in Aaron's hold.
"Is everything ok love?" Aaron placed kisses going from my collarbone up to my ear. He nibbled on the lobe, sending tingles of pleasure down my spine.
"It is now." I turned around in his arms and tilted my head up to his. He kissed me lightly on my lips. I pouted. Aaron smirked.
"Why the long face?" I dropped my stuff on the floor, encircled my hands around his neck and pulled him even closer. Instead of answering him, I showed him. I leaned up and kissed him passionately. Aaron had a grip on my hips and pulled me even closer yet. I moaned from the feel of him against my body. Our tongues danced for dominance. I could get lost in Aaron's kisses.
My phone began to ring, from in my back jean pocket. I tried to ignore it, but then reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I pulled back and hastily grabbed for my phone.
"Dad, hey I'm coming. My teacher made me stay after class and..."
"I don't care what excuses you are trying to give me Aisha. I told you to be home right after school let out. Did I not?" I bit my bottom lip and looked at Aaron with worried eyes.
"Yes, you did. I'm teleporting now."
"Training grounds." With that, he hung up on me. I looked at Aaron with dread. Aaron looked at me full of concern and worry.
"What's wrong?" I bent down and grabbed my stuff.
"I have to go." Aaron grabbed my arm as I tried to leave.
"Aaron, please let go. I have to teleport out and you can't go with me home." He looked even more worried because of the worry in my tone.
"What's going on, Aisha?" His eyes kept flickering between him and his wolf.
"I have to go on a date tonight with Caine, in order to be aloud to go to the dance tomorrow." Aaron looked hurt, but quickly covered it up.
"Your father?" I looked away, tears threatening to fall. I just nodded because I couldn't trust my voice. He enveloped me in his arms.
"One day, I'll make sure this Caine is no longer a threat to us." I hugged Aaron tighter. His touch comforted me and gave me the strength I needed. I pulled back and lightly kissed his lips.
"I'll be there tomorrow. I promise." I backed up and tightened my hold on my stuff.
"I love you." The tears started to flow down my cheeks.
"I love you too." I blinked hard and teleported home.
As I landed on the training grounds, I was immediately thrown across the field. My books and jacket flying everywhere. I scrambled to my feet and looked around. My father was the only one around. He stared at me with anger rolling off him in waves.
He held a whip in his hand. "You will learn not to be late again." Before I could even blink, my hands were tied above my head to a tree branch. My father slowly walked behind me. I could feel his breath at the back of my neck.
"I can smell him all over you. Instead of spreading your legs like the whore you are, you will obey me when I give you an order. Is that clear?" I nodded my head and bit my lip hard. I was trying so hard not to show him my fear. On the inside, I was shaking like a leaf. He walked back some steps. I could hear the whip being stretched out. I closed my eyes tight and bit down on my tongue. The whip sliced through my skin, through my shirt. A muffled cry escaped my lips. My father laughed and continued on with his punishment for me. My back became numb, as the tears fell freely down my face.
"Have you learned your lesson now, daughter?" I held my head down in defeat. No longer caring that I was showing him my defeat.
"Yes, father."
"Good. Now go get ready for Caine." He released my hands and I fell to the ground. My back felt like it was on fire. I took a deep breath and stood up on my shaky legs. My father laughed and walked back into the house. One day, hopefully this will all be over.
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