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Chapter 15

I didn't want to get out of the bath I was in. My back felt like it was in shreds. Helga mixed an herbal concoction and put it in the water. Helga was good at healing spells and mixtures. Depending on the severity of the wounds, they wouldn't go a hundred percent away. Like my back. My back will scar, but at least the pain would be better to tolerate.
Helga was humming while she got out clothes for my date with Caine. Helga acted like a mother to me when Isis passed away.
"Where is Caine taking you on your date tonight?"
"Bowling with his friends." Helga began washing my hair for me.
"I just hope that he gets distracted enough not to pull anything on me. I hate being around him. My skin crawls in disgust everytime he touchs me."
"That's because he's not your mate." I smiled and thought of Aaron. My mate really did make me happy.
"One day, you will have to introduce me to your mate." Helga rinsed my hair and wrapped a towel around it. I stood up and she handed me another towel. I layed on my bed on my stomach. Helga applied a paste to my back. It felt cool and I could instantly feel my skin pulling together.
"There you are, my dear. Now, you had best get dressed. Caine will be here soon. You don't want to be late again." I groaned and got up. Helga gave me a kiss on my head and walked out.
After dressing as quick as I could, I made my way down the stairs. My father was waiting for me at the bottom. The silver chocker in his hands. I didn't say a word as I stood before him and let him put it around my neck.
"Now I know you won't try to disappear on Caine. Hands out." I obiediantly put the hands out, extending my arms.
"This is so you don't pull any funny business on him or his friends." He stuck the silver bracelets on each wrist.
"Yes, father." I stated and stared straight ahead. I hated that he broke me again. When the doorbell rang, Eric answered the door. Caine stood there, looking smug. He looked me up and down with lust in his eyes. It took everything to keep a straight face and not show my disgust.
"Caine, my boy." My father shook his hand. My father had a big smile on his face when Caine came over, pulled me ruffly against him and kissed me fully on my lips. I wanted to throw up in his mouth, when his tongue pushed into mine. His fingers dug deep into my hips as a sign that I had better kiss him back. Not wanting to be punished again, I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I could hear my father's laugh. I pulled back and opened my eyes. Caine leaned closer to my ear.
"You better be responsive to me like that more often. I have big plans for you, my wife to be." I looked over at my father, who was smiling with triumph in his eyes. Like he had already won with breaking me and he knew it.
"Shouldn't we be going?" I asked. Caine smiled and took my hand, intertwining our fingers.
"So eager to be with me. I like this side of you." As we walked past my father, he lifted up his glass of scotch as if in a silent toast to us. I looked past him and followed Caine out the door. When we got to his car, he pushed me against it and brought his mouth down again in a fiery kiss. I could feel his bulge pressing against his jeans. He had a tight grip on my hair with one hand, the other made its way up under my shirt. He gropped my breast until it hurt. He started moaning as he moved against me with his hips. Tears sprung to my eyes as I didn't want him to touch me like this. But I could see my father staring at us through the window. A smug smile on his face. Caine's lips moved from my mouth and down my neck, leaving ugly hicky's no doubt.
"I can't wait until after our date. You're going to fix my problem now." I looked at him in horror. He pushed me down to my knee's and undid his jeans.
"Don't. Please Caine?" I pleaded, looking up at him. His grip on my hair tightened as he pulled my head closer.
"You're my fiance. Soon to be my wife. I can say or do whatever it is I want to do to you. You are mine."

Sitting at the table beside Caine, I couldn't even look at him. He made me feel violated and disgusting. I could still taste him down my throat. It made me want to throw up all over again. He had a grip around my waist, keeping me against him. He looked so happy and smug. If I didn't have these bracelets on and necklace, I wouldn't be here and he would be without a dick.
"I'm happy Caine finally has a woman by his side." Curtis's girlfriend stated. She sat across from us. Curtis was practically pulling her breast's out of her shirt, as he was kissing down her neck.
"Me too. Double dates more often." Curtis said as he lifted his head from Amanda. He sat up as the waiter brought our pizza over. Eventhough he never took his hand out of her shirt. The waiter looked uncomfortable and went away quickly. Caine grabbed three slices and started stuffing them in his mouth. He was disgusting when it came to food. He was disgusting period.
"Are you not eating?" Amanda asked, looking right at me. Caine turned to me, pizza falling out of his mouth. He took a piece of his, grabbed the back of my head, tilted my head back and forced the piece at my mouth.
"Open wide, bitch. Like I know you can." I opened my mouth and he shoved it in. I tried to bite down on his fingers, but he pulled them out quickly. He leaned over to my ear. Food pieces dropping all over me.
"Bite me and I'll make sure you do more than suffer, when I punish you." I spit the food in his face. My face stung as he cracked me across the face.
"Fuck you, Caine!" He smirked at me as he pulled me up by my hair.
"With pleasure, my wife to be." As he was dragging me across the floor, he was suddenly shoved away from me. I fell to the ground. I looked up to see Caine flying into the pins down the ally. Aaron was charging after him again. Jarod bent down to me.
"Are you ok?" I couldn't answer him. I just looked over in horror as Aaron was planting blow after blow to Caine's face.
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