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Chapter 16

I watched in horror as Curtis started chanting something, Amanda joining in.
"Jarod, help me get these off!" I looked at him, pleading for help. I tried pulling and tugging, but they wouldn't come off. Jarod tried to pull them but hissed and pulled back.
"Silver? Are you serious?"
"Please?! I can't use my powers with these bracelets on. Aaron will get hurt if we don't hurry. Please?!" He breathed in, grabbed the bracelets and tore them off. I could see the silver burning into his hands.
"Thank you." I quickly got up and chanted a banishing spell. Sending Curtis and Amanda back to their house. I quickly ran over to Aaron and Caine. Caine had thrown Aaron off him and was forming a fire ball. I quickly chanted and opened a portal right below him. He looked at me and threw the ball at me as he fell.
"It's not over yet, Aisha!" I quickly iced the ball, inches from my face. It fell with a thud at my feet. I wanted to run over to Aaron, but a stabbing pain in my head made me drop to the ground. Before the darkness consumed me, I felt Aaron pick me up in his arms. The familiar sparks shooting through my body. I welcomed the darkness, knowing I was safe with my mate.

My wolf and I wanted to kill that asshole who dared to touch our mate like that. I could hear what he said as Jarod and I came in the door's. There was no way he was going to take our mate away and rape her. I carried Aisha out to Jarod's truck. I slid in the passenger seat and held her close to me. Jarod came out a little later. He was paying off the owner, so he won't call the cops.
"How is she?" I looked down and moved her hair out of her face.
"I'm not sure."
"We have to take her home with us. I don't know where she sent them, but they will be back for her." I chewed on my bottom lip as I tried to think.
"We can't take her to the packhouse. My mom would sniff her out and be pissed." Jarod started up the truck and looked over at me.
"Then where?"
"I know a place."

Two hours later, we pulled up to a two story house, back near the woods. It was dark and the grass was overgrown around it.
"What is this place?" Jarod asked, looking around.
"It's my mom's house. We should be safe here for now. My mom hasn't been back here, not since what happened here before I was born." I carried Aisha up the porch and placed her gently on an old wicker couch. She didn't even move or make a sound. The only way I knew she was alive yet, was her slow breathing. My wolf whimpered at the sight of our mate. Her shirt was torn at the sleeves, food particles all over her. Her face was red and swelling up, where he had hit her.
"I don't suppose you have a key do you?" I dug into my pocket and pulled out the key. I found it years ago in the living room, after one of my mom's many fits and rages. I decided to keep ahold of it for safe keeping. Aunt Ariel had told me about this place. She said it was best if I kept ahold of the key. The house only held bad memories for my mom.
I put the key in the lock and opened the door. The door creaked as it opened. Jarod tried the lightswitch and all the lights came on. It looked a mess. Furniture was upturned in the living room, dried blood on the floor. It was as if they just left and no one thought to come back and clean it up. It surprised me that my dad kept the electricity going in this place. Why not just burn the house down and move on?
I went and picked up Aisha, carefully carrying her into the house. Jarod opened a door off of the kitchen. It was a bedroom. There were pictures on the dresser and on the walls. They were of my mom and another man. That Lee guy, I suppose. Jarod pulled the dusty blanket off the bed and threw it on the floor. I gently layed Aisha down. She still didn't stir.
"Do you think you should check her to see if she has any injuries? Who knows what that guy did to her before we got there." I nodded and began to move her and take off her clothes. Jarod left the room to give Aisha privacy. Without caring, I broke the silver necklace off her neck. The silver stung my hands, but I didn't care. What made me even madder was seeing the hickey's covering her neck. My wolf wanted his blood. I ripped her shirt off and saw red once I saw her back. There were long scar's running all over her back. Like she was whipped repeatedly. My wolf wanted out to find that asshole and rip his head off. He wanted to taste the assholes blood and watch as he took his last breath. The asshole doesn't deserve to live.
Aisha started moving and slowly opened her eyes. Tears started falling as soon as she saw me. I layed down and pulled her close to me.
"I'm so sorry. I....he..."
"Shh it's ok. You're safe. It's just you, me and Jarod. No one know's where we are." Her body began to shake as she cried even harder. I mindlinked Jarod to bring me some water and rags. I covered her with a sheet when he came in. I thanked him and placed the bowl on the bedside table. Jarod left and I gently cleaned Aisha up. She stopped crying and just starred off out the window. I didn't want to push her and make her relive her nightmares. So I did the only thing I could think of. I was just there for her. I took my shirt off and put it on her. She looked lifeless. Like she was broken. I layed down and pulled her against me. She snuggled down and layed her head on my chest. I stroked her back until I could feel her even breathing, indicating she was asleep.
"Mark my words, my love. That guy will pay. That I promise you."
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