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Chapter Two

Sometimes my mom can scare the spots off a cougar. That's how quiet she can be. I heard my alarm, but decided to hit the snooz. Well, mom had other ideas. She blared a toy horn at my ear and I jumped a mile out of my skin. When I fell on the floor I was in a half shift. Mom just looked at me with her brow raised.
"Sometimes I truely wonder what those boys teach you. Now, get up before I give your bacon to Jared. That boy could eat a whole cow himself, I swear." She mumbled and walked camly out of my room. She is definitely something else.
I quickly dressed and ran downstairs. Jared gave me a highfive as I walked past him, mouth stuffed with bacon. Aunt Emma was talking to mom about some for book they were reading. Dad was reading the paper. Ben and Scott were probably already out overseeing the morning's trainings. I would rather be out there with them then going to school. Let's face it, school is boring and such a drag.
"Let's go bitches! Don't want to be late for the first day!"
"Ugh, Ava! Not everyone is as thrilled as you!" I exclaimed. Mom cracked me on the back of the head.
"Aaron Lee Whitehall! You have some respect for your cousin! Now get your asses going." Ava stuck her tongue out at me behind mom's back. She was definitly sneaky. And had the attitude of her mother. Her younger sister, Amelia was alot calmer. Ava had brown, wavy hair, with blonde highlights. Brown, bright eyes. She was also pretty tall for a girl. almost reaching six foot. Her sister was gifted with the shorter genes, only reaching five foot, four inches. Amelia had copper, slightly curly hair and blue eyes.
I grabbed myself a makeshift sandwich of bacon and eggs, and a travel mug of coffee. I definitely couldn't deal with the morning without it. I gave my mom a quick kiss on her cheek and ran out the door after Ava. Amelia was in the car, rocking out to some rap music. I just rolled my eyes and got in the back with Jared.
The ride to school was only a twenty-five minute ride. Fifteen minutes if we were riding with Elizabeth. She liked to think she was invisible with her precious punch buggy.
My first class was English with Mrs. Randell. I was glad when I saw Logan and Mason were here too. Elizabeth was at the door with another girl. Taking a wiff, I could tell it was the witch who was starting school here with us. She was cute. She was average, probably about five six. Auburn hair, that she tucked behind her ear, as her emerald eyes looked nervously around. When they landed on me, I felt odd. I didn't understand it. She was wearing a green button down shirt with a black undershirt and black leggings. For some reason I felt a pull towards her. She turned her attention back to Elizabeth as they were discussing her schedule. When the late bell rang, Elizabeth smiled and left her to go to her own class. Elizabeth waved to us as she skipped away. The new girl looked around awkwardly. Mrs. Randall went over to her and gestured for her to sit in the empty seat beside me. She kept her gaze down as she sat down.
"Good morning, class." Mrs. Randall began. We all said morning back, not enthusiasically though. "Now, we have some new students in our school this year and I expect you all to treat them with respect and make them feel welcomed." She looked at each and everyone of us. I had heard she wasn't a teacher to take anyones crap. "Alright, let's get down to business. I want a five hundred word essay, due tomorrow, on how english has changed over the years." We all groaned. "No butts about it. This is your senior year. Did you really think I was going to make this easy for you all?" She laughed. "Open your books to page five. We shall begin with an easy one. Hamlet."
Mrs. Randall continued on and on with her lecture. I couldn't concentrate. I kept looking over at the new girl to my right. I could tell she was trying her best to ignore my stares. She smelled of roses. My wolf purred in my head. I didn't understand him, so I blocked him. I was relieved when the bell rang. Gathering my things, I noticed Elizabeth was waiting for the new girl at the door. As I neared her, she seemed to smile brightly. Her eighteenth birthday was in three weeks, so she was really hoping that I was her mate. Elizabeth was quit beautiful. She was around five eight, with wavy blonde hair and brown eyes. She reached out and pulled me into a hug. I returned her hug and looked down at her. It wouldn't be all that bad if she turned out to be my mate. Elizabeth was strong and kind. She would make a good luna. I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard a slight cough noise behind me. I looked back to see the new girl standing awkwardly, like she didn't want to interupt. I pulled away but kept an arm around Elizabeth's shoulders.
"Sorry, I almost forgot there a moment. Aaron, this is Aisha. I'm showing her around. Making sure she gets to each of her classes ok."
"Nice to meet you." I greeted her. She nervously shook her head in greeting, still not looking up into my eyes. Elizabeth took her hand and led her into the hall. I followed behind, curious about this new girl.
"So, it looks like you have gym next. Again, not a class with me." I smiled, knowing that I did. It was a co-ed gym class. As I was about to say something, Ed ran into Aisha, making her drop her books and papers.
"Fuck you, Ed!" Elizabeth yelled at him. Flicking him off as she bent down to help Aisha pick her stuff up.
"You wish you could have a piece of this, baby." He gestured to his body. Aisha just looked at him with a raised eyebrow. His laughing got cut short as he tripped over nothing, head first into an open locker. Everyone started laughing. I looked at Aisha in amazement. I knew for a fact that she had something to do with it. She was indeed a more powerful witch then she appeared.
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