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Chapter 18

We parked Jarod's truck about five miles away from Aisha's coven. Incase we get into trouble, we could shift and get out of there. When we got to the border we were stopped. The guy looked like he was on steroids and worked out everyday. He was really built, bald hair, black eyes. He crossed his arms and eyed us suspiciously.
"Names and business."
"My names Aaron and this is Jarod. We are here to see Aisha." The man smirked at us. He made a call on his phone.
"Boss said he will see you. Morfran will take you to him." Morfran came forward. He easily toward over us and was also built like the other guy. Morfran didn't say anything, just looked at us and nodded to follow him. His eyes were also black, but his face looked like it was bashed in one too many times. It was deformed looking.
We followed behind Morfran in silence. I looked around, checking the area. It didn't look like what you would think a witch coven would look like. When you thought of a coven, you would naturally think of witches standing around a big, black couldron. Wearing black robes and black pointy hats. But it wasn't the case here. It looked more like a small army base. There were different groups of men throughout the property. Each group training differently. There were rows of houses that all looked identical back behind a much bigger house in the front. The ones training never once looked our way. It was like they were trained to focus on what they were doing and not anything else. I didn't see any females around. I wondered if Aisha was the only one. There were no kids running around either. It was just odd.
When we got to the house, Morfran knocked twice. A young boy, who looked like he was just a teenager, opened the door and stood back as he opened it wide. We followed behind Morfran. The young boy never looked up at us, instead kept his head down. As soon as the door was shut behind us, the boy disappeared. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Something didn't feel right here.
Looking around, it didn't look or feel like a family home. It looked more like a big fancy house that you never sat on the furniture or touched anything. There was a grand staircase in the big foyer, that branched off at the top. The opening on the left looked to be a big dinning room. Back a ways, on either side of the grand staircase, looked to be doors. One was open and looked to be the kitchen.
"I hear you two are here to see my daughter?" We both jumped. The man infront of us appeared out of nowhere. He smiled and looked between us both. Morfran bowed and disappeared. The man infront of us didn't look like Aisha. She must look like her mother instead.
"Yes, sir." The man's eyes flashed from brown to black. He was around our height and fair built. He had dark hair, trimmed short. He wore a black suit. He smelled off. Weird even.
"My name's Roland. Come, why don't we sit and have some refreshments." He led us back towards the other door, on the side of the staircase that was shut. I had a bad feeling creeping up on me. When he opened it, it was his office. It was dark, eventhough there were lights on. Dark chairs infront of a dark oak desk. The desk was neatly organized and held no stacks of papers on it. Roland walked behind it and indicated for us to sit down. Jarod was looking around at the walls of books. There were no windows and a fireplace towards the wall behind us. The door opened and an older looking woman appeared, carrying a tray. She placed it on a side table and handed us cups. Both of us looked at it's contents warily.
"I assure you, it is only fresh iced tea." The lady said. She bowed to Roland and left herself out.
"Now, what do you want with my daughter?" Roland sat down and clasped his hands together, looking at us intently.
"We are here to pick her up for the dance. Ava and the girl's couldn't come because they are all busy at the beauty parlor." I spoke up, looking right into his eyes.
"I see. What are your names?"
"I'm Aaron Whitehall and this is Jarod..."
"Ah, Chris's son."
"You know my father?" I was surprised. My dad never spoke about him.
"I know both your parents very well. We go way back." His smile didn't sit well with me. My wolf was on edge. He didn't like Aisha's father one bit.
"Is she home?" I asked. Jarod just continued to sit in silence, looking around.
"I'm afraid she is not. She is at her fiance's house today. She must of forgotten about the dance."
'I call bullshit on this. Something is not right here. I have a bad feeling.' Jarod mindlinked me.
'Me too.' Before we could say anything else, the older woman appeared in the doorway.
"Sir, Jezebeth is here." Roland's eyes lit up as he stood up.
"Splendid. If you excuse me boys, I have other business to attend to. Helga will see you out." He disappeared. Teleporting must be a very common thing around here. As soon as he was gone, we stood up. Helga was right behind us.
"I only have a few seconds. There are camera's in here, so act normal. They are not sounded. So follow me like nothing out of the ordinary." I looked over at Jarod and gave a small nod. We followed closely behind her.
"You are Aisha's mate." She looked back at me.
"Yes. How did you know?"
"No time to explain. She is being kept in the dungeon downstairs. You must go down and get her out of there and far away from here."
"Why would her own father lock her away?"
"Are you daft boy? There's no time to explain. You must get her out of there while the master is occupied. Caine is down there. You must get her out." She showed us to a dark door at the back of the house. She handed me a double edged knife, with a black handle.
"Use this to kill Caine. Now go. Goddess only know's what he's done to her already." I took it and quietly opened the door. It was dark. Helga disappeared when we looked back to thank her. Using our advanced sight, we managed to find our way down the stairs. I could smell Aisha right away. What I didn't expect to smell though, was her fear. Coming around the bend, we could see the cell she was in. The guy from the bowling alley was looming above her. He had her shirt ripped off her and was whipping her. Her hands were tied to a post on the ceiling. Her back was towards us. Each whip caused gashes in her skin. Blood pouring out and down her legs.
"Who do you belong to?" Caine yelled at her.
"Not you." Aisha spat back. He threw the whip down and yanked her head back by her hair. Bringing his face close to hers.
"There are other ways to make it sink into your head that you're mine. I enjoyed my cock down your throat. Now, I think I will enjoy it even more as I claim what is rightfully mine between your legs." At that point, I saw red.
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