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Chapter 19

My teeth elonged and my claws came out. I charged after Caine. I sliced into his back, knocking him down. He got up quickly, spun around, chanting some for spell. I was thrown across the floor, into the cell walls. My head was spinning and I felt blood drip down my face. My wolf howled out in anger. He wanted Caines blood. His head severed for hurting our mate.
I shook my head and pushed myself forcefully out of the wall. I ignored the aches and blood. My mate needed me. She needed to be free of this asshole, once and for all. Caine was about to go after Jarod, when I jumped on his back. I got ahold of his neck with one hand, digging my claws into his skin. With my other hand I gripped the blade.
Caine was trying to gurgle out a spell, so I dug my claws even deeper into his neck. His face was turning blue. He tried pulling my claws away, but to no avail. I held him up higher. His eyes widened. I could hear his heartbeat going slower. With my other hand I raised the blade. Caine squirmed even more. He was trying frantically to get out of my grasp.
"This is for my mate. May you burn in hell." I stuck it right in his chest. Directly into his heart. I pulled it back out and let go of him. His body jerked and twitched on the floor, blood pouring out of him.
I felt warm tingles on my back. I couldn't move. I just stared at Caine's now, lifeless body. His eyes were wide open. I had never killed before.
"Aaron." Aisha stepped in front of me and put her hands on both sides of my face.
"Look at me." I slowly moved my eyes to hers. "You saved me. And I thank you. Don't let the shock of it consume you. What you did was right." I slowly nodded my head. Jared came up beside us.
"Uh, I hate to break this moment here, but we better make haste and get the fuck out of here." I shook my head and handed the blade over to Jared. I reached out to Aisha's neck and pulled the silver necklace apart. It clanked on the ground. Ignoring my burning hands, I pulled her bracelets apart too.
"Do you have enough strength to teleport us out?" She took a deep breath and nodded. We all grouped together in a group hug and closed our eyes.
When I opened my eyes, we were back at Jared's truck. Jared ran over to his truck.
"Oh, my baby! I thought I'd never see you again!" He was caressing his truck like it was his lover.
"Are you going to need some personal time with your truck, or can we get the hell out of here?"
"Don't worry baby. They just don't understand you like I do." I rolled my eyes and looked down at Aisha in my arms. She looked extremely pale and her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. She would've fallen, had I not had a hold of her. I picked her up bridal style and ran to the passenger side.
"Make love to your truck later! Get us the hell out of here now!" Jared jumped in and started it up.
"I would have you know, I do not make lo..."
"Just fuckin drive!" I reached over and pushed his leg down, making him floor it.
"Where the hell to?" I looked down at Aisha. Her body was completely limp. I could faintly hear her heart beating, the only indication that she was alive.
"The packhouse."
"You gotta be fuckin kidding me? You're joking right?" Jared looked at me in shock.
"Will you watch where the fuck you're going! And yes I am." I held onto Aisha tight and held onto the 'holy shit' handle with my other hand. Jared was zipping around the turns at eighty miles an hour.
"You do remember how your mom is right?" Jared kept looking back and forth between me and the road.
"Yes, I remember how my mother is. It doesn't matter what my parents think. Aisha needs medical help. I'm not a witch with healing powers to heal her."
"Dude, I really hope you know what you're doing. Just know that I'll always stand by you. You're not just my future alpha, you're also my brother." I nodded my head.
"Same here, bro." I watched out the window, as the tree's went by in a blur. How quickly things can change. All in the span of a day.
"Sir! Sir!" Damien was pounding on my bedroom door. Jezebeth looked up lazily from my chest.
"This better be important or I'll be making an example out of you. Enter." I spoke calmly as Damien hurried through the door. Jezebeth covered us with the quilt. I just continued to stroke up and down her hip.
"State your business, Damien." He bowed and stopped at the end of the bed.
"Aisha is gone, sir. And Caine has been killed." Jezebeth sat up in the bed, tears streaming down her face.
"Your daughter killed my son!" I ignored her outburst and got up, out of the bed.
"I highly doubt my daughter killed him. I had her bracelets and choker on her." I stated calmly, while getting dressed.
"I have to call my husband. My baby boy!" She carried on hysterically. I pulled the dagger out of my vest pocket and threw it right in her heart. I chanted the burning spell and left her body burn on my bed.
"Have Helga clean this up. And have the warriors ready. We have a coven to take out." Damien bowed and hurried out the door. I finished putting on my jacket and looked out the window.
"I'll give you time to heal, Aisha. But when I'm ready for you, mark my words, there won't be anywhere for you to hide from me. It's time to finally bring closer to my sweet baby sister. And you will be the one to bring it."
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