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Chapter 21

I stayed by Aisha's side. I didn't care when Monday came and I didn't go to school. It was now Wednesday. Ava and Amelia came by on Sunday to see her. They were shocked when I told them what had happened. Jared stopped by everyday after school. He brought my school work and supper. Aunt Jesica was the only doctor that I would allow to look over Aisha. I didn't trust anyone else's judgement of Aisha because of her being a witch.
My mom and dad stayed away, since the day I brought her here. Jared said they ask him about me everyday, but I could care less. Their judgement of Aisha was unfair and unjust. They couldn't even give her a chance. She is my mate and nothing will ever change that.
I would just stare at my mate at times. Her face was still pale. Her hair seemed to have a mind of it's own and growed as time went on. Sometimes I would think I saw her eyelids move, but it must've just been some dream she seems to be stuck in. I would talk to her as if she was awake. I would tell her stories of my childhood. Of growing up with Ava, Amelia, Jared and Liz.
I would even plead with the Moon Goddess to give Aisha the strength to wake up. But, as the days continued to pass by, Aisha still did not wake up.
After three weeks, Aisha finally woke up. Her back even looked better, just scarred for life. She looked at me with her swirling green eyes. I smiled so big and tears fell down my cheeks. I brushed the hair out of her eyes. She gave me a smile and tried to speak, but it came out hoarse.
"Here, drink some water first." After she drank the whole cup, she layed her head back down and took a deep breath.
"How long?" I took her hand in mine, loving the tingles going through us. My wolf was beyond happy.
"Three weeks." She looked at me with wide eyes and tried to get up. I helped her readjust herself to sit up, instead of laying on her stomach.
"How are you feeling?" She smiled and looked out the window.
"Better, I guess. My back doesnt feel like its split in two anymore."
"And your magic? My aunt couldn't really tell anything with your magic because our pack never had a witch here. They never learned how to treat a witch and her magic." Aisha looked at me and smiled. She flicked her hand and the tv turned on.
"My magic feels fine to me. Even better then ever." Aunt Jesica knocked and came in.
"I see your mate is awake now." She smiled and went to Aisha's other side.
"My name is Jesica. I'm Aaron's aunt. How are you feeling?" Aisha flicked her hand and turned the tv off.
"Alot better. Thank you."
"May I take your vitals and check your back?" Aisha smiled and nodded. Aunt Jesica checked all her vitals and her back.
"Everything looks great. Are you hungry? We can take the feed tube out, now that you're awake."
"Yes, please."
"The special here today is the cook's famous homemade mac and cheese. Do you like mac and cheese?"
"Sounds great." Aunt Jesica mindlinked her staff and they brought in two covered plates. The young girl didn't say a word or look at Aisha. She just placed the tray on the tray table and left. Aunt Jesica frowned at the departed young girl.
"I'll be by later on to check on you." She smiled warmly and left. I placed a plate on the side table and pulled the tray table in front of Aisha. I poured her a glass of water and took off the cover. It looked and smelled delicious. There was even a small bowl of stewed tomatoes on the side. Aisha looked at me and smiled. I sat down beside her bed and got mine set up.
We both ate in silence. Aisha was only able to eat half. She looked out the window. Her eyes seemed so distant. My wolf whimpered that she might not be happy that I brought her here.
"Penny for your thoughts?" She smiled and looked back at me.
"You wouldn't want to be in my head right now. I'm so screwed up. I'm just one big mess." Her smile faded to uncertainty. She looked down at her hands in her lap. I got up and sat on the bed, next to her legs. I took her hands in mine.
"Hey, look at me. We will get through this together. We are a team. You and me. You are safe with me. I won't let anyone hurt you." I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and stroked her cheek. She placed her hand on mine and smiled briefly.
"I'm a danger here in your pack. They will come for me. I can feel it."
"They would be stupid if they tried. I will protect you with my life. You are my mate."
'Excuse me?!' My wolf was mad at me for not including him.
"Sorry. You are our mate." Aisha laughed briefly at that remark.
"Always." She watched out the window as the sun set behind the tree's. She had a somber expression on her face. I wished she would talk to me more. I could tell she had a lot going through her mind. Her eyes kept swirling and she kept biting her lips. I sat beside her and pulled her into my arms. She relaxed slightly and layed her head back into my chest. Within minutes, I could hear her even breathing. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep myself. Content at having her in my arms.
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